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Catfish Food, Aquarium Fish Food Information

Catfish Food:

Today, let us discuss Catfish Food,  and Aquarium Fish Food.

  • Catfishes are the type of fishes which are timeserving in nature. That means, they take any opportunity that comes their way and feed on animals and plants. Few main types of catfish include channel, flathead, and bullhead catfish.
  • Catfish are strong predators and keep on searching for food at any level of water. They go very deep in water for searching for food. Hence, they are also called as bottom feeders. These can detect odours in a very fine way because of their gustatory organs which are well-built. Their organs are called whiskers and they play a major role in finding the prey for the fish even in the dark regions, i.e., in the deeper waters where the sunlight could not be reached. Catfish usually feed on dead microbes such as carrion. They also feed on snails, bullfrogs, berries, algae, aquatic plants, leeches etc.

Catfish food for fingerlings or young fish babies

  • The young catfishes eat very less. But the male catfish helps in guarding the eggs and newly hatched fry to make sure that they are strong enough to search for their own food.
  • Before they grow and reach the stage of maturity, they only search and hunt for foods which can be easily caught and consumed.
  • So they hunt for worms or invertebrates. Moreover, they mostly eat hellgrammites, insect larvae, small crayfish etc.

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Diet for catfishes which are matured:

  • The catfish diets will be very specific when they start becoming older. When coming to the diet of flathead catfish, it only feeds on live fish.
  • Channel catfish and the bullhead catfish will search for live food and also the aquatic plants. They do not go for any kind of meat which is getting decayed or decomposed under water. They also catch frogs, clams and crayfish.
  • Channel catfishes change their food as per the availability in that particular season.
  • Flatheads are completely carnivorous in nature, whereas the channel catfish can also feed on plant materials which include fruits and berries.

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Diet for Raising Catfish in Tanks or ponds:

  • The catfishes which are raised in ponds, get their required nutrients from pellets which are specially formulated. These pellets need to have very good protein content in them. It should have 32% of the protein content in it.
  • They should be fed with flakes when the water temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If the water temperature is falling, then they should be fed with pellets which would sink.
  • You can also treat them with veggies and fruit slices like watermelon, orange, cucumber etc.

Aquarium Fish Food:

Aquarium Fish Food.
Aquarium Fish Food.

Aquarium fish food should have all the balanced nutrients in it. The fishes in the aquarium can be treated with pellets and flakes. For fishes which are larger, you can give pellets whereas, for small fishes, you can feed flake foods.

There are the different type of fish foods which are fed to aquarium fish:

  • Flake foods are provided for topwater fishes and the fishes which are invertebrates. Flake foods are prepared by removing the moisture content in it so that they can have a long shelf life. This floats on water and takes a long time to sink. Pellets are another form of fry foods offered to the fish which have more protein content than the flake foods. The selection of which food to offer is done based on the type of fish you are raising in your aquarium.
  • The aquarium fish can be treated with dried and frozen worms occasionally. These can be replaced with a meal twice a week. One bloodworm should be dropped instead of an entire cube.
  • The aquarium fish can also be treated with the slices of citrus fruits like orange. They can also be fed with watermelon slices and leaves like lettuce. After feeding them, it is important to check if there are any leftovers in the water of the aquarium so that the food does not get rot and contaminate the water.

There are three types of fishes which can be raised in aquariums:

  1. Fish types which are Herbivores

These are the fishes which are complete vegetarians by nature. Plecos, silver dollars, pacus are some of the fishes which are herbivores and can be raised in the aquarium. These depend on flake foods and also the algae, which is present in water. You can also provide these fishes with fresh lettuce, spinach, green peas. Remember to make the green peas into the size of flakes or pellets for easy swallowing so that it does not cause constipation issues in the fishes.

  1. Fish types which are Omnivores

These are the types of fishes which feed on both plants and meat. These include goldfish, catfish, etc. These fishes also eat pellets and flakes.

  1. Fish types which are Carnivores

These are the very rare species of fishes and only eat meat. Bettas and Jack Dempsey cichlids feed on worms which are live or freeze-dried. The Oscars are the type of fish which feed on live fish.

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