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Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada: Fruits and Vegetables Season by Month Chart

If you’ve ever pondered questions like “What fruits are in season in Nevada?” or “How do you know what fruit and vegetables are in season?” you’re in the right place. Nevada’s unique climate plays a crucial role in determining which fruit comes in which month and which vegetables are in which season. Understanding the harvest calendar can significantly benefit consumers and farmers alike, whether for fresh consumption, preservation, or culinary pursuits. Knowing when to pick fruits in Nevada or the vegetable picking dates in Nevada can lead to the freshest and most flavorful produce. 

Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

In this article, we will dive monthly into the fruit-picking chart in Nevada and the vegetable harvesting calendar in Nevada. This way, you can always know what vegetables are being harvested now and which fruits are in season in Nevada in summer or any other month. Are you curious about specific fruits, like when oranges or lemons are in season in Nevada? We’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the Nevada harvest season month-by-month.

Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

January Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

January in Nevada paints a slightly expanded cool, crisp day and the tranquility of winter. Amidst this calm, the state’s harvest offers a humble yet nourishing range of produce. On the fruit front, the local landscape may be quiet. Still, thanks to external sources, Nevadans aren’t deprived of zesty flavors, as imported citrus fruits like oranges and lemons find their way into homes, adding a much-needed burst of brightness to the winter days. Concurrently, the vegetable scene is anchored by robust root vegetables. 

With their earthy flavors, carrots, turnips, and parsnips become the soul of many warming dishes, from soups to roasts. Additionally, innovative farming techniques, especially greenhouse cultivation, ensure that residents aren’t completely devoid of greens. Lettuces and certain herbs, grown under controlled conditions, allow fresher salads even during the colder days. Thus, with its unique blend of local and imported produce, January ensures a nourishing start to the year in Nevada.

February Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

As February dawns in Nevada, the heart of winter begins to give way to subtle signs of the approaching spring. In this transitional phase, the harvest calendar intriguingly intertwines the remnants of winter produce with the precursors of spring’s bounty. The continuation of imported citrus, especially oranges and lemons, ensures that fruit bowls and kitchen counters still have splashes of vibrant colors and refreshing flavors. But it’s the vegetable domain where February truly begins to shine. 

Beyond the consistent presence of root vegetables, the month witnesses the emergence of early greens. Spinach, kale, and a sprinkling of other leafy vegetables reared in protected environments debut. These greens signal the near arrival of a more bounteous season and introduce variety to the winter diet, paving the way for fresher salads and lighter meals. All in all, February serves as a delightful prelude to the rich harvest symphony that spring promises.

March Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

The arrival of March in Nevada is akin to a gentle awakening. As the last vestiges of winter recede, the land, revitalized by the melting snows and longer days, starts responding with increased vigor. This rejuvenation is mirrored perfectly in the state’s harvest calendar. While citrus imports like oranges and lemons still dominate on the fruit spectrum, there’s an underlying buzz of anticipation for the local fruits that the imminent warmer months will usher in. But it’s the vegetable tapestry that truly begins to diversify in March. 

Root vegetables, the preceding months’ mainstay, now share the spotlight with spring’s fresh produce. With their tender textures and mild flavors, peas, radishes, and young lettuces become the highlight. Their presence diversifies the culinary palette and signifies the land’s renewed fertility. As days grow longer and the soil warms up, March sets the stage, with its sprouting seeds and emerging greens, for the bounty that the heart of spring is bound to offer in Nevada.

April Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

April marks a significant turning point in the Nevada harvest season. As temperatures rise, the soil warms up, paving the way for many crops. The April vegetable harvesting calendar in Nevada showcases an increased availability of leafy greens such as spinach, arugula, and Swiss chard. In addition to greens, root vegetables like radishes and turnips continue to be harvested, and asparagus makes a welcomed appearance, signaling the true arrival of spring. 

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Spinach farm

The month remains relatively quiet on the fruit side, but there’s an increased anticipation for berries and stone fruits in the upcoming months. April sets the stage for a bountiful fruit-picking season in Nevada, with both farmers and consumers eagerly looking forward to the harvests that late spring and early summer promise.

May Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

May is an exciting month in the Nevada harvest calendar as it teems with freshness and variety. The vegetable picking chart in Nevada for May is vibrant with a continuation of leafy greens, and more spring crops come into play. Broccoli, cauliflower, and early potatoes appear, adding diversity to the market stands. 

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harvesting cauliflowers

Additionally, herbs like cilantro and dill are in abundance. On the fruit front, the long-awaited berry season begins, with strawberries leading the charge, hinting at the forthcoming fruit-picking dates in Nevada for other berries like raspberries and blueberries. All in all, May is a month of rejuvenation and offers many options for those seeking fruits available in season in Nevada.

June Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

June heralds the beginning of the peak harvest season months in Nevada, especially for fruits. Cherries and apricots start to ripen, marking the onset of the stone fruit season. Following closely are early varieties of peaches and nectarines. The vegetable picking season in Nevada is in full swing, with summer squash, zucchinis, and green beans joining the already diverse lineup from the previous months. Salad lovers rejoice as lettuces, arugula, and other greens are at their freshest. 

Moreover, for those wondering about specific fruits, June is when fruits in Nevada, like melons, start hinting at their imminent arrival. It’s a month when every visit to a farmer’s market is met with the delightful challenge of choosing from the vast array of fruits and vegetables available in season in Nevada.

July Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

July in Nevada is a month bursting with color and flavor, making it one of the most anticipated times in the harvest calendar. July is particularly special on the fruit front as blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries reach their prime, offering juicy and flavorful delights. Moreover, stone fruits, particularly peaches, plums, and nectarines, are abundant, ensuring fruit enthusiasts have many choices. 

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Harvesting blueberries

The vegetable picking chart in Nevada for July is equally impressive. Tomatoes, a summer favorite, begin to ripen alongside bell peppers, eggplants, and cucumbers. Corn also makes a grand entrance, with its sweet kernels becoming a staple in many summer dishes. For those interested in vegetable harvesting, the vegetable picking season in Nevada is at its peak, providing a wide array of fresh, locally-grown produce to savor and enjoy.

August Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

As the summer heat continues to blaze in August, Nevada’s harvest season reaches its zenith. The fruit picking chart in Nevada showcases a continued supply of stone fruits, but now grapes and early apples begin to grace the market stalls. Melons, especially cantaloupes and watermelons, are in season, offering refreshing respite from the heat. Vegetables continue to thrive, with August being a prime time for okra, more varieties of tomatoes, and summer squash. 

Additionally, chilies and peppers of all kinds start to become available, spicing up dishes and preparations. The question of “What fruits are in season in Nevada in summer?” reaches its answer in August, with almost every imaginable summer fruit readily available, complementing the diverse range of vegetables in their prime.

September Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

With its cooler evenings, September signals the gradual transition from summer to fall, which is evident in the harvest offerings. While late-season peaches and plums remain available, pears and apples take center stage in the fruit-picking season in Nevada. Grapes, too, remain a popular choice, with various varieties ripening throughout the month. 

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Peach farming

On the vegetable front, September sees the continuation of many summer crops, but there’s a noticeable shift towards fall produce. Root vegetables, including carrots and beets, start to make their presence felt. Pumpkins and winter squashes begin to appear, heralding the upcoming autumn season. As the month progresses, the crisp air and changing leaves remind us of the cyclical nature of farming and the diverse array of fruits and vegetables available in season in Nevada.

October Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

October in Nevada ushers in the full essence of fall, and the harvest season reflects this change vividly. While earlier months boasted of summer’s bountiful fruits, October shifts its focus to autumn’s staples. Apples, in all their varied hues and flavors, are the stars of this month, and pears continue to hold their own. As for grapes, they reach the end of their season, ensuring that wine enthusiasts have much to look forward to. 

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Red Apple Farming

The vegetable picking season in Nevada for October leans heavily towards hearty produce, perfect for comforting fall dishes. Now in their prime, Pumpkins become the hallmark of the month, joined by winter squashes like butternut and acorn. Root vegetables like turnips, sweet potatoes, and rutabagas dominate the market stands, and cool-weather greens, including kale and collards, return to the spotlight. Overall, October encapsulates the earthy and robust flavors of fall.

November Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

With its shorter days and cooler temperatures, November begins to wrap up the peak harvest season months in Nevada. However, that doesn’t mean a scarcity of fresh produce. While the fruit picking chart in Nevada leans towards the tail end of apple varieties and the last of the pears, the vegetable harvesting calendar in Nevada is still rich. 

Brussels sprouts, a fall favorite, debut, adding to the diverse range of vegetables available in season in Nevada. Late fall greens, beets, and more varieties of winter squash continue to be harvested, ensuring plenty of options for holiday dishes. Additionally, cool-weather crops like leeks and fennel are readily available, allowing for flavorful and hearty preparations suitable for the approaching winter months.

December Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

With its festive spirit and chilly weather, December sees a decline in the variety of crops, but what it offers is wholesome and festive-appropriate. The fruit picking dates in Nevada are limited mainly to storing apples and imported citrus, with oranges and lemons becoming popular for holiday recipes. The vegetable picking chart in Nevada showcases winter stalwarts like cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and parsnips, which thrive in cooler conditions. Kale, chard, and other winter-hardy greens remain available, ensuring nutritious options throughout the month. 

Additionally, regular and sweet potatoes play a significant role in many winter dishes. As the year winds down, the produce might be limited compared to the peak summer months. Still, the quality and flavor remain uncompromised, ensuring that even in the heart of winter, Nevada’s harvest has much to offer.

Crop Harvest Calendar for Nevada

JanuaryImported Oranges, LemonsCarrots, Turnips, Parsnips
FebruaryImported Oranges, LemonsSpinach, Kale, Early Greens
MarchImported Oranges, LemonsPeas, Radishes, Young Lettuces
AprilEarly BerriesSpinach, Arugula, Swiss Chard, Asparagus
MayStrawberriesBroccoli, Cauliflower, Early Potatoes, Herbs
JuneCherries, Apricots, Early PeachesSummer Squash, Green Beans, Lettuces
JulyBlueberries, Raspberries, PeachesTomatoes, Bell Peppers, Corn
AugustGrapes, Early Apples, MelonsOkra, Tomatoes, Chilies
SeptemberPears, ApplesRoot Vegetables, Pumpkins
OctoberApples, Late PearsPumpkins, Turnips, Sweet Potatoes
NovemberStorage Apples, Imported CitrusBrussels Sprouts, Leeks, Winter Squash
DecemberStorage Apples, OrangesCabbages, Brussels Sprouts, Parsnips


With its distinct climate and diverse landscape, Nevada offers a unique harvest calendar that spans the entire year, ensuring residents and visitors have access to fresh and flavorful produce, irrespective of the season. The cyclic nature of farming in the state is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of its agriculture sector. From the quiet yet robust offerings of the winter months to the abundant and vibrant summer produce, each period brings a fresh palette of flavors and textures.

These changing seasons mirrored in the ever-evolving harvests, provide a diverse range of fruits and vegetables and remind us of the intricate bond between the land, its people, and the food they cultivate and consume. Furthermore, understanding the harvest calendar is invaluable for consumers, chefs, and anyone passionate about food.

It guides individuals to make informed choices, leading to the consumption of the freshest produce at its peak flavor. Moreover, by aligning one’s diet with seasonal offerings, there’s an assurance of varied nutrition and an opportunity to support local farmers and the broader agricultural community. This cyclical journey of produce, from seed to table, is a beautiful dance of nature and nurture. Nevada’s harvest calendar, with its month-by-month guide, ensures everyone can partake in and appreciate this rhythm of life.


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