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Modern Farm Equipment.

Modern Farm Equipment in Agriculture

Introduction: How modern farm equipment that made the farmer's life easier? Innovation is important in modern agriculture and farming more than anything. For that...
Organic Farming Business Plan.

Organic Farming Business Plan Information

Organic Farming Business Plan: The following information is about Organic Farming Business Plan. INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIC FARMING: In India, the organic farming business is cost-effective and gives...
Organic Farming Advantages.

Organic Farming Advantages and Disadvantages

Organic Farming Advantages and Disadvantages: The following information is all bout organic farming advantages and disadvantages. Organic Farming Introduction Extensive utilization of dried leaves and kitchen composts...
Growing Plants In Hydroponic System.

Hydroponic Growing System and Gardening

Hydroponic Growing System: The following information is all about Hydroponic Growing System. Introduction: Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. Plants are grown in...
Types Of Farming.

Types Of Farming and Agriculture Information

Types Of Farming: The following information is all about Types of Farming or Agriculture. Introduction To Farming Farming is a process of growing crops and raising livestock...
Organic Compost Preparation.

Organic Compost Preparation and Methods

Organic Compost Preparation: The following is all about steps involved in Organic Compost Preparation. ORGANIC COMPOST PREPARATION Organic compost includes plant and animal by products such as...
Hibiscus Farming.

Hibiscus Farming Outdoors and Indoors Information

Hibiscus Farming Outdoors and Indoors: The following is all about Hibiscus Farming outdoors and indoors. About Hibiscus Farming Hibiscus plants are either small trees or large plants that...
Lavender Farming.

Lavender Farming Information for Beginners

Lavender Farming: The following discussion is all about Lavender farming. Lavender Farming The lavender crop is grown in low rainfall areas and on the slopes of hills...
Growing Chrysanthemums.

Growing Chrysanthemums Information

Growing Chrysanthemums: Introduction to Growing Chrysanthemums:- Chrysanthemum is a partially woody erect perennial shrub which may reach up to 1 meter in height with alternative...
Cotton Cultivation.

Cotton Cultivation; Planting, Harvesting Guide

Cotton Cultivation Guide: Today, we detail cotton cultivation practices, farming methods, planting methods, and harvesting techniques. Introduction to Cotton:- Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber...
Gladiolus Growing.

Gladiolus Growing – A Beginners Guide

Gladiolus Growing for Beginners: Introduction to Gladiolus Growing:-  It is a herbaceous plant bearing underground storage stalks called corms by which arise sword-shaped foliage...
Growing Marigold.

Growing Marigold – A Beginners Guide

Growing Marigold for Beginners: Introduction to Growing Marigold:- Marigold plant is an annual or perennial, mostly herbaceous plants in the sunflower family. Marigolds are a...
Carnation Flower Growing.

Carnation Flower Growing For Beginners

Carnation Flower Growing: Introduction to Carnation Flower Growing:- Carnations are great winter season flowers and they can be cultivated as cut flowers especially in pots,...
Jasmine Cultivation.

Jasmine Cultivation Information Guide

Jasmine Cultivation Guide: Introduction to Jasmine Cultivation:- Jasmine is an excellent fragrant flowers being cultivated since centuries. Jasmine flower has many uses and some of them...
Rose Growing Tips.

Rose Flower Growing Tips and Tricks

Rose Flower Growing Tips and Tricks: The genus Rosa belongs to the Rosaceae family. There are about 2000 species of roses mainly diffused in temperate...
Soil pH Importance in Agriculture.

Soil pH Importance in Agriculture

Soil pH Importance in Agriculture:  In this article we talk about soil pH importance, what is and how to modify its value. In fact, one of...
Soilless Farming.

Soilless Farming Information Guide

Soilless Farming:- Let us talk about soilless farming or  soil-less agriculture in the following write-up. Between the most trendy and interesting in agriculture, we can mention...
Safflower Farming.

Safflower Farming Information Guide

Safflower Farming Guide: Introduction of Safflower Farming:- Safflower is a highly branched, herbaceous annual plant cultivated mainly for its seed from oil is extracted. These seeds...
Sunflower Cultivation.

Sunflower Cultivation Information Guide

Sunflower Cultivation Guide: Introduction of Sunflower Cultivation:- Sunflower is one of oil seed crops grown throughout the world for various purposes. Sunflower is a major source...
Drip Irrigation System.

Drip Irrigation Information Guide

Drip Irrigation: Today, we are learning the Drip Irrigation system. Introduction to Drip Irrigation: What is drip irrigation? Well, drip irrigation is a form of irrigation that...

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