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Goat Farming Business For Beginners

Goat Farming Business:

Introduction to Goat Farming Business

Well, goat farming is getting more attention and became a lucrative and profitable venture nowadays as goat meat (chevon) demand is skyrocketing since there is a huge population increase along with non-vegetarian consumption. Since there are many hotels are opening, to meet the requirement of meat demand, there should be enough supply of goats. With the right goat farming business plan and marketing approach, one can obtain decent profits in the goat farming business. Goats can be raised for meat, milk, and skin. Usually, commercial goat farming is done in a stall-fed model. As cultivation lands are reducing, the farmer is looking for intensive or stall-fed goat farming. There are many breeds that can able to adapt to local environments. Many people considering raising goats as pet goats as well. You can choose either meat goat farming or dairy goat farming based on local market demand and your interest. Goats can consume weeds in the field convert them into lean meat. However, sometimes they may damage trees and plants as well.

If you are raising goats just as a hobby, other livestock can be raised along with your goats. The number of goats on your farm depends on available pasture/feed as an initial investment. However, it is advised to start with few goats and increase numbers as you get more experience. Successful goat farming depends on goat feed management, care, and goat disease management. Your personal attention is more important and never believe in third-person activities in this business. If you are planning for commercial goat farming, it is better to have some open land for grazing or growing green fodder crops. Goat manure is also another source of income for farmers in the goat farming business. If you plan to utilize the manure for homegrown crops, it can completely make you free from buying goat fodder/feed. Starting a goat farm is very easy and women, children can manage the goats. You must research some factors like which goat breeds are suitable for your region, which can gain more weight in a short period of time, and also multi kidding capability. In the case of dairy goat farming, you should know about good yield milk goats.

Goat in Indian Languages

Goats are being called different names in India.

  • Hindi – Bakri / बकरी.
  • Marathi – बोकड़.
  • Kashmiri – tshavul.
  • Bengali – chagol.
  • Tamil – ஆடு /
  • Malayalam – Aadu / Ajam/ ആട്.
  • Gujarati – બકરો.
  • Punjabi – ਬੱਕਰੀ.
  • Telugu – మేక.
  • Oriya – chheli.
  • Assamese – sagoli.
  • Kannada – Aadu / Meke.
  • Urdy – بکری

Goat Meat Health Benefits

  • Goat meat is a good source of protein.
  • Goat meat consumption lowers the risk of inflammation in blood vessels.
  • Goat meat has CLA which can prevent certain types of cancers and avoid inflammation.
  • Goat meat has vitamin B which can help burn fat in your body.
  • Goat meat has selenium and chlorine which are beneficial in preventing cancers.
  • Goat meat is good for pregnant women which can help in preventing anemia, increase hemoglobin.
  • Goat liver is a good source of vitamin B12.
  • Goat meat has low potassium and sodium which can be useful in controlling blood pressure.
  • Goat meat is also a good source of calcium.

Goat Farming Benefits and Advantages

Goat Farming Advantages.
Goat Farming Advantages.
  • Goat farming is easy to set up and manage.
  • One can start a goat farm with low capital initially.
  • Stall-fed goat farming gives more control over open grazing.
  • Goat farmers can get subsidies and loans from respective local governments.
  • Goats can also be insured just like any other livestock to cover various risks.
  • Goats are social animals and can be raised along with other livestock such as cattle, sheep, ducks, etc.
  • Goats are hardy in nature and fewer chances of getting diseases.
  • Multiplication of goats on the farm is very quick compared to dairy animals as they can give 2 to 4 kids in a single birth.
  • Goat farming profits are better and quicker than other livestock.
  • Goats can clean the field by feeding on pasture and weeds, thorny bushes, crop residues in the field.
  • Goat manure can be used in other agricultural crops.
  • Goats require less space than cattle, especially intensive farming system.
  • Goats are multi-purpose animals that can be used for meat, milk, and fiber (skin).
  • Goat farming provides a livelihood for many landless and marginal farmers.
  • Goat farming provides rural employment hence plays a major role in the national economy of agriculture.
  • Goat farming is the best bet in drought-prone regions.
  • Apart from the above all advantages, goats are 2 times more economical than sheep on free-range grazing under semi-arid conditions.

Skills Required For Goat Farming Business

Yes, you must be aware of basic goat farming knowledge before setting up a commercial goat farm. There are ways to gain knowledge about goats. You can visit nearby farms to find out problems in the goat farming business along with other goat management practices like goat feed, goat breeding, goat diseases, shed or goat house construction, etc. You can watch goat farming videos, you can buy goat farming project reports, there are many goat farming business PDF documents available online. You can take goat farming training to better understanding the business. department of animal husbandry of the respective state is your point of contact for goat farming training information. There are many private goat breeding centers and training centers where you can buy certified good goats along with getting the training.

How To Start a Goat Farming Business

Starting a goat farming business is very simple if you are aware of the business model. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind before starting up. Fir, t decide on what type of goat farming business you want to establish?. You can start a meat goat farming business and also a dairy goat farming business. Depending on the initial investment after any subsidy or loan, decide on the number of animals. However, Start with few goats and increase the herd and expand the business once you are confident. Enquire about good breeds (either pure bread or cross-bread) which can gain weight in a short time (such as Boer goats). If the purpose is goat breeding you must have quality male and female goat breeds for multi-kidding. Plan for goat shed based on a number of animals, contact the local veterinary doctor and make all these ready before buying goats. Buy goats only from certified breeders. You can also contact insurance companies for goat insurance if you are raising on a commercial scale.

Goat Breeds and Breed Selection

Well, there are many goat breeds are available in India. You should select an appropriate breed that can easily adapt to local climatic conditions. The following are some of the known goat breeds raised in India.

  • Sirohi.
  • Chigu.
  • Sojat.
  • Jhakrana.
  • Osmanabadi.
  • Surti.
  • Changthangi.
  • Zalawadi.
  • Jamnapari.
  • Tota Pari.
  • Barbari.
  • Beetel.
  • Black Bengal.

Other exotic and imported goat breeds include Boer goats, Damascus goats, Anglo-Nubian goats, Saanen goats, Alpine goats, Toggenberg goats, and Kiko goats.

Goat Farming Business Plan

You must prepare a goat farm business plan based on your budget. This plan should include all the inputs required for the goat farming business. The inputs like goat shed cost, the number of goats on the farm, medical/vaccination information, feed or fodder management, marketing strategy, and other miscellanies costs like labor, equipment needed.

Location for Goat Farming Business

Goat farm location is also very important in this business. Make sure it has road access for easy transport. It is better to be close to any town center and veterinary facility. Avoid forest areas, unsecured areas, and rural interiors. The location should be free from all kinds of predators and dangers.

Shed for Goat Farming Business

Shed or goat housing should be secured and this should be built well before buying the goats. Goat shed cost depends on your budget and the number of goats on the farm. Usually, each young goat requires 10 to 12 sq. meters for free movement. You should design a goat shed to get excellent ventilation. Build the shed walls with brick and cement at least 10 feet in height. If the shed is built in farmland, you should also secure the whole land by fencing with steel wires and cement poles. Build a feed room as part of the shed with easy access. Plan the shed by keeping in mind the number of goats, feeders, drinkers. You may plan to keep the fodder cutting machine or dairy equipment (in case of dairy goats) and a refrigerator for storing milk and any medication/vaccination. Goat shed roof can be built with locally available materials such as bamboos, palm leaves, or asbestos sheets. It is mandatory to provide clean and fresh water daily, you can have syntax or cement build water tank outside of the shed. The shed floor should be kept clean and dry. You can have paddy husk spread across the floor for better goat urine absorption. Keep changing this husk once in 2 months. You can use this paddy husk for organic compost as well as to grow other crops in the field.

Fodder Management for Goat Farming Business

Dry Fodder for Goats.
Dry Fodder for Goats.

Feeding your goats in the right ratio is the utmost priority to be successful in the goat farming business. A balanced diet makes goats healthy and quick weight gain.

There are two ways you can work on goat feed.

  1. Buy goat feed in the market
  2. Grow green fodder crops, if you have at least 1-acre land (this would be enough to feed 50 to 75 goats). and use home-grown crops for feeding your goats. You can make silage from maize or any other grain crops.

The feeding schedule should be strictly followed and the feed quantity depends on animal weight, age, and other factors such as newly born goat kids or pregnant goats. There are many mineral mixes /blocks you can get to supplement along with the regular feed. You must also ensure the dry fodder in a regular diet.

Goat fodder crops: You can grow fodder crops, you must have a surplus area for open grazing of the green pasture. You can grow the following crops for your goats.

  1. Legume Fodder Crops: Cowpea, Hedge Lucerne, Lucerne, and Stylo.
  2. Cereal Fodders Crops: Fodder maize, and Fodder sorghum.
  3. Grass Fodder Crops: Hybrid Napier, Guinea grass, Para Grass,  and Blue buffalo grass.
  4. Treed Fodder Crops: Subabul, Glyricidia,  and Sesbania – Agathi.
Provide Fresh Water for Goats.
Provide Fresh Water for Goats.

You can buy goat feed in the market. If you want to prepare goat feeding mix on your own, you may use the following feed ingredients.
Ingredients                                   Parts

Groundnut cake (Deoiled)                 12
Horse gram                                           30
Maize/wheat/Jowar (grain)               30
Wheat  bran/ Rice polish                   15
Unsalted fish (Dried)                          10
Mineral mixture                                  1.5
Common salt                                        1.5
VitAB2D3                                        25 grams /100 kg of the feed mixture.

Care and Health Management in Goat Farming Business

Caring for your goats plays a major role in avoiding the goat mortality rate. Sick goats should be identified as soon as possible and treated. Never mix newly bought goats with existing goat herd or other livestock. Timely vaccinations along with frequent de-worming should be given by a veterinary professional. Make veterinary doctor visit the farm every week to check for any diseases, abnormal conditions. Pregnant goats and newborn goat kids require additional medical care. Never allow goats to eat from other goat feeders which can contaminate.  Disinfect all goat farming equipment frequently. Change the drinking water daily.

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Newly Born Goat Kid.
Newly Born Goat Kid.

Goat Farming Business Project Cost

The cost of goat farming business depends on breed, the number of goats, medical/insurance expenses, feed cost or fodder growing cost, shed construction, feed room, and seasonal labor cost. We cannot give the exact goat farming project cost as this keep changing based on market rates.

Goat Farming Business Profits

Don’t expect profits for 2 to 3 years after buying young goats. Once the herd in the shed increased you can see excellent profits. For more profits in the goat business, don’t sell your goat’s middle agents. Tie up with any meat suppliers or hotels.

Goat Farming Business Subsidies and Loans

To encourage rural employment and improve the livelihoods of people governments are providing a facility for loans and subsidies through National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development (NABARD). You must meet some technical requirements for getting the loan. contact your local bank or NABARD office for more information about how to get subsidies for goat farming.

Goat Farming Business Tips

  • When you buy goats in bulk, get them from only certified sellers or breeding centers.
  • Buy 6 months old goats, avoid too young and too old goats.
  • Take veterinary professionals while you make a purchase to identify healthy and young goats.
  • Ensure all the goats are completed with required vaccinations and de-worming.
  • Remove any sick goats from the shed and keep them in a separate area until they get treated.
  • Sell the unproductive and old goats on a frequent basis. You can sell bucks goats as the numbers growing on the farm.
  • Buy 1 male goat for every 25 female goats.
  • Don’t mix male and female goats except in breeding time.
  • Separate Pregnant goats and goat kids from the herd.
  • When you are ready to sell, try to establish direct contact with consumers like hotels. This approach can give more profits than going through middle agents.

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