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Citronella Farming, Cultivation Practices

Citronella Farming.

Citronella Farming Today, Let us talk abaout Citronella Farming, Citronella oil uses, extraction. Citronella is a medicinal grass which has a very good aroma. It belongs to the family of Poaceae. Various components present in the oil of Citronella are used in the cosmetic industry, in recipes as flavouring add-ons, the industry of perfumes all across the world. The Citronella …

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Growing Safed Musli, Planting, Farming Guide

Growing Safed Musli.

Introduction to grwoing Safed Musli The following information about Growing Safed Musli and Planting Methods. This is one of the herbs which are popularly used in medicines. The Safed Musli is also used as a leafy vegetable in some parts of India. It originated from Chlorophytum genus. It belongs to Asparagaceae family. Safed Musli is scientifically named as Chlorophytum Borivilianum. The …

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Vanilla Farming, Planting, Growing Methods

Vanilla Farming.

Vanilla Farming Information Guide: Let us discuss indetail about vanilla farming today. Introduction: Vanilla is native to the Atlantic coast from Mexico to Brazil. Vanilla plantations have grown in large scale in Java, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tahiti, Seycheles, Zanzibar, Brazil and Jamaica and other islands of the West Indies. It is introduced to India as early as 1835. The commercial vanilla …

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Thyme Farming, Cultivation Practices, Planting Methods

Thyme Farming.

Introduction to Thyme Herb: You can find here, the infromation related to Thyme Farming. It is one of the aromatic herbs and perennial in nature. It is considered as an evergreen plant which is mostly used in medicine and cuisines. The genus of the Thyme belongs to the thymus plant. The plant is a part of the mint family Lamiaceae. …

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Spirulina Farming, Cultivation Practices Details

Spirulina Farming (Pic Source: orchidsasia.com).

Introduction: The following information is about Spirulina Farming and Its Growing Methods. Spirulina is a micro-algae, which is found growing naturally in warm alkaline lakes. It is blue-green in colour and possesses amazing qualities of super food. It is different from other algae because it can grow and survive in conditions where the other algae cannot. Basically Spirulina is a …

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Organic Farming Business Plan Information

Organic Farming Business Plan.

Organic Farming Business Plan: The following information is about Organic Farming Business Plan. INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIC FARMING: In India, the organic farming business is cost-effective and gives us rich returns. Organic farming is one of the options along with other opportunities in the industry of commercial farming. With loads of farming methodologies available, organic farming would be finest option. The …

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Growing Herbs and Spices Information

Growing Herbs and Spices.

Growing Herbs and Spices at Home The following Information is all about growing Herbs and Spices. Introduction To Herbs and Spices: Herbs are the essential ingredient of kitchen. The fresher they are, the more aroma and taste we get from them. Organic farming of herbs in containers is getting popular with the increased usage of pesticides on the herbs available …

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Organic Farming Advantages and Disadvantages

Organic Farming Advantages.

Organic Farming Advantages and Disadvantages: The following information is all bout organic farming advantages and disadvantages. Organic Farming Introduction Extensive utilization of dried leaves and kitchen composts not only lessens the investment costs, but also guarantees the development of plants which are devoid of synthetic disturbance. The technique is distinguished by the use of green manure, biological pest management procedures …

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Hydroponic Growing System and Gardening

Growing Plants In Hydroponic System.

Hydroponic Growing System: The following information is all about Hydroponic Growing System. Introduction: Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. Plants are grown in soil, that’s what we know do you know that plants are grown without soil also. A modern technology called Hydroponic Growing System that grows plants without soil in making water or deep moist air …

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Types Of Farming and Agriculture Information

Types Of Farming.

Types Of Farming: The following information is all about Types of Farming or Agriculture. Introduction To Farming Farming is a process of growing crops and raising livestock animals for the purpose of food and other material. Farming has been the oldest tradition followed for centuries throughout the world for human survival. However, the methods followed in farming/agriculture are different for …

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Organic Compost Preparation and Methods

Organic Compost Preparation.

Organic Compost Preparation: The following is all about steps involved in Organic Compost Preparation. ORGANIC COMPOST PREPARATION Organic compost includes plant and animal by products such as oil cakes fish manures and dried blood from slaughter houses. Before their organic nitrogen used by the crops it is converted through bacterial action into readily usable ammonical N and nitrate N. These …

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Growing Coriander In Containers (Cilantro)

Growing Coriander in Containers.

Growing Coriander In Containers: The following article is all about Growing Coriander in Containers. Introduction to Coriander  Coriander is an herb comes from the family of Apiaceae. Its botanical name is Coriandrum Sativum and the common name is cilantro. Now you may doubt, what is the difference between cilantro and coriander? Fresh leaves of the plant are called cilantro and …

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Lavender Farming Information for Beginners

Lavender Farming.

Lavender Farming: The following discussion is all about Lavender farming. Lavender Farming The lavender crop is grown in low rainfall areas and on the slopes of hills all over Asia. Botanical Name of Lavender Lavendula sp. Family of Lavender  Labiaceae. Description Lavender is an aromatic herbal plant with 50 to 80 cm height. The leaves of lavender are opposite, oblong-linear …

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How To Grow Saffron, Planting, Harvesting – Full Guide

How To Grow Saffron.

How To Grow Saffron: Today, we learn the topic of how to grow saffron from bulbs and planting methods of saffron. Introduction of  Saffron: Saffron is an autumn-flowering perennial spice plant also popularly known as “Red Gold”. It is a spice derived from the “Crocus sativus flowers”. What exactly saffron is?, well it’s nothing but a stigma or female flower …

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Cinnamon Growing Information For Beginners

Cinnamon Growing.

Cinnamon Growing Information: Today, we discuss the topic of cinnamon growing techniques and methods. Introduction to Cinnamon:– Cinnamon or “sweet wood” is an evergreen tree described by oval-shaped leaves, thick bark, and berry fruit. When harvesting the spice, the leaves and bark are the primary areas of the plant utilized cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of …

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Cloves Growing – A Beginners Guide

Cloves Growing.

Cloves Growing for Beginners: Introduction to Cloves Growing:- The clove is the air-dried unopened flower bud obtained from an evergreen medium-sized shrub. The clove tree is an evergreen that grows up to 2 meters to 12 meters tall, with big leaves and crimson flowers grouped in terminal clusters. The flower buds initially have a pale hue, slowly turn green, then …

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Celery Growing, Planting, Harvesting Techniques

Celery Growing.

Celery Growing Guide: Today, we learn the topic of celery growing techniques, ideas, and tips. Introduction to Celery: Celery is one of the popular growing salad leafy crops in the world. Basically, celery is a Mediterranean herb and brought into cultivation in France and England during the 16th  century. Later its cultivation spread most of the regions in the world. …

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Growing Stevia Information For Beginners

Growing Stevia.

Growing Stevia Information: Introduction to Stevia:- Stevia is a small herbaceous perennial growing natural, zero-calorie, sweet tasting plant used as sugar alternative around the world. This miracle herb also being used for lowering blood pressure. The stevia plant is native to Brazil and Paraguay and is grown on a commercial scale especially in the Asian region. This plant can reach …

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Cardamom Cultivation Information Guide

Cardamom Cultivation.

Cardamom Cultivation Guide: Introduction to Cardamom Cultivation:- Well, what is cardamom? It is nothing but a dried fruit of a tall perennial exotic tropical herbaceous plant. Cardamom is a queen of spices and popularly known as “Elachi” or “Elaichi” in India. This spice is native to Western Ghats of South India. Cardamom is being used in preparation of many Asian dishes. …

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Fenugreek Cultivation Information Guide

Fenugreek Cultivation.

Fenugreek Cultivation Guide: Introduction to Fenugreek Cultivation:- Fenugreek is an annual herbal plant in the family of ““Legumionseae” which can consist of 3 small obovate to oblong leaflets. Fenugreek seeds are small in size with a hard and smooth texture and oblong. Usually, fenugreek seeds are yellowish brown in color. Fenugreek crop is main grown for its seeds or leaves (fresh …

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