Inexpensive Raised Bed Garden Ideas: Cheap Budget Tips and Techniques

Growing plants in soil higher than the ground is known as raised bed gardening. You can most commonly do this with some enclosure or frame made of reproduced materials such as wood, stone, and grass bales. Growing plants in the garden’s raised bed is trick landscape designers use. The garden design with raised beds gives your lawn a unique look. The soil in the raised beds is full of nutrients, and the climate also helps plants thrive in designer beds for the garden.

Inexpensive Raised Bed Garden Ideas

The main objective of raised garden bed is to maximize productivity. You want to avoid overcrowding in your plants and grow as much as possible. Plants closely kept together can never reach their full potential due to poor air circulation and fighting for water and root space. If you like a fresh garden salad, consider planting Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, and Cucumbers. 

If you enjoy cooking, consider planting Onions, Chillies, Potatoes, and Herbs. Raised beds, also known as garden boxes, are great for growing vegetables and flowers. They keep the weeds off the path from your garden’s soil, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage, and act as a barrier to insects.

Cost of Budget-friendly and Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed 

The 4 x 4 foot raised bed made with wood costs only under Rs 2500 ( $30) and is a great way to start growing food, herbs, or even just flowers. This is the size suggested in square-foot gardening procedures. The cost for a 2-foot height, 4 X 4 foot raised garden bed made of recycled material is under Rs 11,000 to 15,000. Approximately the cost of an inexpensive raised garden bed is Rs 1,100 to 15000. Note that this cost may vary depending on where you live (cost of soil, fertilizers, plants) and the size of the selected raised garden bed idea.

Inexpensive Raised Bed Garden Ideas

Reuse Large Planters

Large planters don’t have to be just for decorative plants. For example, some plants like Tomatoes benefit from deep root systems, so planting them in a large planter gives them a place to grow and strengthen; plus, it’s much easier to pick ripe Tomatoes when you’re not on your hands. 

Garden Beds Made from Old Terracotta Pipes

This is a very cheap way because the cost of each pipe is very low. You have to dig your garden land according to the length of the pipe you will use. Now border with these pipes, your bed is ready, and fill it with mixed soil. You are ready to grow in it, and it is perfect for vegetable plants, or you can grow plants of your choice.

Plastic Tubs as Raised Beds

If you have wasted plastic tubs that are not in use, you can build beds with them. You can cut the lid to divide more between soil and water. Then, only one thing is left fill the dip with soil and plant. It is a good creative idea to turn tubs into raised beds. Unnecessary things should be used instead of turning into useful things. It is also good for our environment. Plastic is a non-biodegradable thing we can’t easily dispose of, so recycling is the best thing to use again.

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Backyard Raised Bed Garden

Converted Door into a Raised Garden Bed

A door panel is another way to make a bed for your garden. Start making beds after you have completed your measurements, attaching the panel to posts with fence hardware. You can add a heavy-duty commercial pond liner to direct drainage to the center of the bed. It also prevents water from coming out around the bed. Place the bed on a rock bed and fill the bed with garden soil.

Use an Old Baby Crib as a Raised Bed Garden.

You can turn an old baby crib into a raised bed. You will feel that your garden is like your own child. It will also give your garden a creative look that surprises anyone.

Reuse Shelves

If you have a set of shelves that no longer serve you, turn it into a multilevel raised garden. Using a jigsaw or large cutting bit on your drill, you can create holes similar to the circle of your pots. Slip the pots into holes, and they will be comfortable on the shelf. Also, if your pots have drainage holes when you water the plants above, the excess water will drip down and water the next level of plants.

Try Bathtub

You can fill the base with gravel for some drainage, then stick cardboard and top it with rich soil for your plants. 

Reuse Pallets 

You may also be able to find one of them along the road. Wooden pallets are easy to come through and make a great planter. You can mount them on a wall or fence for a narrow-raised garden for herbs or put them on the ground and use them as a divider of space between slots for plant rows. 

Wheel Garden Planter

A garden bed as a hexagon is unique, but dividing it into triangular parts makes it a kind and very beautiful addition to the garden, even without a plant. The hexagon-raised garden bed of the fun season is perfect for working.

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Raised Bed Garden

Square Foot Garden Beds

The garden bed is divided into multiple parts which can be used to grow in a limited space. It practices a grid arrangement to discrete plants in a square garden bed. 

Reuse of Unused Blocks

You may have many remaining cement blocks and masonry. You can make beds with these blocks. Fill the space with soil and arrange blocks in the garden. 

Lifted Garden Bed

It is raised from the ground so that most insects can be kept away from any flowers or your production is increasing. For a surprisingly low price, this raised garden bed will give you the perfect garden setup in less than an hour.

Jute Bag Raised Bed

You can fill large jute bags or burlap sacks with soil, keep them in the sun and plant something you like. For example, you can grow Potatoes, Herbs, Carrots, and other root vegetables. But remember that these bags will dry faster due to perforation, and you will need water more often.

Puppy-proof Garden Beds

Sometimes your beloved pets are the worst enemies of your plants. This garden bed is high above the ground, so it is definitely beyond the reach of the puppies. You can also be creative and use an L-shaped pubic garden bed fitting into a corner or create unique landscaping areas.

Stone-lifted Bed

If you have concrete debris or large stones, make the beds raised from them. It is a cheap idea.

Bamboo-lined Raised Beds

All you have to do is outline the bed raised using bamboo and grow vegetables in a compact space.

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Simple Raised Bed Garden

Raised Planter Stands with Tub Inserts

This tall raised garden bed is made of plastic drums cut in half. The support is quite high, so that gardening will get many conveniences. Trellis is inserted into different parts to easily grow a collection of vines, short vegetables, and herbs.

Raised Bed Planter Stand

This project is perfect for you if you prefer pots on the ground. Easily grow your favorite plants, herbs, and flowers anywhere through this beautiful cascading garden planter.

Tree Stems and Stumped Raised Beds

The stumps, about 30 centimeters thick in diameter, are perfect as walls for a raised bed. If you want to give your garden a unique look, it’s an interesting idea.

Logs Raised Bed

The raised garden beds with wood looks very rustic. If you have wood in your garden, it’s almost free. You must log set on small poles driven into the ground to prevent them from moving. To increase height, you can stack more wood on top of each other and save them together with the help of nails or wires.

Wattle Fence Raised Bed

You’ll need long thin branches for this, like willow branches. Tie them between the stakes. The wall of this raised bed is covered with burlap to maintain soil; you can also use garden cloth.

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Wooden Raised Bed Garden

Grass Raised Bed

Lumps of wheat or alfalfa straws make walls of raised beds. They dissolve relatively quickly and nourish plants.

Sandbags Raised Beds

If you have sandbags, fill them with garden soil 1/3 and line them around the required raised bed cover.

Multilevel Garden Bed

This staircase-like raised garden bed is very suitable for any small space as it provides space for planting in vertical directions. Vegetables, herbs, or flowers will all look fantastic in this cascade-carrying bed.

Brick-lifted Raised Bed

Build a brick-lifted bed. Brick-raised beds are easy to build and much more durable than wooden ones.

Raised Garden Bed from Water Troughs

If you have large containers of the water trough, you can use them in preparation for raised beds. First, you can fill the container with materials like wood chips, dryness, manure, or fertilizer. Then, you can fill it with high-quality soil now your raised bed is ready to sow.

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Raised Bed Garden


Raised beds are the best bet for beginners to grow fresh vegetables right from your home backyard, terrace, and balcony. We wish you good luck with raised bed gardening.


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