Koi Fish Food, Feeding Methods For Beginners

Koi Fish Food:

Today, let us talk about Koi Fish Food and thier feeding methods.

  • Koi fishes are the ones which are fancy ones and are not popular for eating. It is very important to take care of the diet of the Koi fish to make it survive in a healthy way.
  • It is important to give Koi fish a balanced diet of nutrients, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins.
  • To get a good amount of protein, Koi fish need to be given wheat germ pellets. These are fed because they provide an essential amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are needed for the healthy growth of Koi fish.

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  • For the sake of carbohydrates, Koi fish has to be fed with fruits, peas, watermelon slices, orange slices. They can also be fed with pellets.
  • There are two types of foods which are fed to the fishes normally which are called as floating foods and sinking foods. Floating foods are called as flakes and sinking foods are called as pellets.
  • Most of the Koi food is available in the market in the form of flakes which is considered as floating food. When using flake foods, Koi fish has to come to the surface of the water to have it. When it comes to the surface, it would be easy for you to check if any Koi got injured as it would be visible to check the entire body of the fish. It would be easy to check if the Koi fish is eating the food or not.
Colored Koi Fish.
Colored Koi Fish.
  • The disadvantage of using flake foods to Koi fish is that the food gets stuck in the skimmer before the fishes eat it. So, to prevent this from happening, you need to switch off the pump before starting the feeding session.
  • When the Koi fish are fed with pellets which are also called as sinking food, that would help in the growth of the fish. By feeding pellets, you can see a great feed conversion rate.
  • For the maintenance of good health of the fish, you need to supply a good amount of nutrients. In the digestion process, the nutrients will be separated into molecules, which are used for all the processes of living such as providing energy. Energy is very much important for any fish in order to process food, respiration, reproduction and also for swimming.
  • The amount of food that a Koi fish needs are directly proportional to the water temperature in the fish tank. As Koi fishes are cold-blooded, these need to be fed carefully as per the temperature in water.
Koi Carp Fish.
Koi Carp Fish.
  • The Koi fish food should be stored properly in order to avoid the loss of nutrients and contamination of food. If the light, moisture, heat or oxygen enters into the storage containers of Koi fish food, they would result in loss of nutrients. Once you use the feed from the container, make sure that you are resealing it carefully.

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