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Sheep Farming In Bangladesh, Sheep Breeds

Sheep Farming In Bangladesh.

Introduction to Sheep Farming in Bangladesh: Today, let us discuss Sheep Breeds of Bangladesh and How To Start a Sheep Farming In Bangladesh. Sheep Farming is one of the popular occupations in Bangladesh. It is good employment for the unemployed farmers, as the agriculture depends upon the season, but the sheep farming will be throughout the year. Through sheep farming, …

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Sheep Farming In Sri Lanka For Beginners

Sheep Farming In Sri Lanka.

Introduction to Sheep Farming in Sri Lanka: Today, let us talk about Sheep Farming In Sri Lanka. Sheep farming is one of the best sources of livelihood for the unemployed people, especially in rural areas of Sri Lanka; there are many benefits and also high returns in sheep farming. Sheep farming is becoming popular day by day; it is one …

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HF Cow Facts (Holstein Friesian), Profile

HF Cow Facts.

HF Cow Facts, Profile, and Characteristics: Today, let us discuss HF cow facts including their breed profile, and characteristics. Introduction of HF (Holstein Friesian): Holstein Friesian cattle originated from the Friesland area of Holland. Now, this cattle breed is available all over the world. The most Holstein Friesian is the black and white color. This color pattern is always patchy, …

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Raising Catfish In Tanks, Ponds – A Complete Guide

How To Raise Catfish.

How to Raise Catfish – A Beginners Guide Today, Let us discuss about Raising Catfish. Commercial catfish is gaining popularity for its rich source of healthy proteins and delicious taste. Catfish farming is not easy and flexible and highly profitable. Farming catfish can be started in any feasible place with minimum management practices.  There are many varieties of catfish available …

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Prawn Cultivation – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Prawn Cultivation.

Prawn Cultivation – A Complete Guide Today, we are into the discussion of prawn cultivation (shrimp farming). Introduction to Prawn Cultivation: Prawn Cultivation is business in aquaculture mainly designed to raise prawns or shrimps in fresh water for human consumption. A Freshwater water prawn cultivation is gaining great demand in inland aquacultural farming systems. In many countries which have vast …

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Sheep Farming In India Information For Beginners

Sheep Farming In India.

Sheep Farming In India: SHEEP FARMING IN INDIA – INTRODUCTION: The farming of sheep has been considered as a business opportunity and is being followed since ancient time. It’s been a profession to the people all over the world. Sheep are used for multiple purposes like for its wool, meat, milk, skin and manure. The sheep are commercially reared for …

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Raising Emu Birds for Profit Information

Raising Emu Birds.

Raising Emu Birds for Profit: INTRODUCTION ABOUT RAISING EMU BIRDS. The EMU (Dromaius novehollandiae) is the second largest living bird. Emu birds are a ratite relative to Ostrich with similar height characteristics. These emu birds largest native place is Australia. The Emu birds adapt to varied climatic conditions. For commercial emu farming, the Asian climate is very suitable for its …

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Organic Farming Advantages and Disadvantages

Organic Farming Advantages.

Organic Farming Advantages and Disadvantages: The following information is all bout organic farming advantages and disadvantages. Organic Farming Introduction Extensive utilization of dried leaves and kitchen composts not only lessens the investment costs, but also guarantees the development of plants which are devoid of synthetic disturbance. The technique is distinguished by the use of green manure, biological pest management procedures …

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Types Of Farming and Agriculture Information

Types Of Farming.

Types Of Farming: The following information is all about Types of Farming or Agriculture. Introduction To Farming Farming is a process of growing crops and raising livestock animals for the purpose of food and other material. Farming has been the oldest tradition followed for centuries throughout the world for human survival. However, the methods followed in farming/agriculture are different for …

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Raising Free Range Chickens Information

Raising Free Range Chickens.

Raising Free Range Chickens  or Free Range Chicken farming- A complete beginners guide: Raising Free Range chickens is a high profitable business all over the world. For starting up a free-range chicken business, you should have complete knowledge about free range chickens and complete management to run a successful poultry farm. Free range chicken has gained popularity for its less …

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Tuna Fish Farming Guide For Beginners

Tuna Fish Care.

Tuna Fish Farming: The following information is about Tuna Fish Farming. INTRODUCTION ABOUT TUNA FISH The Tuna fish rearing for meat is being increased more as the business nowadays, because there are more profits in the Tuna fish farming with less capital input and minimum care and management. Tuna fish farming or rearing fish for meat is very easy working …

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Integrated Farming Of Fish And Livestock

Integrated Farming.

Integrated Farming: Are you thinking of Integrated farming system? This article gives you detailed information about the integrated farming system. Let’s start with the Integrated system. What is Integrated Farming? Mixed farming of both fishes and livestock like ducks, poultry, cattle, sheep’s, buffalo, rabbits under one roof is called integrated farming. Integrated farming is becoming popular for its maximum output. …

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Fish Farming Business Plan For Beginners

Fish Farming Business Plan.

Fish Farming Business Plan: The following information is about Fish Farming Business Plan. Introduction to Fish Farming Business Plan The word fish farming means “is the process of raising fishes in tanks, ponds or other enclosures for purpose of human consumptions”. Fish is a very healthy food which is popular for its nutritional values around the world. So, the commercial …

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Turkey Farming Information For Beginners

Turkey Farming.

Turkey Farming Information: Turkey Farming Turkey Farming is the best alternative to chicken farming. Turkey farming is gaining popularity for its best profits day by day. Turkeys are suitable for commercial egg, meat productions and can also be raised as pets. Turkeys are very beautiful and can increase the beauty of your home. And for commercial livestock business purpose, turkeys …

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Small Scale Dairy Farming Information

Small Scale Dairy Farming.

Small Scale Dairy Farming: The following write up is all about small scale dairy farming. Introduction to Small Scale Dairy Farming – The Best source of Income One of the best sources of income for farmers is dairy farming. Dairy farming can give a good support for farming and manures from animals are the best organic matter that improves soil …

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Rabbit Farming Business Plan and Information

Rabbit Farming Business Plan (Source Via Wikimedia.com).

Introduction to Rabbit Farming Business Rabbit Farming Business is one of the most profitable and lucrative business throughout the world. One can obtain decent profits with a proper rabbit farming business plan. As meat consumption is increasing and rabbit meat is considered as healthy and nutritious. Commercial rabbit farming has different steps to consider to be successful in rabbit farming …

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Goat Farming Business For Beginners

Goat Farming Business.

Goat Farming Business: Introduction to Goat Farming Business Well, goat farming is getting more attention and became lucrative and profitable venture nowadays as goat meat (chevon) demand is skyrocketing since there is a huge population increase along with non-vegetarian consumption. Since there are many hotels are opening, to meet the requirement of meat demand, there should be enough supply of …

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Pet Pygmy Goat – Is It Ideal To Bring One Home

Pet Pygmy Goat.

Pet Pygmy Goat: Is It Ideal To Bring One Home? Dogs and cats are popular yet typical choices as pets. Who wouldn’t want them? They are easy to raise and train, and they provide their human friends with warmth and sincere companionship. While those characteristics are not debatable, there are other animals that possess such qualities as pets. One of …

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Goat Diseases and Control Measures

Goat Diseases.

Goat Diseases and Control Measures: The following content is all about Goat Diseases and their control measures. Introduction To Goat Diseases:- Goat farming business is ever green livestock business and commercially successful in most parts of the world. Goats are the best animals when it comes diseases resistance. However, one should be aware of these diseases before setting up a …

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Tilapia Fish Farming Information Guide For Beginners

Tilapia Fish.

Tilapia Fish Farming: Introduction to Tilapia Fish Farming: Fish is one of the species that is being farmed for centuries. Due to natural resources, fish became the best and cheapest animal protein consumed worldwide. Tilapia are mainly freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes, However, due to over-exploitation and pollution, the availability of fish in natural waters has …

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