Tomato Farming Information Guide

Tomato Farming.

Tomato Farming Information Guide: Introduction of Tomato:-¬†Tomato is a well known fruit/vegetable across the globe. Most of the countries cultivate tomatoes in the world. Tomato is a native to Peruvian & the region of Mexico. Commercial cultivation of tomatoes such as greenhouse tomatoes, hydroponics tomatoes, polyhouse tomatoes apart from open field tomatoes are pretty much successful everywhere in the world. …

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Bitter Gourd Farming Information Guide

Bitter Gourd Cultivation.

Bitter Gourd Farming Guide: Introduction of Bitter Gourd:- Bitter gourd (Memordica charantia L.) is one of the most popular vegetable cultivated throughout Asia and extensively grown in India. This vegetable is also known as Bitter melon in other parts of the world. In India this vegetable is called as “Karela”. Basically Bitter gourd plant is a vine that has climbing …

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Coconut Farming Information Guide

Coconut Cultivation.

Coconut Farming Guide: Introduction of Coconut Farming:- Coconut plays very significant role in Asian economy and grown throughout tropical world. Dried coconut kernels (copra) and coconut oil is widely used in soap manufacturing, cosmetics and hair oils. Coconuts also used in many industrial products, which husk is source of fibre used in coir industry. The tender coconut water is a …

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