Banana Farming Information Guide

Banana Farming.

Banana Farming Guide: Introduction of Banana Farming:- Banana is one of the major and economically important fruit crop of Asian countries. Banana occupies vast area among the total area under crop cultivation in Asia region. Bananas are the fourth largest fruit crop in the entire world and most of Banana is cultivated by planting suckers. As technology development in agriculture …

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Quail Bird Farming Information Guide

Raising Quails at home cage.

Quail Bird Farming Guide: Introduction of Quail Bird Farming:- Basically , quails are small birds and commercially grown for their meat and eggs. These birds belong to the family of “Phasianidae”. In Asia, commercial farming of these birds is increasing day by day as the investment and maintenance is very low when compared to other birds. These bird eggs are very …

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Watermelon Farming Information Guide

Watermelon Farming.

Watermelon Farming Guide: Introduction of Watermelon Farming:- Watermelon is a warm, long-season crop and is now grown in all tropical and subtropical areas of the globe. This fruit mostly cultivated for its fresh juice and sweet flesh. Commercial cultivation of watermelon takes place on larger scale in summer season in most of the Asian countries. Watermelon belongs to the family …

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Rice Farming Information Guide

Rice Farming.

Rice Farming Guide: Introduction of Rice Farming:- Rice is a cereal grain belongs to the grass family of Graminae and native to the deltas of the great Asian rivers, the Ganges, the Chang (Yangtze), and the Tigris and Euphrates. The rice plant grows from 2.5 to 6 ft tall, with a round, jointed stem, long pointed leaves and edible seeds …

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Okra Farming Details (Lady’s Finger) Guide

Okra Farming.

Okra Farming Guide (Lady’s Finger):- Introduction of Okra (Lady’s finger):- Okra is a vegetable crop which can be predominantly grown in tropics and subtropics. Okra was originated in tropical and subtropical Africa. In Asia, the crop is cultivated for its young tender vegetables, used in curry and soups after cooking. Okra is also popularly known as “Lady’s finger”. In India, …

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Mint Farming Information Guide

Mint Farming

Mint Farming Guide:- Introduction of Mint:– Mint is one of the popular herb cultivated for its aroma, culinary use and medicinal properties throughout the world. Mint belongs to the family of “Labiatae” and genus of “Mentha”. Mentha oil is derived from a common mint. It is an aromatic annual herb plant having pleasant odour leaves and is classified as an …

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Tomato Farming Information Guide

Tomato Farming.

Tomato Farming Information Guide: Introduction of Tomato:- Tomato is a well known fruit/vegetable across the globe. Most of the countries cultivate tomatoes in the world. Tomato is a native to Peruvian & the region of Mexico. Commercial cultivation of tomatoes such as greenhouse tomatoes, hydroponics tomatoes, polyhouse tomatoes apart from open field tomatoes are pretty much successful everywhere in the world. …

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Bitter Gourd Farming Information Guide

Bitter Gourd Cultivation.

Bitter Gourd Farming Guide: Introduction of Bitter Gourd:- Bitter gourd (Memordica charantia L.) is one of the most popular vegetable cultivated throughout Asia and extensively grown in India. This vegetable is also known as Bitter melon in other parts of the world. In India this vegetable is called as “Karela”. Basically Bitter gourd plant is a vine that has climbing …

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Coconut Farming Information Guide

Coconut Cultivation.

Coconut Farming Guide: Introduction of Coconut Farming:- Coconut plays very significant role in Asian economy and grown throughout tropical world. Dried coconut kernels (copra) and coconut oil is widely used in soap manufacturing, cosmetics and hair oils. Coconuts also used in many industrial products, which husk is source of fibre used in coir industry. The tender coconut water is a …

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