Raising Emu Birds for Profit Information

Raising Emu Birds for Profit:


The EMU (Dromaius novehollandiae) is the second largest living bird. Emu birds are a ratite relative to Ostrich with similar height characteristics. These emu birds largest native place is Australia. The Emu birds adapt to varied climatic conditions. For commercial emu farming, the Asian climate is very suitable for its survival. By commercial emu farming business, we can earn high profits. A person who has his/her own land can start emu farming easily in India. In India, Emu Farming is very famous in some states like Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Emu’s and ostrich have been introduced in India but Raising Emu Birds has gained much importance all over the world. The United States, Australia, and China are leading in raising emu birds.

Emus are brown birds which cannot fly. They have long necks, soft feathers and attain a height of 1.9 meters. Emus travel long distances and if necessary can sprint at 50 km per hour. The weight of an Emu bird is 45-60 kg.


Emu Bird.
Emu Bird.

There are numerous advantages in raising of Emu Birds. These are the main benefits of raising emu birds:

The meat of Emu Birds is very healthy and tasty. It is low in fat, cholesterol and high efficiency in protein and energy

These birds have high economic value for their meat, eggs, oil, skin, and feathers in the market.

The climate which is suitable for profit-making emu farming business is  Asian climate. As emu birds are affected by very few diseases this makes it profitable to the person who is handling the business of Emu birds.

The Emu birds can survive in any type of agro-climate which is also beneficial.

The bank also sanctions loan for setting up business in emu farming in India.

The unemployed people can have a constructive business of Emu farming which can facilitate a great source of income.

This business doesn’t require high technical skills or management knowledge. Basic knowledge of emu farming is enough to easily raise emu birds.

Things to be taken care of while Raising Emu Birds:

  • The pen should never be crowded.
  • Provide sanitized water and anti-stress agents, for the first few days
  • The water should be cleaned daily, otherwise, automatic water cleaners should be provided in the pen.
  • Birds should be monitored daily as routine for their comfort, intake of food, water intake, litter conditions etc for making immediate corrections if any mistakes are observed in the care of birds.
  • Proper mineral and vitamins are provided in the feed so that the chicks have healthy growth and fewer leg deformities.

Things not to be done while Raising Emu Birds:

  • The birds during hot hours should be never handled.
  • The pen should be maintained with a calm and quiet environment so that the emu birds are not excited easily.
  • Proper biosecurity must be ensured. Should avoid all unauthorized persons and material into the farm.
  • The slippery surface can break the legs of chicks when they get excited and run. So, smooth and paddy husk should not be spread on a surface.
  • Avoid nails and pebbles etc. in the vicinity of birds because they can grab anything easily.


Commercial Emu Bird Farming Business.
Commercial Emu Bird Farming Business.

For setting up Emu farming you need a farm for setting up commercial emu farming business. The below description is about step by step of emu farming in India.

Farm Location for Raising Emu Birds:

The first step in Emu Farming is to; Select a suitable land for setting up commercial emu farming. The option is good when you have your own plot of land. The main factor that is easily available in land for farming the emu birds is fresh and clean water, good and nutrient food, availability of cheap labour, transportation, medical facilities, and suitable market near the place etc. You have to be very careful about these factors while selecting the land.

Chick Management for Raising Emu Birds:

Emu Bird Chick.
Emu Bird Chick.

As we start farming by chicks of emu birds. Let us know so specifications about it and how to manage them. A newly born chick’s weight is around 370 to 450 grams. 67% is all about egg weight. Size of chick’s weight is also depended on the egg’s weight. The chick should be kept in an incubator of 2 to 3 days. Litter with paddy husk is prepared and covered using new gunny bags or burlap. You should be very careful before you spread the paddy husk on the surface and check for wetness. For their first three weeks per chick, they require 4 square feet space. So, you should set a brooder and around 25 to 40 chicks can be occupied in it. The brooding temperature in the initial stages of 10 days must be 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The most important role in rearing the emu chicks is temperature management. There should be a sufficient number of feeder and water pots. To avoid the chicks from jumping and straying, the chicks are guarded with a height of 2.5 feet high cardboards. A bulb should be arranged inside the shed. A 100 square feet of space is covered by the 40 watts bulb. As the size of the chick changes, we should also change the brooder size and shift the chicks into a bigger brooder. You should always be careful and never overcrowd the pen.

Grower Management for Raising Emu Birds:

The Emus are big sized birds. As they need plenty of water, feed, and large floor space. A good idea is farming both male and female birds together. Setup a good litter inside the house to manage the fresh and dry condition. Paddy husk is used for making the litter. They reach 25 kg of weight after the age of 34 weeks. The floor must have to be free from moisture with easy drainage facility. Never combine the chicks and grower with the adult emus.

Breeder Management for Raising Emu Birds:

The emu birds reach their maturity level at the age of 18 to 24 months. The ratio of male and female is as 1:1 for proper breeding purpose. During mating, every pair need 2500 square feet floor is required. Feed them before 3-4 weeks of the breeding campaign starts to add more vitamins and minerals in their food. In general, an adult bird can eat 1 kg of food daily. A female Emu bird can lay 15 eggs during the first year and the number of eggs gradually increases.

Feeding for Raising Emu Birds:

The feeding of every bird should be efficient and nutritious and also should have a balanced diet plan. They would be healthy and disease free only with a good and high-quality food supply. Along with good and nutritious food, they should be provided with a sufficient amount of clean and fresh water regularly.

Marketing of Emu Birds:

The products of emu should be sold when they reach the marketing age. The eggs can also be on sale. Day old chicks along with all these can be used for their meat, oil, skin, feathers and also growing birds. A chick can be on sale for 4000 to 5000 INR and 15 months aged growing emu at 20000 to 25000 INR.

Emu Farming is expected to become an efficient and effective profitable business. Indian weather and climate are also very suitable for the commercial emu farming business. And most importantly the birds should be taken proper care while farming during every stage of the bird. Visiting a nearby emu farm practically will help people or farmers with ideas about emu farming in India.

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