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Catfish Food, Aquarium Fish Food Information

Catfish Food.

Catfish Food: Today, let us discuss Catfish Food,  and Aquarium Fish Food. Catfishes are the type of fishes which are timeserving in nature. That means, they take any opportunity that comes their way and feed on animals and plants. Few main types of catfish include channel, flathead, and bullhead catfish.Catfish are strong predators and keep on searching for food at any …

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Betta Fish Food and Feeding Methods for Beginners

Betta Fish Food.

Betta Fish Food and Feeding Methods: Today, let us talk about Betta Fish Food. The diet of the betta fish food should be rich in proteins. The best foods to feed for a betta fish are pellets, bloodworms which are frozen, brine shrimp. As the betta fishes are tropical, it is acceptable to use the flake foods which are tropical. …

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Koi Fish Food, Feeding Methods For Beginners

Koi Fish Food.

Koi Fish Food: Today, let us talk about Koi Fish Food and thier feeding methods. Koi fishes are the ones which are fancy ones and are not popular for eating. It is very important to take care of the diet of the Koi fish to make it survive in a healthy way. It is important to give Koi fish a …

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Goldfish Food, Feeding Methods Information

Goldfish Food.

Goldfish food: Let us talk today about Goldfish food. The food you give for goldfish is completely unique than the other types of fishes. It contains less content of protein and more carbohydrate content in it. The goldfish food is being completely prepared by considering and keeping in mind the requirements of Goldfish in terms of nutrients. Hence, when you …

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Growing YAM, Cultivation Practices For Beginners

Growing Yam.

Introduction: The following information is about “Growing YAM”. The most important food crop grown in the tropical climates is Yam. The Yam is the chief source of calories for the population in tropical and sub-tropical regions.  There many nutrients, proteins and micronutrients in it. The Yams have multiple species, around 600 species approximately. These Yams are grown in Africa, Asia, …

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Growing Chayote Squash, Cultivation Practices

Growing Chayote Squash.

Introduction to Growing Chayote Squash: The following details are about Growing Chayote Squash / Chow Chow vegetable. Among all the vegetables the Chayote is one of the oldest vegetable that has originated and is being cultivated. It is an edible vegetable. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. The scientific name of Chayote is Sechiumedule. The Chayote is also known pear …

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Growing Snake Gourds, Planting Method, Cultivation Process

Growing Snake Gourds.

Introduction to Growing Snake Gourds: The following content is all about “Growing Snake Gourds” and it’s cultivation practices. The snake gourd is also known as serpent gourd. The snake gourd also belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. The snake gourd is native to South Africa, Australia and it is also grown in tropical parts of Africa. It is a vegetable which …

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Growing Asparagus In Pots, Containers At Home

Growing Asparagus In Pots.

Growing Asparagus in Pots The following details are about growing Asparagus in Pots. Introduction: Asparagus is a spring vegetable plant belong to the flowering perennial plant species in the genus Asparagus. It belongs to family of onions and garlic that are related to Allium species. Asparagus is an herbal plant that grows up to 30 to 50 inches tall, the plant …

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Organic Farming Business Plan Information

Organic Farming Business Plan.

Organic Farming Business Plan: The following information is about Organic Farming Business Plan. INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIC FARMING: In India, the organic farming business is cost-effective and gives us rich returns. Organic farming is one of the options along with other opportunities in the industry of commercial farming. With loads of farming methodologies available, organic farming would be finest option. The …

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Parwal Farming (Pointed Gourd) Techniques

Parwal Farming.

Parwal Farming (Pointed Gourd): The following guide is about Parwal Farming. INTRODUCTION  TO PARWAL (Pointed Gourd): The popular name of the pointed gourd is Parwal, and it is also known Pottal in regional language. This vegetable is named differently in every region of India. This vegetable is generally served in Indian and Bangladesh Cuisines and is also cultivated in some …

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