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Best Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles: Winter, Low-maintenance, Shade, and Full Sun

Los Angeles, with its Mediterranean climate, offers a vast array of options for outdoor potted plants. Whether looking for plants that can survive the winter or thrive in full sun and heat, there’s something for everyone in this sun-soaked city. What plants survive winter in California? What plants grow in the shade in California?

What plants are suitable for Los Angeles outdoor pots? And what is a drought-resistant garden in Los Angeles? These are common questions homeowners and gardeners ask. This guide will dive into the best outdoor potted plants for Los Angeles, covering options for low maintenance, full sun, and shade. This guide has everything from low-maintenance outdoor potted plants in full sun to those that grow in the shade and withstand the city’s winters.

Best Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles

Winter-Resistant Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles

As winter approaches, many wonder: what plants survive winter in California, especially in pots? Potted plants that survive winter outside Los Angeles include succulents, some varieties of cacti, and evergreen shrubs. These plants can withstand cold snaps, providing greenery throughout the season. These options are perfect for those who prioritize low-maintenance outdoor potted plants for winter. They don’t require frequent watering or extensive care, making them ideal for Los Angeles residents who want to maintain a vibrant outdoor space, even in colder months.

Low-Maintenance Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles

What are the best low-maintenance outdoor potted plants? Low-maintenance outdoor potted plants’ shade options for those in Los Angeles might include ferns and hostas. They thrive even when they don’t receive direct sunlight. On the other hand, for places that get ample sun, options like lavender, rosemary, and aloe vera are excellent.

Best Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles: Aloe vera with roots

These low-maintenance outdoor plants in full sun thrive in the Los Angeles climate and require minimal attention. Combining these options creates a versatile, low-maintenance outdoor potted plants display that caters to various light conditions. These plants are good in pots all year round, making them some of the best outdoor plants for Los Angeles low maintenance.

Full Sun Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles

For spots that receive unfiltered sunlight for most of the day, one might ponder, what plants are good in full sun and heat? What plants do well in Los Angeles outdoors, especially in such conditions? The answer lies in drought-tolerant container plants for full sun and heat. Plants like bougainvillea, sage, and succulents are vibrant, colorful, and resilient, thriving in the intense Los Angeles sun.

These plants are outdoor potted plants that can withstand heat and cold. They define the best outdoor potted plants for Los Angeles full sun. Incorporating them in a home garden transforms it into a beautiful, sun-loving paradise.

Shade Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles

In the naturally sunny environment of Los Angeles, there are pockets where shade dominates, often leading gardeners to wonder about the best outdoor potted plants for Los Angeles shade. Certain plants can flourish in these shaded areas without the sun’s direct rays. Ferns, hostas, and camellias offer greenery and flourish in the cooler, shaded areas.

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potted hosta

Impatiens and begonias also provide a splash of color and are perfect for those parts of the garden that are shielded from the harsh Los Angeles sun. These plants grow in shade in California and are perfect for patios, balconies, or garden corners that lack direct sunlight.

Hardy Evergreen Shrubs for Winter Season in Los Angeles

The winter season in Los Angeles, while mild compared to many other regions, can still bring cooler temperatures. For those seeking vibrant greenery during these months, hardy evergreen shrubs are the answer. Plants such as boxwood, holly, and juniper withstand the cooler Los Angeles winters and maintain their lush green appearance throughout the season. These potted plants survive winter outside Los Angeles, offering homeowners and gardeners a sense of permanence and a burst of color even when many other plants go dormant.

Drought-Tolerant Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles

Having drought-tolerant outdoor potted plants is essential in a region known for its occasional dry spells. What is a drought-resistant garden in Los Angeles? It’s one filled with plants that can thrive even when water is scarce. Succulents, agaves, and certain types of ornamental grasses fit this bill.

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Agave in a ceramic pot

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also require minimal water, making them ideal for the Los Angeles climate. The advantage of these drought-tolerant container plants for full sun and heat is that they’re both eco-friendly and low maintenance, reducing water consumption while still adding beauty to any outdoor space.

Colorful Winter-Blooming Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles

Winter in Los Angeles doesn’t mean gardens must be devoid of color. Several winter-blooming outdoor potted plants bring vibrancy during the colder months. Camellias, with their large, rosy flowers, are a standout choice. Hellebores, often referred to as Christmas roses, offer delicate blooms in a variety of shades. Pansies and violas, with their charming faces, are also a favorite for winter color. These plants provide a delightful contrast to the subdued winter backdrop but also serve as a reminder that even in the chilliest season, nature’s beauty persists.

Native Perennials for Low-Maintenance Outdoor Pots in Los Angeles

With its unique climate and diverse habitats, Los Angeles is home to an array of native perennials that thrive with minimal care, making them ideal for outdoor pots. These plants, already adapted to the local conditions, reduce the need for constant attention and watering.

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California golden poppy flowers

Some standout native perennials for low-maintenance outdoor pots in Los Angeles include the California poppy, with its bright orange blooms, and the Salvia species, known for their vibrant and bee-attracting flowers. Yarrow and wild lilacs also stand out, offering visual appeal and the bonus of being well-suited to the Los Angeles environment. Opting for these native perennials ensures a garden that’s in harmony with the local ecosystem and one that remains vibrant with minimal effort.

Fragrant Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles Gardens

Including fragrant plants can elevate any Los Angeles garden, making it a sensory haven. For those looking to infuse their outdoor spaces with captivating aromas, many fragrant outdoor potted plants are suitable for Los Angeles gardens. With its soothing scent, lavender is a favorite and thrives in the city’s climate.

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Gardenia Flower White

Jasmine, known for its intensely sweet fragrance, is perfect for evenings in the garden. Gardenias and roses also offer classic, unmistakable scents that can make any outdoor space luxurious. Interspersing these fragrant blooms within a garden ensures that, along with visual beauty, there’s an ever-present aromatic allure to captivate all who visit.

Cold-Tolerant Succulents for Outdoor Containers in Los Angeles

Despite its generally warm climate, Los Angeles can have its cooler moments. For succulent enthusiasts, this raises the question of which varieties can withstand the chill. Fortunately, several cold-tolerant succulents are perfect for outdoor containers in Los Angeles. Aloe species, with their iconic spiky leaves, can endure cooler temperatures, as can certain Sedum varieties.

Sempervivums, often known as hen and chick, are not only charming in appearance but also resilient against the cold. Echeverias are another great option, with their rosette shape and diverse color range. These succulents ensure that the garden remains filled with unique and intriguing textures and shapes, even on the cooler days and nights.

Ornamental Grasses for Full Sun Outdoor Pots in Los Angeles

In spots blessed with unfiltered sunlight, ornamental grasses can be the showstoppers. These grasses, perfect for full-sun outdoor pots in Los Angeles, bring movement, texture, and height to any garden setting. Fountain grass is a popular choice with its arching shape and feathery seed heads. Blue oat grass adds color and contrast with its striking blue-green hue.

Mexican feather grass dances gracefully with even the slightest breeze. And for those looking for taller options, pampas grass stands tall, creating a dramatic presence. Incorporating these ornamental grasses in sun-soaked spots ensures a dynamic and ever-changing garden landscape, responding rhythmically to the Los Angeles breezes.

Winter-Flowering Bulbs for Outdoor Containers in Los Angeles

Even in the heart of winter, Los Angeles gardens can burst with color and vibrancy thanks to winter-flowering bulbs suitable for outdoor containers. When planted in the fall, these bulbs reward gardeners with blossoms in the colder months. Daffodils, with their trumpet-shaped flowers, are a classic choice, bringing a hint of spring to the winter garden.

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Daffodil Indoor Pot

True to their name, snowdrops provide delicate white blooms that contrast beautifully against the cooler backdrop. Cyclamen and crocus also add dashes of color, ranging from purples to pinks and whites. By incorporating these winter-flowering bulbs into outdoor containers, any Los Angeles garden can remain a colorful sanctuary, even during the city’s chillier days.

Compact Conifers for Small Spaces in Los Angeles Gardens

While Los Angeles gardens vary in size, even the coziest spaces can benefit from the evergreen beauty of compact conifers. These miniature trees provide year-round greenery and structure to gardens, making them a staple for many urban gardeners. Dwarf spruce and miniature pines offer classic conifer shapes in a more manageable size.

With their varied forms, Junipers can either creep along the ground or grow in compact, bushy shapes, making them versatile for various garden designs. The benefits of these compact conifers for small spaces in Los Angeles gardens are twofold: they bring a touch of the forest to urban settings and offer greenery that remains consistent throughout the changing seasons.

Heat-Tolerant Annuals for Full Sun Outdoor Pots in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, known for its sunny days and occasionally scorching heat, demands plants that thrive under such conditions. For those spots bathed in sunlight, heat-tolerant annuals are the perfect choice for full-sun outdoor pots in the city. Marigolds, with their sunny yellow and orange blooms, are heat champions.

Zinnias, available in many colors, stand tall even on the hottest days. Petunias and portulacas also thrive under the intense Los Angeles sun, providing abundant blossoms throughout the season. By choosing these heat-tolerant annuals, gardens can remain vibrant and colorful even during the city’s most sizzling summer days.

Edible Herbs and Vegetables for Winter Container Gardening in Los Angeles

While winter might seem like a dormant season for many plants, it presents a golden opportunity for Los Angeles gardeners to delve into edible container gardening. Several herbs and vegetables thrive in outdoor containers with the city’s mild winter climate. Kale, chard, and lettuce provide fresh greens throughout the season.

Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and parsley continue to flourish, adding flavor to winter dishes. Root vegetables, like radishes and carrots, can also be grown, making the garden a visual and edible delight. The advantages of winter container gardening in Los Angeles are clear: fresh produce at one’s fingertips, even in the coldest months.

Best Outdoor Potted Plants for Los Angeles

CategoryPlants Mentioned
Winter-Flowering BulbsDaffodils, Snowdrops, Cyclamen, Crocus
Compact Conifers for Small SpacesDwarf Spruce, Miniature Pines, Junipers
Heat-Tolerant Annuals for Full SunMarigolds, Zinnias, Petunias, Portulacas
Edible Herbs and Vegetables for WinterKale, Chard, Lettuces, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Radishes, Carrots
Native Perennials for Low-MaintenanceCalifornia Poppy, Salvia species, Yarrow, Wild Lilacs
Fragrant Outdoor Potted PlantsLavender, Jasmine, Gardenias, Roses
Cold-Tolerant SucculentsAloe species, Sedum varieties, Sempervivums, Echeverias
Ornamental Grasses for Full SunFountain Grass, Blue Oat Grass, Mexican Feather Grass, Pampas Grass
Shade Outdoor Potted PlantsFerns, Hostas, Camellias, Impatiens, Begonias
Hardy Evergreen Shrubs for WinterBoxwood, Holly, Juniper
Drought-Tolerant Outdoor Potted PlantsSucculents, Agaves, Ornamental Grasses
Colorful Winter-Blooming Outdoor Potted PlantsCamellias, Hellebores, Pansies, Violas


Los Angeles, a city renowned for its dynamic climate and diverse ecosystems, offers a treasure trove of horticultural possibilities for garden enthusiasts. Whether it’s the vibrancy of winter-flowering bulbs like daffodils and cyclamen, the steadfast greenery of compact conifers such as dwarf spruce, or the hearty resilience of heat-tolerant annuals like marigolds and zinnias, there’s something for every garden niche.

The city’s mild winter season invites the cultivation of edible greens and herbs, turning even the smallest spaces into a gastronomic delight with fresh produce. And let’s not forget the soothing fragrances of plants like lavender and jasmine, which can turn any garden into an aromatic paradise. 

Los Angeles gardens are a testament to the city’s ability to embrace many plant species, from the shade-loving ferns to the sun-soaked ornamental grasses and drought-tolerant succulents to the evergreen shrubs. The options are as vast as the city itself, ensuring that regardless of space, preference, or skill level, there’s a plant perfect for every Los Angeles gardener, transforming outdoor spaces into vibrant, thriving oases amidst urban life.


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