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Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey: Fruits and Vegetables Season by Month Chart

A bountiful harvest awaits residents and visitors in New Jersey each year, with a plethora of fruits and vegetables ripe for picking throughout the various seasons. If you find yourself wondering, what fruits are in season in New Jersey? Or when to pick fruits in New Jersey? You’re about to embark on a delightful journey through the state’s diverse crop harvest calendar. New Jersey’s temperate climate nourishes a wide array of fruits and vegetables, from sweet strawberries in the early months to hearty root vegetables as the year concludes.

Questions such as when are oranges in season in New Jersey? And when are lemons in season in New Jersey? Echo the curiosity of many seeking the freshest produce. This article unfolds the fruit picking chart in New Jersey, unveiling the best fruit-picking dates and guiding you through the harvest season, ensuring that your basket is always filled with the freshest, most delectable picks from Garden State’s generous offerings.

Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

January Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

January is a quiet month on the crop harvest calendar in New Jersey, but it’s not without its treasures. Winter’s embrace nurtures root vegetables and cold-weather greens, ensuring that there is still plenty of fresh produce to enjoy. Despite the cold, you can find vegetables like turnips, radishes, and carrots thriving in the frosty soil.

Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

Various types of kale and spinach also flourish, enriching meals with their deep green hues and robust flavors. This period doesn’t buzz with the vibrant energy of fruit-picking season in New Jersey, but it sustains a steady rhythm of growth and harvest, promising the bounty of sweeter fruits in the warmer months ahead.

February Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

February carries on the winter tradition with a focus on hardy vegetables that brave the cold. In this month, New Jersey’s earth offers nourishing warmth to cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and various kinds of lettuce. As the frost continues to dominate the landscape, these vegetables become the stars of the season, finding their way into hearty soups and stews.

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Lettuce leaves

Although the state is not yet vibrant with a multitude of colors and tastes, the selection available is a testament to nature’s ability to provide, even in the colder months. February does not give us a lavish fruit-picking chart in New Jersey, but it holds the land in preparation for the spring’s awakening.

March Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

March heralds the advent of spring, introducing a greater variety to the New Jersey harvest season. The earth begins to soften, and the early spring sunlight coaxes delicate shoots from the soil. Asparagus and peas start to make their appearance, bringing a tender crispness that is much anticipated.

The continuation of leafy greens like spinach and lettuce, accompanied by radishes and turnips, enriches the variety available, offering more options for fresh salads and light spring meals. While fruit varieties are still on the horizon, the vegetable bounty begins to flourish, signaling the onset of a fruitful picking season in the upcoming months, filled with an abundance of diverse and delicious options.

April Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

April signifies a turn in the crop harvest calendar in New Jersey, welcoming a brighter and more colorful array of fruits and vegetables. The warmer temperatures and blooming flowers herald the arrival of a much-anticipated variety in produce. Strawberries start to sweeten the fields, marking the delightful commencement of the fruit-picking season in New Jersey. Asparagus, lettuce, and peas continue to be robust, joined now by a broader selection of greens and root vegetables. 

Green onions, beets, and radishes bring fresh flavors and vibrant colors to the table. The promise of abundance in the coming months becomes ever clearer in April as the lengthening days and nourishing sunlight foster the growth of the crops, preparing them for a prosperous harvest season filled with a diverse assortment of fresh, flavorful fruits and vegetables.

May Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

May is a month when the bounty of New Jersey truly begins to flourish, painting the landscape with various shades of green, red, and yellow. It’s during this time that the questions—what fruits are in season in New Jersey in summer?—start to unveil their answers. Strawberries are in full bloom, sweet, and ready for picking, while the blueberries begin to ripen, heralding the imminent diversity in the fruit picking chart in New Jersey. 

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On the vegetable front, the variety expands even further with broccoli, cauliflower, and several types of lettuce. Fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley also make a notable appearance, adding their delightful aromas and flavors to the culinary palette. May establishes a vibrant rhythm of growth, setting a lively tempo for the harvest season and ensuring that the fruit-picking dates in New Jersey are marked with excitement and anticipation.

June Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

June arrives with a burst of life and color, marking a high point in the New Jersey harvest season. Cherries, blueberries, and strawberries showcase their ripened beauty, answering the frequent queries about when to pick fruits in New Jersey with their lush presence. Vegetables, too, parade their variety and abundance. Cucumbers, zucchinis, and tomatoes begin their seasonal show, promising salads filled with freshness and flavor. 

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harvesting cucumbers

The longer days and warm temperatures of June are a boon to the fruit harvesting calendar in New Jersey, ensuring that each visit to the garden or farm is a delightful experience of picking and savoring the freshest produce. June exemplifies the vibrancy and diversity of New Jersey’s harvest, offering a rich palette of flavors and textures to enjoy and celebrate during the warm summer days.

July Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

July is a remarkable month in the vegetable and fruit harvesting calendar in New Jersey. The summer’s heat and sunshine bless the fields and orchards with a vibrant array of fruits and vegetables ready for picking. For those curious about vegetable picking dates in New Jersey, July offers a bountiful variety, including peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Berries continue to flourish, and peaches add their juicy sweetness to the harvest.

The vegetable picking chart in New Jersey is rich with options, making it a delightful time for those who love fresh, locally sourced produce. July is robust in the vegetable picking season in New Jersey, promising an array of fresh, flavorful options. The crop picking dates in New Jersey during this month are marked with an abundance of fresh, vibrant produce, promising delightful flavors, and nutritious meals all month long.

August Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

August stands as a pinnacle in the New Jersey harvest season for vegetables and fruits. The array of vegetables available in season in New Jersey is at its peak, featuring a wide variety, including corn, tomatoes, and a selection of peppers. For anyone wondering what vegetables are in season in New Jersey in summer, August answers with a resounding variety and abundance.

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collecting tomato harvest

The fruits available in season in New Jersey are equally impressive, with apples beginning to ripen, joining the luscious selection of peaches and berries. A wealth of knowledge is hidden in the vegetable picking chart in New Jersey, guiding enthusiasts on when to pick vegetables in New Jersey for optimum freshness and flavor. August embodies the fullness and fertility of the summer harvest, ensuring a wide array of choices for both fruit and vegetable lovers.

September Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

September brings a subtle transition in the vegetable harvesting calendar in New Jersey, as the summer’s warmth gently gives way to the crispness of fall. Yet, the vegetable picking season in New Jersey remains vibrant, with crops like broccoli, carrots, and a variety of squashes ready for harvest. When considering crop-picking dates in New Jersey, September offers a colorful palette of both fruits and vegetables.

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broccoli harvest in the garden

Apples and pears grace the orchards with their ripening hues, contributing to the delightful choice of fruits available in season in New Jersey. The season’s vegetable picking chart is comprehensive, providing clear guidance on when to pick vegetables in New Jersey to enjoy their full freshness and flavor. This month beautifully carries forward the New Jersey harvest season for vegetables, promising continuity in the abundance and variety of fresh, local produce.

October Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

October in New Jersey is a month of rich colors and a variety of harvests. The fields and orchards don an autumnal palette, and the crop harvest calendar reveals a delightful mixture of lingering summer crops and new fall favorites. Pumpkins, quintessential to October, brighten the fields with their bold orange, becoming stars of the harvest. They’re joined by other autumn staples such as crisp apples, various squashes, and hearty root vegetables like beets and carrots.

Greens like spinach and kale continue to thrive, offering their nutritious leaves for hearty meals. The apple orchards are particularly generous, offering various types for tasting and taking home. October’s harvest is a celebration of the year’s growth and the Earth’s abundance, embodying the cycle of planting, growth, and harvest in New Jersey’s diverse agricultural landscape.

November Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

November marks a shift in New Jersey’s harvest rhythm as the chill of the approaching winter starts to kiss the landscape. Despite the cooler temperatures, the fields and gardens continue to offer a variety of nourishing produce. Root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, and sweet potatoes take center stage, providing hearty options for warm, comforting meals. Various types of squash also continue to grace the tables, adding their rich flavors to the culinary palette.

Greens like kale and collards prove their resilience against frost, remaining a constant in the variety of available produce. The apple orchards continue to share their bounty, rounding off the choice of fresh produce. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, November’s harvest contributes warmth and sustenance, preparing us for the winter months ahead.

December Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

December, draped in winter’s cool embrace, brings the year’s harvest cycle in New Jersey to a gentle close. The fields and orchards may seem quieter, but they still offer gifts of sustenance. Root vegetables like turnips, carrots, and potatoes continue to be harvested, delivering earthy flavors perfect for winter meals. Hardy greens like kale persist, enriching dishes with their robust nutrients.

Even in this colder month, the crop harvest calendar presents a subtle yet nourishing array of produce, ensuring that fresh, local ingredients remain a staple in meals. Apples, stored from the fall harvest, continue to be available, adding sweetness and crunch to the winter diet. December’s offerings, though not as vivid as other months, hold a quiet beauty and nourishment, wrapping up the year with gratitude for the land’s generous and diverse harvest.

Summary of Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

January Turnips, Radishes, Carrots, Kale, Spinach
February Cabbages, Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce
March Spinach, Lettuce, Asparagus, Peas, Radishes
AprilStrawberriesLettuce, Asparagus, Peas, Green Onions
MayStrawberries, BlueberriesBroccoli, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Radishes
JuneCherries, Blueberries, StrawberriesTomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchinis
JulyPeaches, Blueberries, CherriesPeppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers
AugustPeaches, Apples, BlueberriesCorn, Tomatoes, Peppers
SeptemberApples, PearsBroccoli, Carrots, Squashes
OctoberApples, PearsPumpkins, Squashes, Beets, Carrots
NovemberApples (stored)Turnips, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Kale
DecemberApples (stored)Turnips, Carrots, Potatoes, Kale

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Crop Harvest Calendar for New Jersey

What Fruits and Vegetables Are in Season in New Jersey?

Depending on the month, New Jersey offers various in-season fruits and vegetables, from apples and asparagus in the spring to pumpkins and cranberries in the fall. The state’s harvest calendar is a vibrant rotation of fresh, local produce that changes with the seasons.

What Fruit Picking Season Is It in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s fruit-picking seasons vary, starting with strawberries in late spring, then blueberries and peaches in the summer, and ending with apples and pumpkins in the fall. Each season offers a unique fruit-picking experience, reflecting the state’s agricultural diversity.

How Long Is Blueberry Season in New Jersey?

Blueberry season in New Jersey typically spans from late June to late July. During this time, various farms and orchards open their gates for the public to enjoy the delightful experience of picking fresh blueberries.

What Vegetable Is New Jersey Known For?

New Jersey is famously known as the “Garden State,” particularly renowned for its tomatoes. Often celebrated for their exceptional taste and texture, New Jersey tomatoes are a staple that showcases the state’s agricultural prowess.


As the calendar pages turn, each month unveils its unique harvest in New Jersey, telling a tale of the land’s bountiful diversity and agricultural richness. From the frost-kissed offerings of winter to the vibrant abundance of summer and the hearty fall produce, New Jersey’s crop harvest calendar is a rhythmic and colorful symphony of nature’s best offerings.

It directs us, inviting enthusiasts to partake in the joy of picking fresh fruits and vegetables in tune with the earth’s natural rhythms. Thus, the garden state lives up to its name, fostering a connection between the land and its people and encouraging a celebration of fresh, local, and seasonal produce.


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