10 Best Seaweed Fertilizers in India: Guide to Buy Seaweed Fertilizer at Best Price

In agriculture, seaweed fertilizers have emerged as a game-changer for Indian farmers. These natural wonders from the depths of the sea are packed with nutrients that can significantly boost crop yields. But with many options available in the market, finding the best seaweed fertilizer can be perplexing. Fret not! This comprehensive guide will look at the Top 10 Best Seaweed Fertilizers in India. We’ll navigate through their features, benefits, and prices, ensuring you make an informed choice without breaking the bank.

10 Best Seaweed Fertilizers in India

10 Best Seaweed Fertilizers in India

Organic Dew: India’s Leading Seaweed Fertilizer for Plant Growth

  • Regarding seaweed fertilizers, “Organic Dew” stands tall as the undisputed champion in the Indian market. Its reputation has been solidified through years of being the go-to choice for farmers and gardeners.
  • The secret behind its unwavering popularity lies in its consistent and remarkable results in enhancing plant growth. This seaweed fertilizer goes beyond the basics, offering a multifaceted approach to plant care.
  • Firstly, it enriches the soil, infusing it with essential nutrients that plants crave. This soil enrichment leads to healthier, more vibrant vegetation.
  • Secondly, “Organic Dew” acts as a shield against frost, protecting your precious plants during those chilly nights.
  • Moreover, it boasts the remarkable ability to expedite seed germination, giving your crops a head start in their growth journey.
  • But that’s not all – this exceptional product also doubles as a rooting hormone, encouraging robust root development.

Go Garden’s Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer: A Cost-Effective Choice

Go Garden, India’s premier liquid seaweed fertilizer is a trusted brand in the gardening and agriculture industry. The brand’s reputation is based on its pleasant aroma, making gardening more enjoyable. The fertilizer is also cost-effective, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious gardeners.

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It promotes vigorous plant growth and overall health, with positive reviews from users. The product is also highly effective, with positive reviews indicating its effectiveness. Go Garden also provides excellent after-sales support, ensuring a seamless experience from purchase to application. This makes it a popular choice among both enthusiasts and professionals in the gardening community.

Urban House Liquid Fertilizer: Versatile Solution for Plant Health

Urbanhouse’s liquid fertilizer is a top choice in the gardening community due to its versatility. It serves multiple purposes: root growth, seed germination, plant growth, and disease protection. The formula promotes strong, healthy roots crucial for robust plant growth. Urbanhouse’s fertilizer also provides an ideal environment for seeds to sprout and thrive, ensuring a healthy environment for plants.

It contributes to plant health and vigor, producing lush foliage and bountiful harvests. Furthermore, it aids in safeguarding plants against diseases, bolstering their natural defenses. This makes Urbanhouse’s liquid seaweed fertilizer a standout choice for gardeners seeking a single product that addresses multiple aspects of plant care.

HomeCrop Biosmart: Ensuring Quality with Liquid Fertilizers

HomeCrop Biosmart is a liquid seaweed fertilizer that simplifies kitchen gardening in India. The brand provides quality products that meet the unique needs of Indian home gardeners. The liquid seaweed fertilizer has been proven to breathe life into struggling or unhealthy plants, improving health and growth within weeks. HomeCrop’s commitment to quality assurance is evident in their commitment to the well-being of their plants. Choosing HomeCrop Biosmart ensures a high-quality product and the backing of a brand committed to plant well-being.

Garden Essentials Seaweed Fertilizer: A Natural Boost for Your Plants

  • Garden Essentials offers a standout product in organic fertilizers with their Seaweed Granules. This 1 kg pack is a versatile and eco-friendly choice for nurturing your plants to optimal health.
  • This 100% natural and organic fertilizer is a powerhouse of nutrients derived from Red and Brown Algae. It doesn’t just feed your plants; it enhances their metabolic functions, increasing productivity and improving produce quality. Moreover, it works as an effective soil conditioner, activating soil microbial populations, pivotal for robust root development.
  • One of its standout features is its stress tolerance benefits, providing resistance to diseases, dry conditions, and extreme weather. It promotes lush, green foliage and helps plants thrive.
  • With visible results often seen within two weeks, this seaweed fertilizer is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for a natural and highly effective solution. It’s safe for the environment, rich in essential micronutrients, and easily absorbed by plants

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IFFCO URBAN GARDENS Sea Secret – Nurturing Plants the Organic Way

IFFCO URBAN GARDENS offers Sea Secret Seaweed Extract Granules, a 1kg pack of organic fertilizers containing over 60 naturally occurring nutrients. This seaweed-based stimulant boosts plant metabolism, enhances nutrient uptake and improves plant quality. It also enhances stress tolerance, protecting plants from heat, cold, wind, drought, and disease.

Sea Secret activates soil microbial populations, promoting soil health. To use, create a cavity in the soil, sprinkle the granules, pot the plant, and water lightly every 2-3 weeks. This natural and organic growth promoter promises healthier, happier, more resilient plants. IFFCO URBAN GARDENS Sea Secret is a natural and organic growth promoter that promises healthier, happier, and more resilient plants.

Casa De Amor Essential Seaweed Extract Liquid Fertilizer

Casa De Amor Essential Seaweed Extract Liquid Fertilizer is a potent and eco-friendly fertilizer that enhances plant growth, resistance to stress factors, and soil structure. It contains essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and micronutrients like manganese, copper, iron, and zinc. The product also acts as a soil conditioner, promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms and nutrient absorption by plants.

When used ten days before harvesting, it extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, ensuring fresh produce is enjoyed for longer. The fertilizer can be applied as an aerial spray for enhanced growth and flower/fruit quality or as a soil drench for improved soil texture and aeration. It is suitable for various plants, including crops, flowers, lawns, terrace gardens, balcony gardens, pots, and polygrow bags.

TSR Garden Store Seaweed Micronutrient Granules

TSR Garden Store Seaweed Micronutrient Granules is an organic fertilizer that benefits long-term plant growth. The slow-release formula dissolves over 7-10 days, providing a sustained nutrient supply. Including seaweed and amino acids promotes crop growth and resilience, enhancing their ability to withstand adverse conditions.

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Seaweed on the shore

The organic matter in the granules improves soil conditions by breaking down hardening and increasing water retention capacity. Humic acid in the formula helps retain water, preserving soil moisture and promoting the efficacy of essential nutrients like NPK. It also stimulates root growth and reduces diseases like blight and root rot. These granules also offer environmental benefits, stability, and low erosion, reducing the need for additional fertilizers and maintaining a pollution-free environment.

Naturally Green Seaweed Extract (Granules)

Naturally Green Seaweed Extract (Granules) is an organic fertilizer that promotes plant growth and health by stimulating the growth of microorganisms in the soil. It aids plants in coping with stress factors like heat, drought, and frost, making them more resilient. It promotes seed germination and root development, reducing transplant shock and ensuring smooth plant growth.

The seaweed extract contains over 60 naturally occurring macro and micronutrients, enriching the soil and contributing to plant well-being. It is also a sustainable and renewable source of nutrients, rich in essential elements like potassium, magnesium, and trace minerals, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious gardeners.

Garden Essentials Seaweed Fertilizer is a natural, organic plant booster derived from Red and Brown Algae. It enhances plant productivity by promoting metabolic functions, improving soil health by activating microbial populations, and aiding in stress tolerance. The fertilizer contains over 60 naturally occurring macro and micronutrients, providing essential elements for plant growth. It is sustainable and ready to use, benefiting up to 30 small/medium plants or nine trees. It also serves as an effective soil conditioner.

Plants & Roots Seaweed Extract Powder

Plants & Roots Seaweed Extract Powder is a potent gardening supplement derived from seaweed. It contains over 70 essential minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, promoting plant growth. It enhances budding, prolongs shelf life, and preserves cut flowers. It also serves as a rooting solution for cuttings, aiding root development before transplanting.

Seaweed boosts crop yield by enhancing nutrient uptake, protein content, and quality. It also increases resistance to stress conditions and reduces fruit storage losses. Seaweed fertilizers are particularly beneficial in organic gardening, providing micro-nutrients and acting as soil conditioners.

How to Use Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dilution: Start by determining the required amount of liquid seaweed fertilizer. This information is typically provided on the bottle’s label. It often recommends a dilution ratio, such as adding 5ml of liquid fertilizer to 1 liter of water. This ratio ensures that you’re not overloading your plants with concentrated nutrients.

Mixing: Mix it thoroughly with water once you’ve measured the appropriate amount. Stir or shake the mixture to ensure an even distribution of the fertilizer. This is crucial to preventing any potential nutrient imbalances.

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Tractor spraying fertilizer on corn field

Application: You have two primary options for application. You can either water it directly over the soil at the base of your plants or use a garden sprayer or watering can to apply it as a foliar spray. When using a sprayer, ensure it’s of good quality and can evenly disperse the mixture.

Ways to Use Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer Effectively

  1. Mind the Quantity: Pay close attention to the recommended dilution quantity on the fertilizer bottle. These recommendations are there for a reason. It’s crucial to stay within the suggested amount; consider using slightly less. Seaweed fertilizers are potent, and overapplication can harm your plants.
  2. Shake Well: When you first open your fertilizer, it may not appear perfectly liquid. To ensure an even distribution of nutrients, add a few drops of water and shake it thoroughly before use.
  3. Avoid Sunlight: Applying liquid seaweed fertilizer in direct sunlight can harm plants. It’s best to apply it in the evening after sunset or early morning, allowing the plant ample time to absorb the nutrients without the risk of leaf burn.
  4. Timing Matters: For optimal results, apply the fertilizer 10-15 days before your plants enter their active growth periods, such as flowering or fruit-bearing phases. This timing gives your plants the necessary nutrients when needed most.
  5. Maintain Adequate Intervals: Liquid seaweed fertilizers are potent, and using them too frequently can harm your plants. To prevent over-fertilization and potential damage, maintain a gap of at least 15 days between applications.

Benefits of Seaweed Fertilizer in India

Ease of Application: Seaweed fertilizer simplifies the fertilization process significantly. Mixing it with water allows for effortless application, whether you water the soil or use a garden sprayer for foliar application. This convenience saves you time and effort in caring for your plants.

Nutrient-Rich: Seaweed is a natural treasure trove of essential nutrients. It contains a wide spectrum of macro and micronutrients crucial for plant growth, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements. These nutrients promote vigorous and healthy plant development.

Quick Nutrient Absorption: One of the key advantages of seaweed fertilizer is that its nutrients are readily available for plant uptake. Unlike some traditional fertilizers that require time-consuming breakdown processes, seaweed nutrients are easily absorbed by plants, providing immediate benefits.

Organic and Environmentally Friendly: Seaweed-based fertilizers are organic, making them environmentally friendly. They do not introduce harmful chemicals or synthetic compounds into the soil, ensuring the long-term health of your plants, soil, and surrounding ecosystem.

Enhanced Soil Health: Besides nourishing plants, seaweed fertilizer is an excellent soil conditioner. It stimulates beneficial microbial populations in the soil, improving soil structure and overall health. This, in turn, promotes better nutrient absorption by plants.

Stress Resistance: Seaweed fertilizer aids in increasing plants’ resistance to environmental stressors. It helps them endure adverse conditions such as drought, extreme temperatures, and disease, making your Garden more resilient.

Improved Crop Yield and Quality: Regular use of seaweed fertilizer can lead to increased crop yields and improved produce quality. Plants treated with seaweed fertilizer often produce larger, healthier, and more abundant flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

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Price List of Best Seaweed Fertilizers in India

BrandWeightPrice (INR)
IFFCO URBAN GARDENS – Sea Secret1 kg230
OrganicDews Liquid Seaweed Concentrate250 ml242
Casa De Amor Essential Seaweed Extract500 ml323.52
TSR Garden Store Seaweed Granules850 Grams299
Naturally Green Organic Seaweed1 kg199
Garden Essentials Seaweed Fertilizer1 kg269
PLANTS & ROOTS Seaweed Extract500 Grams399
OrganicDews Liquid Seaweed Concentrate500 ml550


Choosing the right seaweed fertilizer in India can significantly benefit your plants and crops. Our guide to the top 15 best seaweed fertilizers provides valuable insights to help you make an informed purchase. By selecting the right product, you can enhance plant growth, improve soil health, and ensure a bountiful harvest while getting the best value for your money.


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