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12 Best Chicken Pluckers: Defeathering Machine Price List Included

Introducing the world of poultry processing efficiency: Chicken pluckers, the unsung heroes of the farm. These ingenious machines streamline the arduous task of feather removal, enhancing productivity and hygiene. This comprehensive guide delves into the 12 best chicken pluckers available, accompanied by a detailed price list.

Best Chicken Pluckers

Our expert analysis will dissect the key features, performance metrics, and maintenance considerations that every poultry enthusiast should know. Say goodbye to manual plucking and embrace the technological marvels designed to optimize your poultry processing endeavors. 

What are Chicken Pluckers?

Chicken pluckers are mechanical devices designed for the efficient and automated removal of feathers from slaughtered chickens. These machines play a crucial role in poultry processing by significantly reducing the time and labor required for feather removal, enhancing hygiene, and ensuring a clean and presentable end product.

Typically, chicken pluckers consist of a rotating drum or tub equipped with rubber fingers or plucking discs. After scalding the chicken in hot water, the bird is placed in the plucker to loosen the feathers. As the drum rotates, the rubber fingers or discs gently but effectively remove the feathers, leaving the chicken’s skin intact. Chicken pluckers are essential tools for commercial poultry farms and processing facilities, as they streamline the feather removal process, leading to increased productivity and improved product quality.

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Chicken Plucker

Advantages of Chicken Plucker Machine

  1. Time and Effort Saving: Chicken pluckers significantly reduce the time and effort required for feather removal, making poultry processing more efficient.
  2. Workload Reduction: Owning a chicken plucker can ease the workload associated with manual feather plucking, allowing for increased productivity.
  3. Speed and Efficiency: These machines work at high speeds, far surpassing the manual plucking rate, resulting in faster and more efficient poultry processing.
  4. Thorough Feather Removal: Chicken pluckers use specialized “fingers” that effectively pluck feathers, even from challenging areas of the bird, ensuring a more thorough job.
  5. Continuous Operation: Many pluckers are equipped with filters that remove feathers, allowing for continuous operation without frequent interruptions for cleanup.
  6. Versatility: Chicken plucker machines can handle various poultry types, such as chickens, ducks, and turkeys, expanding their usability.
  7. Quality Assurance: The machines provide consistent plucking quality, reducing the risk of missing feathers on the bird.

Crucial Factors for Choosing Chicken Pluckers

  1. Plucking Capacity: Evaluate the machine’s capacity, which refers to the number of chickens it can effectively pluck in a given cycle. Ensure it matches your production requirements.
  2. Type of Plucker: Decide between drill-mounted pluckers and stand-alone models. Drill-mounted options are portable and attach to a power drill, while stand-alone pluckers come with their motor.
  3. Plucking Method: Consider the plucking method, whether it employs rubber fingers, plucking discs, or other mechanisms. Rubber fingers are gentle on the bird’s skin and provide efficient feather removal.
  4. Construction Material: Opt for pluckers made from durable materials like stainless steel to ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion.
  5. Motor Power: Assess the motor’s power in stand-alone pluckers; higher-wattage motors generally provide more efficient and faster plucking.
  6. Size and Portability: Determine the machine’s size and portability, as space constraints and mobility requirements can influence your choice.
  7. Ease of Cleaning: Look for pluckers with easily accessible components for cleaning and maintenance, as hygiene is paramount.
  8. Noise Level: Consider the noise level generated by the machine, especially if used in a residential or noise-sensitive area.
  9. Price: Compare prices across different models and brands, and refer to a price list to ensure it fits your budget while meeting your performance expectations.
  10. Reviews: Read user reviews and feedback to gauge the machine’s performance and reliability.

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Advanced Chicken Plucker

12 Best Chicken Pluckers

Josas Chicken Plucker

The Josas Chicken Plucker is a top choice for poultry enthusiasts due to its 24 fingers, ensuring efficient feather removal. It is cost-effective and compatible with a drill with adjustable speed settings, providing flexibility in the poultry processing routine. The machine is durable, user-friendly, and comes with detailed instructions for successful plucking. It can achieve precise plucking in about one minute and accommodates various poultry types.

However, it requires regular cleaning and unclogging of the fingers to maintain optimal performance. Additionally, a specific drill attachment is required as it won’t fit a standard drill, and careful handling is necessary to avoid tearing the birds’ skin. Overall, the Josas Chicken Plucker is a reliable choice for poultry enthusiasts.

Chicken Plucker Poultry Plucker

The Chicken Plucker Poultry Plucker is a versatile and efficient poultry defeathering tool suitable for corporate slaughterhouses and agricultural use. It can handle various poultry species, including guinea fowl, quail, rooster, pigeons, and hunted birds. The machine features a 2200W copper motor, a 58 cm/22.8-inch diameter plucking bucket, and 119 yellow rubber rods for protection of birds’ skin. Its anti-oxidation stainless steel construction ensures longevity and waterproof power switches ensure safety.

EZPLUCKER EZ-131 Chicken Plucker

The EZPLUCKER EZ-151 Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker Defeather Machine is a premium poultry processing solution worth considering. While it may have a higher price tag than some competitors, its features and capabilities often justify the investment. One of the standout advantages of the EZPLUCKER is its ability to handle substantial poultry loads efficiently, significantly reducing processing time compared to manual plucking.

It’s not limited to chickens; it can also effectively pluck ducks, small turkeys, and even pheasants. In a mere 20 seconds, your poultry is expertly cleaned, thanks to this machine’s remarkable speed. Crafted with high-quality construction and spray-painted welds, it offers durability and longevity.

Moreover, it allows you to pluck up to four birds simultaneously, boosting efficiency further. Additionally, there’s an option to purchase a model with wheels for enhanced portability. Setting up the hose with the chicken plucker may require time and effort. Customer service from the company can be lacking, and the user manual may need to be more helpful. Furthermore, the wheels need to perform better on uneven terrain.

Vevor Chicken Plucker

The VEVOR Poultry Plucker 15W 500R is a lightweight and versatile chicken-plucking machine, making it a solid choice, especially for homesteads and small-scale poultry processing. Its portability lets you easily move it to your preferred location, enhancing convenience. This chicken plucker excels with small birds, catering to the needs of campers, hunters, hobbyists, and those operating on a smaller scale. Its affordability is another plus point, offering a cost-effective solution for efficient poultry feather removal.

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Chicken Pluckeing

Made with sturdy stainless steel, it ensures durability and longevity. Notable strengths include a lid, which promotes easier cleanup, and its ability to work rapidly with fresher birds, provided they’ve been scalded properly. However, there are some considerations. Cleaning the machine can be challenging, and it lacks a water hookup for the hose, which may impact the cleaning process. Additionally, its performance may slow down significantly when used with larger birds.

Yardbird Chicken Plucker

The Yardbird Chicken Plucker, our top-ranked choice among the best chicken pluckers, offers a portable and compact design that facilitates easy storage. Its versatility allows it to excel in various settings without compromising plucking performance. If you’re seeking a reliable daily-use chicken de-feathering machine, the Yardbird is a strong contender.

Advantages of the Yardbird Chicken Plucker include clear assembly instructions, the impressive ability to clean two decent-sized birds in just 15 seconds, and robust stability when correctly assembled. It preserves the integrity of the birds’ skin, avoiding tearing or bruising, making it a superior alternative to manual plucking. This machine is not limited to chickens but also works effectively with ducks and other poultry.

Additionally, it connects to a hose for feather removal, facilitating easy cleanup. Cleaning may require extra time as feathers can accumulate at the base of the plucking fingers. Locating and using the power switch might take some practice as it’s not immediately visible. The wheels, though functional, are slightly small, necessitating some tilting for effortless movement.

Mophorn Poultry Plucker

The Mophorn Poultry Plucker is a reasonably priced home chicken plucker designed for processing small birds like quails and doves. It suits outdoor enthusiasts and small poultry like doves, quail, or wood pigeons. While not the top choice for raising chickens, it offers value for money. The Power Plucker Kit is another option with a medium-sized kill cone suitable for most chickens except the largest breeds. It comes with a Swedish knife, but the blade is not stainless steel and requires thorough cleaning and drying after each use. 

The kit includes practical accessories and a 26-gauge steel plucker for increased durability. However, the knife is not stainless steel and can rust, and the plucker may not be as efficient as other models. The Power Plucker Kit offers affordability for occasional bird preparation, but larger-scale poultry production may require a more efficient plucker due to potential performance limitations.

Starpluck SP-1 Chicken Plucker

The Starpluck SP-1 Chicken Plucker Defeather Machine offers an attractive option for poultry processing, earning its spot as the #3 choice among the best chicken pluckers. Notably, it comes at a more budget-friendly price than the EZPLUCKER, making it ideal for smaller-scale operations like homesteads. One of its standout features is its capacity, capable of handling up to 12 pounds of poultry at once, a boon for efficiency in small-scale settings. This machine boasts efficient poultry plucking in 10 to 20 seconds thanks to its robust motor. 

The stainless-steel tub for feathers and water simplifies the cleanup process, enhancing overall convenience. It performs admirably when plucking 1 or 2 chickens at a time, making it versatile for various needs. However, there are some considerations. The Starpluck needs a water line for the hose connection and may require some trial and error for proper poultry plucking, as clear instructions are lacking. Additionally, it may not work optimally with birds with new feather growth.

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Fresh Chicken

Rite Farm Products Medium Pro Plucker

The Rite Farm Chicken Plucker is a high-quality, durable poultry processing machine for small farmers and homesteaders. It excels in the efficient de-feathering of birds, drastically reducing the time and effort required compared to manual plucking. This versatile machine can handle ducks, geese, and turkeys, making it suitable for various poultry types.

Notably, it features a 42-quart capacity aluminum tub and an integrated scalder, streamlining the entire feather removal process. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this plucker has several accessories to aid in plucking and can handle multiple birds simultaneously.

Josas Chicken Plucker

The Josas Chicken Plucker is a convenient poultry plucking solution that can handle over 10,000 birds, saving time and cost. It is a one-person job that simplifies feather removal for poultry enthusiasts. The attachment can also pluck ducks and geese, provided they are scalded beforehand.

The machine is compatible with standard-sized chickens but may not perform as well with smaller birds like pheasants. Despite its limitations, customer reviews praise its effectiveness, making it an essential tool for home poultry processing. Its straightforward design, ease of use, and affordability make it an invaluable tool for feather removal and maintenance.

TSM Products Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker

The TSM Products Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker is a robust poultry processing machine for efficient feather removal. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it offers durability and longevity, ideal for home and small-scale poultry operations. Its powerful fingers and motor can quickly and effectively pluck feathers from poultry, including chickens, ducks, and turkeys. This plucker streamlines the feather removal process, reducing the time and effort required for manual plucking.

Chicken Plucker Drill Attachments

The Chicken Plucker Drill Attachments are top-notch poultry feather removers constructed from food-grade stainless steel, meeting European standards for material contact with food. They offer durability and longevity, ensuring excellent service. These attachments feature two types of plucker fingers, ball-shaped for removing fluff and ring-shaped for large feathers, making them versatile for various poultry sizes.

The white rubber construction provides elasticity and softness, preventing skin deformation and operator discomfort. They are compatible with standard-speed drills and have a 12-year refund warranty, highlighting their quality and reliability. 

Kitchener Elite Electric Chicken Plucker

The Kitchener Elite Electric Chicken Plucker is a high-powered poultry processing tool designed for efficiency. With a robust 1500W motor, it can pluck chickens, ducks, and other poultry quickly and effectively. The plucking process is efficient with the 92 rubber fingers that gently and thoroughly remove feathers without damaging the bird’s skin. The stainless construction ensures durability, and the built-in water hose hookup simplifies cleanup.

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Fresh Chicken Meat

Chicken Pluckers Price List 

Plucker ModelTypeSpecial FeaturesPrice Range
Yardbird 21833Electric1.5 HP motor, 100 rubber fingers, Integrated irrigation ring, 20″ drum$350 – $400
VEVOR Stainless SteelElectric2 HP motor, 106 fingers on barrel,$450 – $500
Chicken Plucker50 fingers on chassis, 20″ tub
EZPLUCKER EZ-151Electric1 HP motor, 129 fingers, 23″ tub, very rugged construction, 4 wheels$700 – $800
Kitchener FP100Electric1.2 HP motor, 92 fingers, 20″ tub, Wheels, easy disassembly$350 – $400
Josas Chicken PluckerDrill24 fingers, requires drill and platform,$50 – $100


Selecting the right chicken plucker is needed for efficient poultry processing. The market offers different options, from compact and home-friendly models to heavy-duty machines for commercial operations. Consider your needs, budget, and poultry volume when making a choice. Whichever you pick, a quality chicken plucker can significantly ease your feather removal tasks.


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