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15 Best Hydroponics Planter Outdoor Kits in India for Home Garden, Balconies, Outdoor and Office Spaces

With the evolution of gardening in India, the spotlight is now on hydroponic systems. If you’re curious about which hydroponic system is best for home use or if you can have a hydroponic garden outdoors, this guide highlights premier kits in the market. These span from basic to balcony-centric systems. Diving into the 15 best hydroponic plants in India, choices such as lettuce, spinach, and strawberries flourish with these systems.

Best Hydroponics Planter Outdoor Kits in India

Costs can vary; for instance, while a 1-acre hydroponic farm cost in India can be a significant investment, the hydroponic system price in India for homes is more accessible. This guide will touch upon kits apt for homes, balconies, and office settings, be it a hydroponic kit for a home, a comprehensive understanding of the hydroponic kit price, or an efficient hydroponic farming kit for a balcony.

15 Best Hydroponics Planter Outdoor Kits in India

Future Farms Hydroponic Balcony Kit

The Future Farms Hydroponic Balcony Kit, available at an affordable rate of ₹18,500, stands out as a beginner-friendly solution for balcony gardening. Easy installation coupled with a concise design makes it apt for constrained spaces. Counted among the best hydroponics starter kits India has in its array, this kit equips you with essential nutrients, mediums, and a user guide for fruitful yields, enabling the cultivation of diverse hydroponic plants.

GreenAge Hydroponics Starter Kit

At ₹16,000, the GreenAge Hydroponics Starter Kit offers a holistic package for greenhorns and seasoned gardeners. With an economical hydroponic kit price, it guarantees value. The kit encompasses everything from seeds to vital nutrients. Its ergonomic design guarantees flourishing plants, rendering it a preferred hydroponic kit for home among Indian gardeners.

Urban Kisaan Hydroponic Balcony Kit

Priced at an appealing ₹20,000, the Urban Kisaan Hydroponic Balcony Kit is a beacon for urban dwellers yearning to incorporate a touch of nature into their compact living spaces. This kit, meticulously crafted by the experts at Urban Kisaan, is tailored to transform balconies, terraces, and even small patios into lush, productive green havens. The kit envelops everything from high-quality growth trays and a reservoir to a scientifically formulated nutrient mix, ensuring each plant receives its requisite nourishment for optimal growth.

What truly makes this offering special is its scalability and versatility; whether one wishes to cultivate leafy greens, herbs, or even certain fruits, this kit accommodates a diverse range of plants. For those who dream of harvesting their produce, enjoying the freshness of home-grown veggies, or simply seeking a green escape in their urban setting, the Urban Kisaan Hydroponic Balcony Kit emerges as an ideal choice, promising both bountiful yields and an invigorating gardening journey.

Hydroponic Greenhouse Kit by Agrihypermart

The Hydroponic Greenhouse Kit by Agrihypermart, priced at ₹23,000, is a comprehensive solution for those looking to go a notch higher. This kit is designed for both balconies and small outdoor spaces. With a slightly steeper hydroponic kit price, it offers premium quality materials, a larger planting capacity, and advanced nutrient solutions, ensuring an optimal environment for your hydroponic plants.

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Large Scale Hydroponics Setup

Hydroponic Drip System Kit by GreenMyLife

Priced at ₹14,500, the Hydroponic Drip System Kit by GreenMyLife provides an efficient way to cater to plants using a precise drip mechanism. This method ensures that every plant receives the necessary nutrients correctly. The kit, known for its durability and ease of use, comes with all essential components, from the reservoir to the drippers. Given its versatility, it’s suitable for various plants and can be placed indoors and outdoors. The comprehensive user guide also aids beginners to set it up effortlessly and embark on their hydroponic journey.

Hydroponic NFT System Kit by Future Gardens

Offered at ₹19,000, the Hydroponic NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System Kit by Future Gardens is tailored for those who wish to employ a continuous flow of nutrient solution over plant roots. This ensures the plants receive ample oxygen, leading to faster growth and better yields. The kit is a marvel in terms of design and functionality. It has all the necessary parts and a detailed instruction manual, making the setup process straightforward. Its efficiency and modern approach make it a sought-after choice among hydroponic enthusiasts.

Hydroponic Tower Garden Kit by Letcetra Agritech

At a price of ₹21,500, the Hydroponic Tower Garden Kit by Letcetra Agritech stands as the epitome of vertical gardening. This tower design optimizes vertical space utilization, making it well-suited for urban residents facing constraints in horizontal space. The kit is designed to support a wide range of plants, from leafy greens to certain fruits. Each tower layer receives an even distribution of nutrients, ensuring all plants thrive. The robust design and its space-saving attributes make it a favorite among modern gardeners.

Hydroponic DWC System Kit by Greenz World

Retailing for ₹17,000, the Hydroponic DWC (Deep Water Culture) System Kit by Greenz World immerses plant roots directly into a nutrient-rich solution, ensuring they have constant access to water and oxygen. This direct immersion leads to rapid plant growth and generous yields. The kit has everything needed to start, from air pumps to net pots. It is especially suitable for those who prefer a water-based solution without any substrate; its simplicity and effectiveness make it stand out in the hydroponic market.

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Hydroponics vegetables

Hydroponic Ebb and Flow System Kit by Urban Gardens

Available at a price of ₹22,000, the Hydroponic Ebb and Flow System Kit by Urban Gardens is a true revelation in the hydroponic arena. At its core, this system employs a distinct watering technique that is both intuitive and efficient. By allowing plants to soak in a nutrient-dense solution and subsequently letting them dry to intake oxygen, the system ingeniously mimics nature’s tidal rhythms.

Everything from the sturdy trays to the meticulously designed reservoirs, including a well-calibrated timer to oversee the ebb and flow cycles, speaks volumes about its superior design and user-friendly approach. Furthermore, its keen focus on balancing both hydration and oxygenation ensures not just the conservation of water but also fosters robust plant growth. Those looking to merge sophistication with efficacy in their gardening endeavors will find this kit aligning perfectly with their aspirations.

Hydroponic Aeroponic System Kit by Agriplast Tech India

Retailing at a premium price of ₹28,500, the Hydroponic Aeroponic System Kit by Agriplast Tech India is a marvel in modern gardening techniques. This avant-garde system transcends traditional hydroponics by allowing plants to grow in an environment dominated by air and mist, eliminating the need for soil or typical aggregate mediums. This air-centric environment facilitates the roots to absorb an optimal amount of oxygen, catalyzing faster growth rates and producing prolific yields.

Every component of the kit, from the top-tier misters to the resilient reservoir and the scientifically formulated nutrient solution, is a testament to its premium quality and commitment to delivering unparalleled results. For gardening enthusiasts looking to harness the potential of advanced hydroponics, this kit emerges as an indispensable tool, propelling them to achieve stellar results in confined urban spaces.

Hydroponic Kratky System Kit by Urban Green Farms

Set at an attractive price point of ₹18,500, the Hydroponic Kratky System Kit by Urban Green Farms presents a refreshing approach to hydroponics, especially for those who appreciate simplicity without compromising efficiency. At its essence, this system is a passive hydroponic method, absolving users from the complexities of pumps, electricity, or intricate setups. Instead, it seamlessly integrates a technique where plants, with their roots partially submerged in a nutrient concoction, simultaneously absorb both water and essential oxygen.

The all-inclusive nature of the kit provides everything a user might require – from durable containers to a specially curated nutrient mix and a detailed user manual demystifying the Kratky method. Its straightforward design and minimalistic approach resonate with both novices and seasoned gardeners, emphasizing that achieving hydroponic excellence doesn’t necessarily require intricate, elaborate systems.

Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System Kit by GreenMyLife

Priced attractively at ₹24,000, the Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System Kit presented by GreenMyLife emerges as a distinctive, standout system in the crowded landscape of hydroponic solutions. The Dutch Bucket, also colloquially known as “Bato” buckets, leverages an ingenious design principle: it allows for a highly customizable setup to cater to many plant types, especially larger fruiting plants that demand more space.

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Organic hydroponic vegetable cultivation farm

This system is crafted meticulously to deliver a deep reservoir of nutrients directly to plant roots while ensuring that any excess moisture or overflows are adequately handled, ensuring that root rot or water stagnation is never an issue. What truly sets this kit apart is its versatility. Whether you want to cultivate juicy tomatoes, crunchy bell peppers, or even exotic vining plants, this system is tailor-made to accommodate and nurture them. Every component in the kit, from the high-quality buckets to the resilient tubing, connectors, and a top-tier nutrient mix, underscores GreenMyLife’s commitment to excellence. 

Hydroponic Wick System Kit by Future Gardens

Commanding a price of ₹20,000, the Hydroponic Wick System Kit, a flagship offering by Future Gardens, serves as a beacon for those who seek simplicity, efficiency, and reliability rolled into one cohesive package. The Wick System represents one of the most straightforward passive hydroponic systems at its foundational core. Utilizing a set of absorbent wicks ensures that the nutrient-rich water solution is drawn from a reservoir and delivered directly to the plant roots.

This consistent, gentle capillary action ensures that plants always have access to the necessary nutrients without the risk of waterlogging or nutrient burn. Future Gardens has poured considerable expertise into curating this kit. Including high-absorbency wicks, a resilient and spacious reservoir, and a balanced nutrient solution ensures that both novices and experts can derive maximum value with minimum fuss. Particularly suited for smaller plants that don’t demand deep water reserves, this kit’s design ensures optimal growth conditions. 

Hydroponic Vertical Wall Garden Kit by Letcetra Agritech

With a price tag of ₹29,500, the Hydroponic Vertical Wall Garden Kit, a proud innovation by Letcetra Agritech, takes urban gardening to newer heights, literally and figuratively. This avant-garde kit harnesses the vertical spaces of urban dwellings, converting bland walls into vibrant, green canvases bursting with life. Crafted with a careful blend of aesthetic allure and functional efficiency, it offers city dwellers a chance to reconnect with nature despite the spatial limitations of their apartments or homes.

Each module of this vertical setup is intricately designed to ensure that plants receive a uniform supply of nutrient-rich water, eliminating concerns of under or over-watering. Moreover, its modular design ensures scalability, allowing garden enthusiasts to expand their green walls per their evolving needs. Letcetra Agritech provides everything from high-quality vertical panels and pots to the nutrient mix within the kit, ensuring a seamless gardening experience. 

Hydroponic Aquaponics Kit by Agrihypermart

Setting you back by ₹31,000, the Hydroponic Aquaponics Kit offered by Agrihypermart is not just a hydroponic system but a holistic ecosystem that blends aquaculture and hydroponics in a harmonious symphony. This kit provides a sustainable approach to gardening, where aquatic animals, like fish and plants, coexist, benefitting each other. The waste produced by the aquatic animals serves as a nutrient source for the plants, and in turn, the plants help purify the water, creating a sustainable growth cycle.

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Planting hydroponics

Agrihypermart’s meticulous design ensures that this setup’s aquatic and plant sections are perfectly balanced, providing optimal conditions for both to thrive. This kit encapsulates everything required, from the tank, pumps, and filters for the aquaculture segment to the grow beds, medium, and nutrient solutions for the hydroponic section. It’s a blend of science and nature, a testament to sustainable agriculture, and a hands-on educational tool for understanding ecosystems. 

15 Best Hydroponics Planter Outdoor Kits in India

Best Hydroponics Planter Outdoor KitsPrice (in ₹)Description
Future Farms Hydroponic Kit₹18,500A compact design suitable for balconies includes essential nutrients.
GreenAge Hydroponics Starter Kit₹16,000The all-in-one solution contains seeds to nutrients for beginners.
Urban Kisaan Hydroponic Balcony Kit₹20,000Designed for medium-sized balconies, easy assembly.
Hydroponic Greenhouse Kit by Agrihypermart₹23,000Suitable for balconies and outdoor spaces, with larger planting capacity.
GreenMyLife Dutch Bucket System₹24,000A customizable setup is ideal for larger fruiting plants.
Future Gardens Wick System₹20,000A simple passive hydroponic system with high-absorbency wicks.
Letcetra Agritech Vertical Wall Garden₹29,500Transforms walls into green spaces suitable for urban dwellers.
Agrihypermart Aquaponics Kit₹31,000Combines aquaculture and hydroponics, eco-friendly and sustainable.
Hydroponic Drip System by GreenMyLife₹14,500Efficiently water plants using a precise drip mechanism.
Future Gardens NFT System₹19,000Continuous flow of nutrient solution for faster growth.
Letcetra Agritech Tower Garden₹21,500Vertical gardening solution saves space in urban settings.
Greenz World DWC System₹17,000Immerses plant roots directly in a nutrient-rich solution.
Agriplast Tech India Aeroponic System₹28,500Plants grow in an air/mist environment, ensuring faster growth rates.
Hydroponic Ebb and Flow by Urban Gardens₹22,000Rhythmic watering method suitable for various plant types.
Urban Green Farms Kratky System₹18,500Passive hydroponics without the need for pumps or electricity.

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Vegetable green salad and basil growing in hydroponic system


Embracing hydroponics in India has never been more accessible, with a diverse range of kits tailored for every gardening enthusiast. From compact balcony setups to intricate vertical gardens, these kits promise a green revolution at home.


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