16 Best Garden Pruning Shears: Top Rated with High Quality Within Your Budget

Gardening enthusiasts seeking top-notch pruning shears, look no further! This comprehensive guide unveils the 16 best garden pruning shears that effortlessly marry quality and affordability. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a budding green thumb, our meticulously curated list caters to all.

Fruit tree is pruned with pruning shears

Prepare to discover an array of precision-engineered tools designed to elevate your pruning experience. From ergonomic handles to cutting-edge blade technology, these pruning shears are the epitome of excellence. Join us to explore the finest options that seamlessly blend budget-friendliness with uncompromising quality.

What are Garden Pruning Shears?

Garden pruning shears, scientifically termed secateurs, are hand-held cutting tools extensively used in horticulture for precise pruning of plants and shrubs. These shears leverage a lever mechanism to magnify the force applied to the blades, allowing efficient cutting of stems up to a certain diameter.

The blades, often high-carbon steel, are designed to make clean cuts, promoting plant health and growth. The scissor-like action of pruning shears minimizes tissue damage and reduces the risk of disease transmission. With ergonomic designs and varying blade types, these tools are indispensable for maintaining optimal plant structure and aesthetics in gardening.

Different Types of Pruning Shears

  1. Bypass Pruning Shears: These shears feature two curved blades that bypass each other during cutting, similar to scissors. They offer precise cuts on live branches, minimizing damage and promoting plant health. Bypass shears are ideal for delicate plants and precise trimming.
  2. Anvil Pruning Shears: Anvil shears have a straight blade that cuts against a flat surface, the “anvil.” They excel at cutting dead or thicker branches. However, their crushing can potentially damage live stems, making them more suitable for tougher pruning tasks.
  3. Ratchet Pruning Shears: Designed for effortless cutting of thicker branches, ratchet shears employ a unique ratcheting mechanism that enables multiple cuts with reduced effort. This feature particularly useful for individuals with limited hand strength.
  4. Pruning Snips: Pruning snips, also known as finger pruners, are compact shears ideal for precision work such as flower deadheading, fine trimming, and intricate shaping. Their small size and sharp blades make them invaluable for detailed tasks.
  5. Long-Handled Pruning Shears: These shears have extended handles that provide leverage for cutting branches at a distance from the gardener’s body. They help reach higher branches without the need for a ladder.
  6. Hedge Shears: While not strictly pruning shears, hedge shears are used for shaping and maintaining hedges. They feature long, straight blades designed to cut larger, soft, leafy growth areas evenly.

How to Use Them and Effective Usage

  1. Select the Right Shears: Choose the appropriate pruning shears based on the task. Bypass shears are ideal for live branches, while anvil shears are suited for dead or thicker branches.
  2. Inspect the Shears: Before starting, ensure your shears are clean and sharp. Dull blades can cause jagged cuts and harm plants. Regularly clean and sharpen the blades for efficient cutting.
  3. Identify the Target: Determine the branches or stems requiring pruning. Focus on removing dead, diseased, or overgrown portions to improve plant health and aesthetics.
  4. Position Yourself: Stand or kneel in a comfortable position near the plant. Maintain a clear line of sight to the area you’re pruning.
  5. Choose a Cutting Angle: Position the shears at a slight angle to the stem for live branches, ensuring the blade’s sharp edge faces the side you want to keep. This angle promotes healing and prevents damage.
  6. Execute the Cut: With a firm grip on the handles, close the shears in a single, steady motion. Avoid snapping or jerking, as this can lead to uneven cuts.
  7. Mindful Pruning: Make clean cuts to minimize injury to the plant. For larger branches, make a preliminary cut away from the final desired point, then make a final cut close to the stem or trunk. This prevents tearing and bark stripping.
  8. Prune in Stages: When removing larger branches, perform the cut in stages to prevent the branch’s weight from causing damage as it falls.
  9. Disinfect Blades: Between cuts, particularly when dealing with diseased plants, disinfect the blades to prevent the spread of pathogens. Wiping the blades with rubbing alcohol or a bleach solution is effective.
  10. Evaluate Your Work: Step back and assess your pruning to ensure you’ve achieved the desired shape and symmetry. Make additional cuts while keeping the plant’s overall health in mind if necessary.
  11. Dispose of Pruned Material: Collect and dispose of pruned material appropriately. Compost healthy plant material and discard diseased portions to prevent further contamination.

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pruning rose plants with pruning shears

Price and Features Comparison of 16 Best Garden Pruning Shears

PrunerFeaturesPriceMaterialWeightMax Cutting Capacity
Corona BP 3180D Classic Bypass PrunerForged steel blades, cuts up to 1 inch$25Alloy steel13.6 oz1 inch
VIVOSUN 6.5-Inch Pruning ShearsStainless steel blades, ergonomic design$7Stainless steel0.15 oz½ inch
Felco F7 Pruning ShearsSharp blades, clean cuts up to 1 inch$95Aluminum4.96 oz1 inch
Gonicc Professional Micro-Tip Pruning SnipTitanium-coated carbon steel blades$18Aluminum, carbon steel4.23 oz¾ inch
Fiskars PowerGear2 Hedge Shears10-inch steel blades for thick bushes$64Alloy steel2.45 lbs10 inches
Woodland Tools Co. Heavy Duty Adjustable Anvil Pruning ShearsAdjustable sizing, cuts up to ⅝ inch$35Carbon steel7 oz⅝ inch
Okatsune 103 Bypass PrunersCompact 7-inch design, clean cuts$33High carbon steel6 oz⅝ inch
Felco F9 Pruning ShearsRevolving handle, left-handed design$61Metal, steel0.55 oz1 inch
Scotts 7.2-Volt Cordless Rechargeable Power PrunerBattery-powered, up to ¾ inch$75Hardened steel1.8 lbs¾ inch
Fiskars 28-Inch Steel Blade Garden Bypass LopperStainless steel blades, up to 1½ inches$27Stainless Steel2.9 lbs1 ½ inches

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Pruning tool

Corona BP 3180D Classic Bypass Pruner

The Corona 3180D stands out with forged steel blades capable of cutting branches up to 1 inch thick. While budget-friendly, its strength matches pricier alternatives. A bypass shear with lasting forged steel, it easily tackles diverse cuts, from delicate stems to tough branches. Replaceable blades maintain longevity. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable, non-slip handling. The sap-draining groove keeps blades clean and prevents infections.

It could be better for small hands due to the wide opening. Price: $25. Material: Alloy steel. Weight: 13.6 ounces. Max Cutting Capacity: 1 inch. With an ergonomic design, the Felco 6 offers comfort and reduced hand fatigue. Its intuitive thumb lock, adjustable hinge mechanism, and sharp blade make it a reliable choice. Although designed for right-handed users, it’s also suitable for left-handed individuals.

VIVOSUN 6.5-Inch Pruning Shears

A budget-friendly option, Vivosun Pruning Shears feature stainless steel blades, ergonomic design, and rubber handles for easy gardening. Suitable for small stems, flowers, and herbs, they ensure comfortable use for those with hand mobility issues. Their micro-snip tips allow precise cuts, but they’re not meant for thick branches. Costing $7, these shears excel at delicate tasks. Material: Stainless steel. Weight: 0.15 ounces. Max Cutting Capacity: ½ inch.

Felco F7 Pruning Shears

A premium choice, the Felco F7 boasts sharp blades, making precise cuts on branches up to 1 inch thick. The angled head and hardened steel anvil blade ensure clean, accurate cuts to prevent infections. Designed for large hands, its one-handed operation reduces strain. Rubber shock absorbers enhance comfort. Blade replacements are available.

Priced at $95, these Swiss-made shears offer superior performance. Material: Aluminum. Weight: 4.96 ounces. Max Cutting Capacity: 1 inch. With an ergonomic design, the Felco 6 offers comfort and reduced hand fatigue. Its intuitive thumb lock, adjustable hinge mechanism, and sharp blade make it a reliable choice. Although designed for right-handed users, it’s also suitable for left-handed individuals.

Gonicc Professional Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

These shears are ideal for delicate flower harvesting and leaf trimming. Titanium-coated carbon steel blades provide strength, while non-slip handles ensure ease of use. A groove drains sap, keeping blades clean. Available for $18, they’re suitable for left- and right-handed users. Material: Aluminum, carbon steel. Weight: 4.23 ounces. Max Cutting Capacity: ¾ inch.

Fiskars PowerGear2 Hedge Shears

Designed for efficient cutting, the Fiskars PowerGear2 Hedge Shears sport 10-inch steel blades suitable for thick bushes and trees. The leverage and power offered by these shears reduce strain. Priced at $64, they’re perfect for those seeking efficiency. Material: Alloy steel. Weight: 2.45 pounds. Max Cutting Capacity: 10 inches.

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pruning of bushes with garden shears

The PowerGear2 employs a unique rolling cam gear mechanism for easier cutting, making it suitable for those with hand issues. Its rolling handle reduces fatigue, and the Cam technology enhances cutting efficiency. This pruner, however, works only in the right hand and requires a larger hand size.

Woodland Tools Co. Heavy Duty Adjustable Anvil Pruning Shears:

Engineered for dry branches, these anvil pruners come with adjustable sizing, accommodating various hand sizes. Made to cut thicker branches, they easily handle up to ⅝ inch. Carbon steel blades coated in a non-stick seal ensure longevity. Priced at $35, they are suitable for heavier tasks. Material: Carbon steel. Weight: 7 ounces. Max Cutting Capacity: ⅝ inch.

Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners

The Japanese-made Okatsune 103 stands out with a compact 7-inch design. Lightweight and efficient, these pruners are ideal for clean cuts on deadwood and branches. Their bypass style suits flower bushes and young fruit trees. Priced at $33, they offer precision.

Material: High carbon steel. Weight: 6 ounces. Max Cutting Capacity: ⅝ inch. The Okatsune 103 boasts a hardened steel Japanese-forged blade for sharp, clean cuts. Despite its excellent blade, its slippery grip and ergonomics might lead to frustration and hand fatigue. It remains a solid choice for quick and small jobs.

Felco F9 Pruning Shears

Crafted for left-handed users, the Felco F9 offers hardened steel blades and a revolving handle, reducing strain. Replaceable components ensure longevity. At $61, they provide specialized comfort. Material: Metal, steel. Weight: 0.55 ounces. Max Cutting Capacity: 1 inch. With an ergonomic design, the Felco 6 offers comfort and reduced hand fatigue. Its intuitive thumb lock, adjustable hinge mechanism, and sharp blade make it a reliable choice. Although designed for right-handed users, it’s also suitable for left-handed individuals.

Scotts 7.2-Volt Cordless Rechargeable Power Pruner

Battery-powered and efficient, the Scotts Power Pruner easily handles branches up to ¾ inch. A rechargeable lithium battery ensures convenience. Priced at $75, this option suits extended pruning sessions. Material: Hardened steel. Weight: 1.8 pounds. Max Cutting Capacity: ¾ inch.

Fiskars 28-Inch Steel Blade Garden Bypass Lopper

A lopper designed for larger tasks, the Fiskars Bypass Lopper boasts stainless steel blades capable of cutting branches up to 1½ inches wide. Suitable for significant pruning jobs, priced at $27. Material: Stainless Steel. Weight: 2.9 pounds. Max Cutting Capacity: 1 ½ inches. The FISKARS Plus P541 stands out with its adjustable handle for different hand sizes, offering comfort and versatility. Its lightweight construction and ambidextrous grip accommodate both left and right-handed users. While not suited for heavy-duty tasks, it’s a reliable household tool.

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Best Garden Pruning Shears: Small pruning shears for home garden

ARS VS8Z Pruning Shears

Featuring an incredibly sharp and durable blade, the ARS VS8Z delivers smooth cutting with reduced hand fatigue. It’s perfect for tasks around the lawn and garden. While its spring might dislodge more easily, this pruner remains a solid choice for its sharp blade and comfortable grip.

Sun Joe 3.6-Volt Electric Cordless Pruner

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Sun Joe electric pruner makes cutting effortless. Designed for thin green branches, it’s not weatherproof and is bulkier than manual pruners. However, its ease of use and battery-powered operation make it a valuable tool for gardeners.

Felco 32 Anvil Pruner

Renowned for its rugged design and ultra-sharp blade, the Felco 32 easily handles thick sticks. It excels in heavy-duty tasks and is suitable for large hands, making it a trusted choice for professionals.

The Gardener’s Friend Ratchet Pruning Shears

Featuring a functional ratcheting system, these pruners ease cutting thicker branches. Designed for medium to large hands, they provide an effective solution for gardeners with hand strength issues.

Gonicc 8″ Professional SK-5

The Gonicc 8″ Professional SK-5 offers a unique pulley mechanism for easier cutting. While it provides sharp cutting, some design flaws, such as a rubbing rivet and noisy operation, impact its overall usability.

STEELHEAD 7″ Anvil Pruning Shears

The STEELHEAD pruners perform well in light-duty tasks with an extra-sharp blade and a comfortable grip. Despite their budget-friendly price, they’re limited by a small diameter capacity and plastic anvil.

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pruning a plant


Discover the top-rated garden pruning shears that combine quality and affordability. From the Corona BP 3180D with forged steel blades to the VIVOSUN 6.5-inch Shears with stainless steel blades, these tools offer precise cuts for every task. Choose from a range of options to suit your needs and budget.


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