20 Best Plant Nurseries in Manila: Wholesale Garden Centers for Flowers, Fruits, Indoor, and Outdoor Plants

In the urban expanse of Manila, flourishing greenery finds its roots in a network of exceptional plant nurseries. These horticultural havens offer diverse botanical treasures, from vibrant flowers to succulent fruits and thriving indoor plants. Join us on a journey through the 20 best plant nurseries in Manila, where gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers can discover a paradise of botanical wonders. Whether you’re seeking to adorn your garden with colorful blooms or to cultivate a lush indoor oasis, these wholesale garden centers are your gateway to nature’s splendor.

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Best Plant Nurseries in Manila

20 Best Plant Nurseries in Manila

Cedarhills Garden Center – Located in Quezon City

Cedarhills Garden Center, nestled in Quezon City, is a horticultural haven for enthusiasts. Boasting an extensive array of botanical wonders, from vibrant flowers to lush trees, it entices nature lovers to explore. This center spans 5 acres and features over 2,000 plant species, all meticulously curated to thrive in the local climate. The greenhouse, spanning 10,000 square feet, showcases rare orchids and succulents that captivate visitors.

A tranquil oasis, Cedarhills offers more than plants. It houses an educational hub, hosting workshops on gardening techniques, pest control, and plant propagation. The center supports sustainability by promoting organic gardening practices and advocating for green spaces in urban areas. In collaboration with local communities, it conducts tree-planting initiatives and floral exhibitions.

The Greenhouse Project – Situated in Makati City

The Greenhouse Project in Makati City offers various plant species catering to indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts. Their selection includes ornamental plants, succulents, flowering plants, and more. The nursery provides expert plant advice, potting and repotting services, and plant care workshops, enhancing customers’ plant care knowledge and skills.

In the bustling city of Manila, The Greenhouse Project stands out as one of the best plant nurseries. Their commitment to quality and variety sets them apart. The nursery’s dedicated staff offers personalized recommendations based on customers’ preferences and the local climate. This ensures that customers get plants best suited for their environment. With a scientific approach to plant care, The Greenhouse Project ensures that every plant purchased has the potential to thrive.

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Greenhouse flowers nursery

Plant Parenthood – Found in Quezon City

Plant Parenthood in Quezon City offers a range of services for plant enthusiasts. They provide plant consultations, where experts advise on plant care and maintenance. The nursery boasts various indoor and outdoor plants, including succulents, tropical plants, and rare specimens. They offer plant potting and styling services for those seeking customized plant arrangements.

Additionally, they conduct workshops on propagation techniques and creating terrariums, catering to beginners and experienced plant lovers. Plant Parenthood is committed to sustainable practices, utilizing eco-friendly materials, and promoting plastic-free options. As for the best plant nurseries in Manila, “Green Haven Nursery” is highly regarded. They offer a wide array of plants, gardening tools, and accessories.

The Greenhouse Manila – Located in Quezon City

The Greenhouse Manila in Quezon City is a botanical haven teeming with diverse plants. This lush oasis offers extensive services catering to plant enthusiasts and nature lovers. The establishment boasts an impressive collection of plant species, from vibrant succulents to majestic ferns, making it a paradise for those seeking verdant beauty.

Services include personalized plant care workshops, where attendees can learn the art of nurturing plants with scientific precision. Furthermore, The Greenhouse Manila provides expert plant health and maintenance consultations, ensuring your leafy companions thrive. The establishment’s commitment to ecological balance is evident through its emphasis on sustainable cultivation practices.

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Plant Nursery

Plant House Manila – Situated in Pasig City

Plant House Manila, a botanical garden in Pasig City, offers a diverse collection of plants, including tropical foliage, succulents, and flowering specimens. The store provides personalized plant recommendations and expert guidance on plant care, catering to beginners and seasoned plant enthusiasts. It also hosts workshops and events on plant care techniques, propagation methods, and sustainable gardening practices. Plant House Manila’s commitment to quality, knowledge, and a green lifestyle has made it a hub for nurturing and appreciating the natural world.

The Green Connection – Located in Quezon City

The Green Connection in Quezon City is a botanical garden with diverse plants, including exotic and native species. It offers expert plant consultation, landscaping guidance, and horticulture workshops. The nursery focuses on sustainable practices, eco-friendly cultivation techniques, and conservation. Visitors can enjoy guided tours, learn about plant life, and purchase rare specimens from the plant shop. The place combines education with leisure.

Tierra Plants – Situated in Mandaluyong City

Tierra Plants (Mandaluyong City): Tierra Plants is situated in Mandaluyong City and is known for its wide and space selection of plants, including rare and exotic species. They provide expert advice on plant care and landscaping, making it a go-to place for plant enthusiasts seeking unique additions to their collections.

The Green Thumb – Situated in Quezon City

The Green Thumb (Quezon City): Located in Quezon City, The Green Thumb offers a diverse range of plants and gardening supplies. They focus on providing high-quality plants suited for local conditions and personalized recommendations to help customers nurture their greenery effectively.

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Pots in Plant Nursery

The Greenhouse Project PH – Found in Quezon City

The Greenhouse Project PH (Quezon City): Found in Quezon City, The Greenhouse Project PH specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly gardening solutions. They promote organic practices and offer workshops on urban gardening, contributing to environmental awareness and green living.

The Greenhouse Café – Located in Makati City

The Greenhouse Café (Makati City): Situated in Makati City, The Greenhouse Café is a unique blend of a café and a plant shop. It offers a relaxing atmosphere where visitors can enjoy a meal surrounded by lush greenery, creating a soothing oasis within the city.

Plantaholic – Situated in Quezon City

Plantaholic (Quezon City): Located in Quezon City, Plantaholic is dedicated to indoor plants and provides a range of options to adorn interior spaces. Their emphasis on plant variety and aesthetics appeals to those looking to beautify their homes with green decor.

The Greenhouse MNL – Located in Quezon City

The Greenhouse MNL (Quezon City): Found in Quezon City, The Greenhouse MNL is a haven for plant lovers seeking diverse indoor and outdoor plants. They also offer pots, planters, and accessories to complement their plant offerings.

Plant Shop Manila – Located in Pasig City

Plant Shop Manila (Pasig City): Situated in Pasig City, Plant Shop Manila focuses on curating a selection of plants that thrive in indoor environments. Their carefully chosen plants and minimalist aesthetic cater to modern urban lifestyles.

The Green House – Situated in Quezon City

The Green House (Quezon City): Situated in Quezon City, The Green House offers a variety of plant options for both beginners and seasoned plant enthusiasts. They guide plant care and maintenance to ensure successful plant ownership.

Plant Parenthood PH – Found in Quezon City

Plant Parenthood PH (Quezon City): Found in Quezon City, Plant Parenthood PH aims to foster community among plant lovers. They offer many plants, emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of nurturing greenery.

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greenhouse flower plant nursery

The Green Thumb PH – Located in Quezon City

The Green Thumb PH (Quezon City): Located in Quezon City, The Green Thumb PH is a place for plant enthusiasts to find various plants and gardening essentials. They focus on educating customers about proper plant care practices.

The Plant Project – Situated in Makati City

The Plant Project (Makati City): Situated in Makati City, The Plant Project offers a carefully curated collection of indoor plants, focusing on aesthetic appeal and well-being. Their plants are selected to enhance indoor spaces’ ambiance and air quality.

The Green Connection PH – Found in Quezon City

The Green Connection PH (Quezon City): Found in Quezon City, The Green Connection PH is a botanical destination offering a variety of plants, including exotic species. They promote green living through eco-friendly cultivation practices.

Plant Shop PH – Located in Pasig City

Plant Shop PH (Pasig City): Located in Pasig City, Plant Shop PH provides a selection of indoor and outdoor plants and stylish pots and planters. They cater to different preferences, making plant shopping an enjoyable experience.

The Green House MNL – Situated in Quezon City

The Green House MNL (Quezon City): Situated in Quezon City, The Green House MNL is a space where plant enthusiasts can find various plants and accessories. They offer expertise in plant care and placement.

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In the bustling city of Manila, a thriving plant culture is nurtured by a diverse array of top-notch nurseries. From indoor to outdoor plants, flowers to fruits, these 20 exceptional wholesale garden centers offer a verdant oasis for enthusiasts. Their curated selections and expert advice empower individuals to cultivate their green spaces, fostering a greener and more vibrant urban environment.


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