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Best Plant Nurseries in Kerala: For Indoor, Outdoor Garden Wholesale Centers, and Online Delivery

Kerala boasts a vibrant plant nursery scene, catering to all types of plant enthusiasts. These top 10 nurseries offer a wide Different of plants, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you’re looking for lush indoor greenery or outdoor blossoms, these nurseries have you covered. Additionally, they provide options for those interested in flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees. The best part? Many of these nurseries cater to both individual buyers and wholesale purchasers.

greenhouse flower plant nursery

Common Type of Plant Available in Kerela

Hillside Botanical Garden and Nursery: At Hillside Botanical Garden and Nursery, a green paradise in Kerala, enthusiasts and horticulturalists find a haven for plant diversity and quality. This establishment, renowned for its commitment to botany, offers many plant categories, each catering to distinct interests and needs.

  • Indoor Plants: Hillside Botanical Garden presents a captivating collection of trendy indoor plants for those seeking to enhance their homes or offices’ aesthetics and air quality. These indoor green companions add a touch of nature to your interior and contribute to improved air purification. 

Outdoor Plants: Enriching Your Surroundings Hillside Nursery is dedicated to creating outdoor beauty. Special sections of the nursery are meticulously designed to cater to sun-loving outdoor plants. These outdoor gems are handpicked to thrive in the Kerala climate, gracing your premises and landscapes with their vibrant colors and lush foliage. Whether you aim to transform a garden or enhance your outdoor ambiance, Hillside Nursery has you covered.

Aquarium Plants: Aquarium enthusiasts will delight in Hillside Botanical Garden’s rich collection of aquatic plants. Perfect for setting up stunning underwater ecosystems in homes or offices, these water plants are visually appealing and promote a healthy aquatic environment. From vibrant aquatic ferns to delicate mosses, this collection is a testament to the nursery’s dedication to giving aquarists various choices.

Agricultural Nursery: The agricultural nursery at Hillside is a green treasure and a contributor to the green economy. Here, hybrid and bud varieties of essential fruit trees like Coconut, Mango, Jack, Citrus, Rambutan, and Mangosteen are stocked at affordable prices. These seedlings promise bountiful harvests and are crucial in supporting agriculture in Kerala.

Wholesale Nursery: The wholesale nursery at Hillside Botanical Garden is a testament to their dedication to promoting large-scale green endeavors. With a vast cultivable area, optimal soil conditions, ample water resources, and the availability of organic manure, this section of the nursery caters to bulk purchasers, facilitating green projects and reforestation efforts.

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Coniferous plants in plastic pots in a plant nursery

Factors to Consider for Best Plant Nurseries in Kerela

  1. Plant Variety: A top-notch nursery should offer various plant types, including indoor, outdoor, medicinal, flowering, and fruit-bearing plants.
  2. Plant Health: Inspect the overall health of the plants. Look for signs of disease, pests, or stress, such as discolored leaves or wilting.
  3. Quality of Soil and Potting Mix: The soil or potting mix quality can significantly impact plant health. Nurseries using nutrient-rich mixtures are preferred.
  4. Plant Age: Younger plants adapt better to new environments, but some buyers prefer more mature plants for immediate impact.
  5. Source of Seeds/Seedlings: Inquire about the source of seeds or seedlings. Those grown from certified seeds or cuttings are more reliable.
  6. Pricing: Compare prices with other nurseries to ensure a fair deal. Be cautious of unusually low prices, as they may reflect poor quality.
  7. Staff Knowledge: Knowledgeable staff can provide valuable advice on plant care, making it easier for you to maintain your new plants successfully.
  8. Customer Reviews: Check reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or gardening communities to gauge the nursery’s reputation.
  9. Availability of Support Services: Some nurseries offer additional services such as landscaping, maintenance, or delivery, which can be convenient.

Plant Nurseries in Kochi

Kochi, the largest metropolitan area in Kerala, is a haven for plant enthusiasts, offering an array of 30+ plant nurseries. We’ll explore the top plant nurseries in Kochi, each with unique specialties.

  1. Agricom Nursery: Agricom Nursery in Kochi stands out for its expertise in vertical and office gardens. They provide a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor plants. Their convenient home delivery service and garden landscape design and maintenance proficiency are what sets them apart.
  2. Cochin Bonsai Garden: If you’re a fan of bonsai plants, Cochin Bonsai Garden is the place to go. They boast an impressive collection of bonsai plants and also offer almond plants.
  3. Lily’s Plant Boutique: Lily’s Plant Boutique is known for its extensive collection of lily flower plants. They offer a wide range of indoor, outdoor plants, making it a one-stop shop for plant enthusiasts. They also provide garden landscaping services and homemade pots.
  4. St. James Nursery: St. James Nursery shines with its excellent selection of plants and various garden accessories. There are many ornamental plants, ferns, succulents, cacti, and passiflora flowers.
  5. AB Green Nursery: AB Green Nursery specializes in vertical garden services and indoor plants, making it a great choice for those looking to enhance their living spaces with greenery.
  6. Cherupushpam Nursery: This nursery offers diverse flowering plants, including Mexican grass. They also provide garden equipment and feature the latest varieties of budded roses, fruit trees, and foliage plants.
  7. Cochin Planters: Cochin Planters excels in garden landscaping services, ensuring your outdoor space transforms into a lush and vibrant haven.
  8. RB Gardens: RB Gardens is renowned for its fruit plants and offers various ground, hanging, and pond plants. They provide home gardening and garden decorating services.
  9. Sahyadri Gardens: Sahyadri Gardens is a go-to destination for outdoor and indoor plants. They specialize in vertical gardens, including indoor residential and rock gardens. They also offer comprehensive lawn maintenance services.
  10. Alpine Rose Garden: If you have a penchant for bougainvillea plants, Alpine Rose Garden is the place to be. They specialize in vertical landscape gardening services, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces.

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garden center

Best Plant Nurseries in Kerala

1. Al-Manar Gardens: Location: Kamaleswaram Road, Manacaud, Thiruvananthapuram. Specialization: An extensive collection of flowering plants and fruit trees. Expertise: Provides expert gardening advice and maintenance tips. Unique Offering: Variety of herbs and spices for culinary enthusiasts. Atmosphere: Offers a serene and picturesque experience.

2. Devika Gardens: Location: Kuriathi, Manacaud, Thiruvananthapuram Specialization: Diverse range of indoor and outdoor plants. Expertise: Knowledgeable staff guides plant selection and care. Convenience: Offers gardening accessories and tools for one-stop shopping. Community: Hosts gardening workshops and events for enthusiasts.

3. Trivandrum Adeniums: Location: Pangapppara, Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram. Specialization: Adenium plants with a focus on rare and unique hybrids. Expertise: Staff provides expert advice on adenium care. Variety: It also stocks ornamental plants like succulents and bonsai trees.

4. Blossom Orchid Garden: Location: Kumarapuram, Thiruvananthapuram. Specialization: Orchids, including rare hybrid varieties. Ambiance: Offers a serene and fragrant environment. Variety: It also provides gardening supplies and accessories. Unique: A charming garden center dedicated to orchid enthusiasts.

5. Nandanam Nursery: Location: Plammoodu, Thiruvananthapuram. Specialization: Various plants, with a focus on quality and health. Expertise: Ensures plant vitality before sale with proper nurturing. Selection: Offers a diverse range of plants and gardening essentials. Sustainability: Promotes eco-friendly gardening practices.

6. Brahmakeerthi Nursery: Location: Vettamuku, Thiruvananthapuram. Specialization: Abundant top-quality plants, including ornamental and rare species. Expertise: Committed to providing healthy and well-maintained plants. Services: Offers landscaping services to transform outdoor spaces. Variety: Suitable for all gardening preferences.

7. Achutham Gardens: Location: Ayathil, Kollam. Specialization: Impressive collection of flowers and lush green foliage. Atmosphere: Provides a serene and visually stunning experience. Selection: Offers indoor and outdoor plants suitable for all spaces. Expertise: Offers expert plant care advice and maintenance tips.

8. Cochin Bonsai Garden: Location: Kadavanthara, Kochi. Specialization: Bonsai trees with a wide variety of species. Expertise: Knowledgeable staff shares insights on bonsai care. Variety: It also stocks succulents and bonsai trees. Artistry: Showcases intricate bonsai designs.

9. Lily’s Plant Boutique: Location: Palarivattom, Kochi. Specialization: Diverse range of indoor and outdoor plants. Quality: Ensures that all plants are healthy and well-maintained. Convenience: Offers online shopping and home delivery services. Community: Hosts workshops and events for gardening enthusiasts.

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Seedling in a nursery

10. Aiswarya Gardens: Location: Market Road, Mannuthy, Thrissur. Specialization: Extensive collection of flowering plants and fruit trees. Expertise: Knowledgeable staff provides gardening guidance. Sustainability: Promotes organic farming and eco-friendly gardening. Services: Offers professional landscaping services.

11. Ayyappa Agri Farm: Location: Mannuthy, Thrissur. Specialization: Various plants, from flowering shrubs to rare and exotic species. Quality: Nurtures plants for optimal health and vitality. Services: Offers landscaping services to transform outdoor spaces. Sustainable Gardening: Emphasizes organic farming and eco-friendly practices.

12. Teeose Nursery: Location: Vellanikkara, Thrissur. Specialization: A diverse range of plants, including ornamentals. Expertise: Staff provides knowledgeable guidance on plant care. Sustainability: Prioritizes organic gardening and eco-friendly options. One-Stop Shop: Offers gardening essentials and supplies.

13. Thaikkattil Gardens: Location: Madakkathara, Thrissur. Specialization: Diverse selection of flowering plants and ornamental shrubs. Expertise: Knowledgeable staff assists customers with plant-related queries. Sustainability: Promotes organic fertilizers and eco-friendly gardening. Atmosphere: Offers a tranquil and serene ambiance.

14. Joy’s Garden: Location: Bye Pass Road, Mannuthy, Thrissur. Specialization: Vibrant and healthy indoor and outdoor plants. Quality: Ensures that all plants are well-maintained and long-lasting. Expertise: Provides valuable tips on plant care and maintenance. Atmosphere: Offers a soothing and inviting botanical experience.

15. Thaikkattil Gardens: Location: Vellanikkara, Thrissur. Specialization: A diverse range of plants, including ornamentals. Expertise: Staff provides knowledgeable guidance on plant care. Sustainability: Prioritizes organic gardening and eco-friendly options. One-Stop Shop: Offers gardening essentials and supplies.

16. Kerala Home Care: Located in Kozhikode, Kerala Home Care stands out with a perfect rating of 5. This nursery not only offers a diverse range of plants but also provides home care services. Whether you’re looking for flowering plants, succulents, or tropical greens, you’ll find them here.

17. Kochuparambil Rubber Nursery: Specializing in rubber plants, this Kerala-based nursery has earned a 5-star rating. Rubber enthusiasts can find a variety of rubber plant species here.

18. National Rose Garden: Nestled in Kerala, the National Rose Garden is a haven for rose lovers. With a rating of 4.2, it’s dedicated to cultivating and showcasing beautiful roses of different varieties.

19. TEEOSE: Located in Thrissur, TEEOSE boasts a commendable rating of 4.7. This nursery not only offers a wide array of plants but also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. You can find ornamental plants, herbs, and more.

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Best Plant Nurseries in Kerala: Colorful Pots

20. Palakulam Anganavadi: Situated in Kerala, this nursery has earned a rating of 4. It provides a variety of plants, although the specific range may vary.

21. Rubber Board Central Nursery: Also based in Kerala, this nursery specializes in rubber plants, boasting a solid rating of 4.7. Rubber enthusiasts can explore various rubber plant varieties here.

22. Ali’s Plant Nursery: With a rating of 3.9, Ali’s Plant Nursery in Kerala offers a diverse selection of plants. From flowering shrubs to decorative greens, you can find an array of choices.

23. Homegrown Biotech, Direct Outlet-Thiruvalla: Situated in Kerala, this nursery has a rating of 4.1. Besides plants, it provides biotech and gardening services. You can find both ornamental and functional plants.

24. Bamboo Plantation-1, Mogral Puthur-5: Although it hasn’t received any reviews yet, this Kerala-based nursery likely specializes in bamboo plants.

25. Harithasree Nursery: This Kerala nursery hasn’t garnered any reviews at the moment, but it may offer a variety of plants.

26. Harison Malayalam Limited Estate Chengara: Located in Kerala, this nursery has a rating of 4.7. It may focus on specific plant varieties suitable for the region.

27. Harison Malayalam Limited Estate: Similar to the previous entry, this Kerala nursery boasts a rating of 4.7. It’s likely to offer plant varieties well-suited to the local climate.

28. Jose Nursery: With a rating of 3.4, Jose Nursery in Kerala provides various plants, though the specific offerings may vary.

29. Krishi Business Kendra: Located in Kerala, this nursery enjoys a solid rating of 4.6. It offers a wide range of plants suitable for different gardening needs.

30. Kerala Govt Nursery Ulunthy: With a rating of 4.5, this Kerala nursery likely provides a variety of plants suitable for the local environment.

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Best Plant Nurseries in Kerala6


Best plant nurseries cater to all gardening needs. From beautiful indoor and outdoor plants to a stunning array of flowers and fruitful varieties, these nurseries offer a diverse selection. Whether you’re a retail customer or a wholesale buyer, Kerala’s nurseries provide top-notch options for all gardening enthusiasts.


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