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Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama: Fruits and Vegetables Season by Month Chart

Alabama boasts a rich agricultural history, producing a wide range of fruits and vegetables annually. This state offers an array of fresh produce, from strawberry season in Alabama in spring to the fruit picking season in Alabama’s sultry summers. One might ask, “What fruits are in season in Alabama?” or “What vegetables are easy to grow in Alabama?”

For those keen to get hands-on, knowing the fruit-picking dates in Alabama and the vegetable-picking dates in Alabama is crucial. The fruit picking chart in Alabama and the vegetable picking chart in Alabama provide clear guidance on when to pick fruits in Alabama and when to pick vegetables in Alabama, respectively. 

The Alabama harvest season is not only about the fruit harvesting calendar in Alabama and the vegetable harvesting calendar in Alabama but also about celebrating nature’s bounty. As summer approaches, many are eager to know what fruits are in season in Alabama in summer and what vegetables are in season in Alabama in summer. With a plethora of fruits available in season in Alabama and vegetables available in season in Alabama, let’s dive into a monthly breakdown.

Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

January Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

January might seem like a dormant month, but it’s when certain vegetables are in season in Alabama. Greens such as collards, kale, and mustard are fresh for the picking. Turnips and their greens can be harvested, too. While the colder temperatures limit the range of produce, the available vegetables are packed with nutrition and flavor.

Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama: Kale

Root vegetables like carrots and radishes thrive, adding them to winter meals. Storage crops like sweet potatoes are also commonly available from the previous season’s stock. It’s the perfect time for hearty, warming dishes that utilize the vegetables available in season in Alabama during this chilly month.

February Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

February in Alabama sees a continuation of the winter crops, with collards, mustard greens, and turnips still being harvested. But as the days gradually get longer, there are hints of spring with a gradual increase in the variety of vegetables. Lettuce starts to emerge, offering crispness to salads.

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts, if planted in late fall, are ready to be harvested. There’s anticipation in the air this month, as residents know that the strawberry season in Alabama is just around the corner. Storage vegetables, like onions and potatoes from the last year, are still available and are often used in hearty stews to keep warm during the last stretches of winter.

March Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

March is a transitional month in Alabama’s agricultural calendar. The first signs of spring become evident as strawberry season in Alabama officially begins, enticing many to look at the fruit-picking chart in Alabama to plan their berry-picking adventures. As the days warm up, Alabama’s vegetable picking season also shows an uptick. Spinach and lettuce are more abundantly available, perfect for fresh spring salads. 

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Harvesting Lettuce

Asparagus shoots up, marking its short but delicious season. It’s also around this time when the blueberry season in Alabama starts, although the peak is a bit later in the year. For those wondering when blackberry season is in Alabama, patience is needed as it’s approaching, but not yet. Still, the anticipation builds for the fruits and vegetables that will soon flood the markets in the upcoming Alabama harvest season.

April Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

April ushers in a lively period for Alabama’s agricultural scene. With temperatures steadily climbing, the soil awakens, fostering growth for a wider range of crops. This month is especially known for its strawberries, which are in full swing, making it a popular time for families and individuals to indulge in fruit-picking season in Alabama. Blueberries start making their presence felt, hinting at the upcoming peak blueberry season Alabama offers. 

Vegetables become more varied, with radishes, spring peas, and young carrots providing crunch and color to plates. New potatoes start emerging, and greens like arugula, spinach, and lettuce are harvested in abundance. The fruit-picking chart in Alabama shows a steady increase in available options, and those keeping track of the vegetable-picking chart in Alabama will notice the same. For those keen on enjoying the freshest produce, knowing the vegetable-picking dates in Alabama and fruit-picking dates in Alabama for April is vital.

May Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

May is a month of plenty in Alabama. The vegetable picking season in Alabama sees a surge, with many options available. Beets, cabbage, cauliflower, and cucumbers appear in the markets, adding vibrancy to the vegetable stalls. The fruit picking season in Alabama is also in full throttle, with the eagerly awaited blueberry season in Alabama now in full bloom.

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Picking berries from bush in farm garden

By mid to late May, answers to questions like “When is blackberry season in Alabama?” become clear as blackberries ripen, beckoning those with a sweet tooth. Another significant highlight of May is the Chilton County peaches; many eagerly wait to find out when are Chilton County peaches ready, and by the end of May, the first juicy peaches can be savored. The fruit-picking chart in Alabama and the vegetable-picking chart in Alabama show an impressive array for May, promising fresh and tasty produce.

June Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

June is a standout month in the Alabama harvest season, with fruits and vegetables available in the season in Alabama reaching a peak. With their rich and tangy flavors, Tomatoes begin to dominate the market stalls. Sweet corn, okra, and green beans become staples, featuring prominently in summer dishes. 

The June fruit picking dates in Alabama are especially busy, as this month marks the height of the peach season, with Chilton County peaches in their prime. Blueberries and blackberries are still abundant, making berry desserts a favorite. It’s also when watermelons appear, promising refreshment for the hot summer days ahead.

The vegetable picking dates in Alabama are crucial for those wanting the freshest greens and veggies, with zucchinis, summer squashes, and eggplants also being harvested. As summer unfolds, the fruit picking chart in Alabama and the vegetable picking chart in Alabama showcase the state’s bountiful offerings, making June a favorite for fresh produce enthusiasts.

July Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

July in Alabama is a month of sun and warmth, with the landscape drenched in the vivid hues of ripening fruits and vegetables. Watermelons are especially iconic this month, with their refreshing sweetness providing respite from the summer heat. The vegetable picking season in Alabama during July sees an abundance of Southern favorites like okra, which is now in its prime. Peppers, sweet and hot varieties, are harvested, adding flavor and color to dishes. Squash, eggplant, and lima beans are also widely available. 

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Harvesting watermelons in the garden

While Chilton County peaches continue their delicious reign, blackberries reach their zenith, making it the best time for those tracking the fruit-picking chart in Alabama. Tomatoes, a beloved summer staple, are juicy and plump, ideal for salads, sauces, or just enjoyed fresh off the vine. For those marking the fruit picking dates in Alabama, this month also introduces early apple varieties, hinting at the transition to fall.

August Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

As August arrives, Alabama’s harvest season continues to impress with its variety and flavor. The vegetable picking chart in Alabama for August is replete with green beans, field peas, and okra. Corn remains a fixture, with sweet kernels finding their way into numerous summer dishes. On the fruit front, the fruit picking season in Alabama offers late-season blueberries while muscadine grapes make their anticipated debut. 

The vegetable picking dates in Alabama remain crucial for those aiming for garden-fresh produce, with bell peppers, hot peppers, and butter beans being prevalent choices. Tomatoes, while still present, start to wane as the month progresses. However, melons, especially cantaloupes, are widely available, ensuring the summer flavor lingers. Peaches begin to wrap up their season, but the apple varieties increase, promising a seamless transition into the fall harvest.

September Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

September heralds the beginning of fall, bringing with it a shift in the agricultural offerings of Alabama. For many, it’s a month of anticipation for cooler weather and the crops that thrive in it. The vegetable picking season in Alabama sees the return of greens like collards and kale, introducing a different palette of flavors. Sweet potatoes start to make their appearance, a staple for the upcoming holiday season.

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Apple orchard

Apples in various varieties dominate the fruit picking chart in Alabama for September, perfect for pies and cider. Muscadine grapes remain available, a sweet treat for early fall. Pumpkins begin to dot the fields, a sign of the changing season and the festive times ahead. While the summer heat starts to recede, the Alabama harvest season ensures that the state’s tables remain filled with fresh and flavorful produce, from root vegetables to tree fruits, embodying the season’s spirit.

October Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

October in Alabama is characterized by crisp air and vibrant fall foliage mirrored in the state’s colorful harvest. The vegetable picking chart in Alabama for October is dominated by root vegetables like carrots, turnips, and beets, whose earthy flavors are ideal for autumnal dishes. Greens make a strong comeback, with spinach, mustard greens, and collards offering nutrition and taste. 

Sweet potatoes are now in full swing, finding their way into pies, casseroles, and roasts. On the fruit front, apples continue their dominance, with late-season varieties being harvested. For those keeping an eye on the fruit-picking dates in Alabama, persimmons make a delightful appearance, with their unique sweetness being a fall favorite. Pumpkins and ornamental and edible gourds are ubiquitous, signaling the approach of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

November Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

As Alabama welcomes November, the harvest hues deepen, reflecting the richness of late fall. The vegetable picking season in Alabama is heavily focused on preparations for the Thanksgiving table. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower become central, adding depth and texture to meals. Sweet potatoes and butternut squash are indispensable, whether roasted, mashed, or turned into soups. 

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Late fall greens, especially collards, are a Southern staple, often simmered for hours and served with cornbread. While the fruit picking chart in Alabama for November is limited compared to summer months, pecans emerge as a highlight, essential for pies and holiday treats. Late apples and persimmons round off the fruit offerings, ensuring that Alabama’s tables remain vibrant and bountiful even as the days shorten.

December Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama

With its festive spirit and cooler temperatures, December brings a unique harvest palette to Alabama. The vegetable picking chart in Alabama showcases winter favorites like kale, collards, and turnip greens, which are heartier and more flavorful due to the cold. Root vegetables, particularly turnips and radishes, are popular, lending crunch and zest to winter salads.

Cabbages and broccoli are also prevalent, ideal for stews and warm dishes. The fruit picking season in Alabama is quieter, but citrus, especially satsumas and other early oranges, brighten up the scene. Pecans remain a favorite, often gifted during the holiday season. With the landscape in winter’s calm, Alabama’s fields and orchards may seem restful, but their produce ensures that the state’s culinary heart keeps beating vibrantly.

Crop Harvest Calendar for Alabama (AL) – When to Pick Fruits and Vegetables

JanuaryNoneCollards, Kale, Mustard Greens, Turnips
FebruaryStrawberries (late Feb)Lettuce, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts
MarchStrawberries, Blueberries (late March)Spinach, Lettuces, Asparagus
AprilStrawberries, BlueberriesRadishes, Spring Peas, Young Carrots
MayBlueberries, Blackberries, Chilton County PeachesBeets, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cucumbers
JuneBlueberries, Blackberries, Chilton County PeachesTomatoes, Sweet Corn, Okra, Green Beans
JulyWatermelons, Blackberries, Chilton County PeachesOkra, Peppers, Squash, Eggplant, Lima Beans
AugustLate-Season Blueberries, Muscadine GrapesGreen Beans, Field Peas, Okra, Corn, Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, Butter Beans
SeptemberApples, Muscadine Grapes, PersimmonsCollards, Kale, Sweet Potatoes
OctoberApples, PersimmonsCarrots, Turnips, Beets, Spinach, Mustard Greens, Collards
NovemberApples, Persimmons, PecansBrussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash
DecemberCitrus (Satsumas, Early Oranges), PecansKale, Collards, Turnip Greens, Turnips, Radishes, Cabbages, Broccoli


Alabama’s agricultural calendar is a testament to the state’s rich soil, diverse climate, and the dedication of its farmers. Spanning from the fresh greens of spring to the hearty vegetables of winter, the harvest is varied and abundant. The fruit picking chart in Alabama and the vegetable picking chart in Alabama serve as guides, ensuring residents and visitors alike can savor the freshest produce throughout the year. 

Every month brings unique flavors, from the juicy strawberries of April to the crisp apples of autumn and the refreshing citrus of winter. As the year wraps up and transitions into a new one, it’s evident that Alabama’s harvest is not just about food but also about celebrating nature’s cycles, community, and the simple joys of farm-fresh produce.


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