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Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico (NM): Fruits and Vegetables Season by Month Chart

New Mexico, rich in agricultural diversity, has a vibrant fruit and vegetable harvesting calendar annually. What fruits are in season in New Mexico? The answer varies from month to month, providing a bountiful and diverse array of options for consumers. From oranges and lemons to various other fruits, there’s always something fresh and locally available. Fruit picking dates in New Mexico are essential for those who prefer the freshest produce, as they offer insight into when each type of fruit or vegetable is at its peak.

The fruit picking chart and the fruit harvesting calendar in New Mexico serve as essential guides for those interested in fresh, local produce, helping to identify the New Mexico harvest season for every type of crop. It’s especially helpful in determining when to pick fruits in New Mexico, ensuring that consumers can access the best quality produce.

Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico (NM)

January Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

In January, the cool winter season graces New Mexico, but the harvest calendar continues to thrive with various hearty crops. This month, expect to find vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and lettuce at their peak freshness. For those seeking fruits, options may be limited due to the cold weather. However, this period doesn’t mark a complete halt in the fruit-picking season in New Mexico. Greenhouses and careful cultivation practices help produce limited amounts of certain fruits during this cooler period.

Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

February Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

February, though still in the grips of winter, marks the continuity of harvest for several fruits and vegetables in New Mexico. During this month, one can find various vegetables like spinach, lettuce, and radishes flourishing. When it comes to fruit picking in February, while oranges and lemons are not at their peak, other fruits like strawberries begin to show promise due to the advancement of controlled environment agriculture and other innovative cultivation techniques. The fruit-picking chart of New Mexico continues to flourish subtly despite the winter’s chill.

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spinach grows in the garden

March Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

March signifies the arrival of spring, and with it comes a more vibrant and diverse fruit and vegetable harvesting calendar in New Mexico. During March, the question, what fruits are in season in New Mexico? Starts to have a more varied answer. While it’s not quite the time when oranges and lemons are in season in New Mexico, one can start finding a more extensive selection of fruits like strawberries and blackberries. 

For vegetables, expect a broader variety, including asparagus, beets, and various salad greens, marking a rejuvenation of the New Mexico harvest season. This month showcases a turning point in the fruit-picking season in New Mexico, heralding the arrival of a more diverse range of fresh produce options.

April Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

April showers bring forth the flourishing of diverse fruits and vegetables in New Mexico’s harvest calendar. This month, the fields and orchards of the state start buzzing with more activity and variety. For fruit enthusiasts wondering, what fruits are in season in New Mexico? April offers tantalizing options like strawberries and cherries. These fruits mark their delightful presence, making the fruit-picking chart in New Mexico more vibrant. 

However, when considering when lemons and oranges are in season in New Mexico, it’s essential to note that these citrus fruits haven’t quite reached their peak. In the vegetable domain, April sees an abundance of fresh produce, such as carrots, lettuce, and spinach. The gradually warming temperatures encourage many vegetables to thrive, enriching the New Mexico harvest season and providing ample options for those keen on understanding when to pick fruits and vegetables in this diverse state.

May Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

May carries the warmth and richness of spring into New Mexico’s agricultural lands, heralding a period of abundance in the fruit-picking season. Those exploring what fruits are in season in New Mexico will find a delightful array of options like cherries, apricots, and blueberries. The question of when oranges and lemons are in season in New Mexico becomes more relevant as these citrus fruits begin to show signs of ripening around this time. 

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Fresh harvested apricots

The month’s fruit-picking chart expands considerably, showcasing a more colorful variety of fresh produce. Additionally, the vegetable harvest during this month is bountiful, featuring a broad selection of tomatoes, peas, and various salad greens, ensuring that the gardens and markets are full of fresh, vibrant choices during the New Mexico harvest season.

June Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

June in New Mexico is when the harvest calendar blossoms in the warmth of the impending summer. The range of available fruits expands significantly, providing a rich variety for those keen on understanding the fruit-picking dates in New Mexico. Notably, fruits like peaches, plums, and apricots make a grand appearance, marking their delightful presence in the summer harvest. 

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Freshly harvested cucumbers

Questions such as when are oranges and lemons in season in New Mexico find more precise answers, as these fruits also become part of the delightful summer ensemble. The fruit picking chart for New Mexico in June is rich and varied, offering an abundant selection that signifies the height of the fruit picking season in the state. Vegetables like squash, cucumbers, and peppers also start to make a vivid appearance, ensuring a rich and varied harvest during the warm and vibrant days of June.

July Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

July in New Mexico brings the full swing of summer, emphasizing the richness of the vegetable harvesting calendar and the plethora of fruits available in season. The vegetable picking dates in New Mexico are plentiful in July, with various vibrant and fresh options like tomatoes, green beans, and sweet corn available for harvest. The vegetable picking chart showcases an extensive range, marking the peak of vegetable picking season in New Mexico.

For those wondering when to pick vegetables in New Mexico, July offers a bountiful array, ensuring fresh and local produce in meals. Questions such as what vegetables are in season in New Mexico in summer? find their answers in the abundant offerings of zucchini, chilies, and cucumbers. Simultaneously, fruits like watermelons, blackberries, and raspberries are prominent figures in crop picking dates, offering a sweet and refreshing touch to the New Mexico harvest season for vegetables and fruits alike.

August Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

August continues to celebrate the abundance of the New Mexico harvest season, with a focus on both the fruit and vegetable picking charts. The vegetable harvesting calendar in New Mexico in August is at its peak, featuring an array of produce like tomatoes, chilies, and sweet peppers. These vegetables, alongside others, decorate the vegetable picking chart, representing the best of what New Mexico’s soil offers during summer. 

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Harvesting organic tomatoes in backyard

For fruit enthusiasts, peaches, pears, and plums are some delightful seasonal fruits, adding sweetness and variety to the local produce offerings. The comprehensive crop-picking dates in New Mexico for August showcase the state’s agricultural richness, emphasizing the variety of vegetables and fruits available in season, ensuring that tables are adorned with the best and freshest selections throughout the month.

September Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

September marks a transitional period in New Mexico’s harvest season, carrying the warmth of summer’s abundance into the early whispers of fall. The vegetable picking season in New Mexico remains vibrant, with produce like squash, pumpkins, and various peppers available for harvest. Knowledge of the vegetable picking dates becomes crucial for choosing the freshest produce, and the vegetable harvesting calendar serves as a guide to this.

It helps in determining what vegetables are ripe and ready for picking, ensuring that you have access to the best quality. Fruits like apples and grapes take center stage, marking their fresh and delightful presence known in the crop-picking dates. September’s chart represents the transitional abundance in New Mexico, where summer and fall fruits and vegetables are available in season, making it a month of diverse and bountiful harvest.

October Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

October in New Mexico brings a delightful mingling of fall’s essence with the lingering bounties of summer in the harvest calendar. This month, pumpkins, squashes, and various peppers become the stars of the vegetable harvesting scene, offering warm and earthy flavors synonymous with autumn. Additionally, fruits like apples, pears, and persimmons grace the markets, enriching the state’s fruit offerings. These options, amongst others, continue to paint the fruit and vegetable picking charts with vibrant colors and diverse tastes despite the gradual cooling of the weather. 

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pumpkin field

The knowledge of specific crop-picking dates is essential to ensure that each variety is harvested at its peak freshness and flavor. October’s calendar, thus, is a rich tapestry of New Mexico’s diverse agricultural offerings, combining the best of late summer and early fall for a remarkable harvest season.

November Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

November ushers in the briskness of late fall, but New Mexico’s harvest calendar still retains a wealth of freshness and variety. Vegetables like carrots, radishes, and winter squashes continue to thrive, offering nutritious and hearty options. The fruits available during this month include late-harvest apples and persimmons, ensuring that sweet and fresh options remain available. 

The understanding of precise crop picking dates in November is crucial, helping ensure that consumers have access to produce harvested at its peak. Despite the onset of colder temperatures, the harvest calendar remains diverse, allowing fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables to grace tables throughout the month, celebrating New Mexico’s agricultural resilience and diversity.

December Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

December, though marked by winter’s chill, does not signal a complete pause in New Mexico’s harvest calendar. The state’s diverse climate and adaptive agricultural practices ensure that fruits and vegetables remain available, even in the colder months. Vegetables like kale, Brussels sprouts, and winter squash are strong, aligning well with winter culinary preferences. 

On the fruit front, late-season varieties of apples and other hearty fruits remain available, ensuring that fresh, sweet options persist in the colder days. The adherence to appropriate crop-picking dates ensures that each variety of produce available during this month retains its optimum freshness and flavor. Thus, December’s harvest in New Mexico, while influenced by winter, continues to offer a meaningful and varied selection of fruits and vegetables.

Summary of Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico (NM)

January(Limited due to winter)Broccoli, Carrots, Lettuce
FebruaryStrawberriesSpinach, Lettuce, Radishes
MarchStrawberries, BlackberriesAsparagus, Beets, Salad Greens
AprilStrawberries, CherriesCarrots, Lettuce, Spinach
MayCherries, Apricots, BlueberriesTomatoes, Peas, Salad Greens
JunePeaches, Plums, ApricotsSquash, Cucumbers, Peppers
JulyWatermelons, Blackberries, RaspberriesTomatoes, Green Beans, Sweet Corn
AugustPeaches, Pears, PlumsTomatoes, Chilies, Sweet Peppers
SeptemberApples, GrapesSquash, Pumpkins, Peppers
OctoberApples, Pears, PersimmonsPumpkins, Squashes, Peppers
NovemberLate-Harvest Apples, PersimmonsCarrots, Radishes, Winter Squashes
DecemberLate-Season ApplesKale, Brussels Sprouts, Winter Squash

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Crop Harvest Calendar for New Mexico

What are the Maturity Indices of Vegetable Crops?

Maturity indices of vegetable crops are standardized criteria used to determine when vegetables are ready for harvest. These criteria may include the size, color, texture, and overall appearance of the vegetables, ensuring they are harvested at peak freshness and quality.

What are the Types of Crop Maturity?

There are mainly two types of crop maturity: physiological and horticultural. Physiological maturity is when crops have completed their growth cycle, while horticultural maturity is when fruits or vegetables are ripe and suitable for consumption.

Why do We Harvest Vegetables at Proper Maturity?

Harvesting vegetables at proper maturity ensures that they are at their peak nutritional value and flavor. This practice also contributes to the overall quality and shelf life of the vegetables, making them more appealing and suitable for consumption.


New Mexico’s harvest calendar is a vibrant tableau of diversity and seasonal bounty. From the crisp, fresh offerings of winter to the lush, colorful produce of summer, each month brings forth a unique selection of fruits and vegetables that cater to various palates and culinary explorations. The carefully curated information on fruit and vegetable picking dates, encapsulated in charts and distributed throughout the year, serves as a valuable guide for consumers, chefs, and food enthusiasts alike.

It offers insights into the optimum times for harvesting, ensuring access to fresh, flavorful, and nutritious produce. Thus, the New Mexico harvest calendar is not merely a schedule of availability but a celebration of the state’s agricultural richness and a testament to the dedicated efforts of its farming community. In embracing this calendar, one can truly appreciate and savor the seasonal best that New Mexico’s agriculture has to offer.


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