Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah (UT): Fruits and Vegetables Season by Month Chart

Understanding the cycle of crops in Utah is essential for anyone interested in local produce and seasonal eating. The Beehive State offers a diverse range of fruits and vegetables throughout the year, each month bringing new options. If you are wondering about fruit picking dates in Utah or what fruits are in season, this article provides a comprehensive overview. Utah’s harvest season fluctuates, so knowing when to pick fruits in Utah can enhance your eating experience and support local agriculture.

In Utah, citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are typically not in season as these fruits prefer a more tropical climate and are not grown commercially in the state’s cooler environment. However, for those curious about when oranges and lemons are in season in Utah, you can typically find imported varieties in stores during winter. The fruit harvesting calendar in Utah is packed with various other fruits during the summer, and we will delve into what fruits are in season in Utah in summer as we progress through the monthly breakdown.

Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

January Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

January in Utah is the deep winter season, which means the fields are often covered with snow, and the air is crisp. This is not the prime time for the fruit picking season in Utah, as most of the local fruits have been harvested and are now stored or have been processed. However, cold-storage apples and pears are still available, and they can be as crisp as when they were first picked.

Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah: Black carrots, radishes and roots

Some hearty vegetables, like stored beets, carrots, onions, and potatoes, may still be found in local markets, coming from cold storage facilities. This is a quiet time for the fields but a good time for planning the upcoming growing season.

February Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

February continues the quiet trend with few fresh fruits available directly from the fields. The cold persists, and so does the reliance on stored produce. You can expect to find apples and pears from cold storage, with their fruit-picking dates in Utah being in the fall but available now due to modern storage techniques. This month also sees the preparation for the coming spring, with farmers starting seedlings indoors and pruning fruit trees to ensure a bountiful yield in the upcoming months. Local markets might still offer winter squashes and late-harvest root vegetables from storage, providing a touch of local flavor to the winter diet.

March Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

As March arrives, the first hints of spring emerge in Utah. The fruit picking chart in Utah slowly starts to diversify as some early varieties of fruits and vegetables are prepared for harvest. Late in the month, greenhouses and hoop houses may produce early crops of leafy greens, such as spinach and lettuce, which are among the first fresh produce of the year.

The planning for fruit picking season in Utah ramps up, with the last frost dates being watched closely by growers. In terms of fruits, there are still stored apples and pears from the previous fall’s harvest, and occasionally, you might find some early strawberries from controlled environments, signaling the nearing of more abundant fruit picking months ahead.

April Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

With the arrival of April, Utah begins to see the revival of its agricultural heartbeat as the soil warms and the days grow longer. This is the month when the fruit picking chart in Utah starts to see more variety, as the last of the frost gives way to the first tender shoots of spring. Early-season greens like kale, spinach, and lettuce become more abundant, often harvested from protected growing environments such as high tunnels or greenhouses.

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Spinach leaves

Root vegetables like radishes and early spring onions may make their first appearance, adding a fresh crispness to the local produce offerings. Fruit trees are in bloom, promising a fruitful summer ahead, but it is still a bit early for the fruit-picking season in Utah to begin in earnest. Nonetheless, the anticipation builds as farmers market stalls begin to showcase a broader spectrum of colors from the local harvest, and the preparation of fields for the coming months is evident across rural landscapes.

May Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

May is a transformative month for Utah’s agricultural landscape, with warmer temperatures and longer days accelerating the growth of crops. The fruit harvesting calendar in Utah sees the last of the cold-storage apples and pears as local orchards prepare for the upcoming harvests. Strawberries begin to make a much-anticipated appearance, marking the start of the fruit-picking dates in Utah. 

Rhubarb also joins the harvest, offering its unique tartness to the mix. In the vegetable plots, the range expands significantly with asparagus spears breaking through the soil, joining a wider variety of leafy greens and the first harvest of radishes and turnips. This month signifies the start of fresh, local produce availability, with farmers’ markets brimming with an increasing array of fruits and vegetables.

June Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

June in Utah heralds the full swing of the fruit-picking season, as many of the blossoms that graced the trees in spring begin to transform into the first fruits of the season. Cherries and strawberries are typically ripe for picking, drawing locals and visitors alike to orchards and farms for the hands-on fruit-picking experience. 

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Fresh red cherries

Utah’s climate is favorable for these fruits, and the sunshine and warm temperatures of June contribute to their sweetness and abundance. The vegetable plots are no less prolific, offering a bounty of fresh peas, beets, and carrots. Leafy greens are in their prime, and the first summer squash can be harvested. The Utah harvest season gains momentum as early peaches and perhaps some apricots hint at the stone fruit abundance that July will bring.

July Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

July in Utah is a month of abundance for local produce, with many fruits reaching their peak ripeness. Stone fruits such as peaches, apricots and cherries are some of the season’s stars, often found in plentiful supply at local markets. These fruits, along with raspberries and early varieties of apples and pears, highlight the variety of fruits available in season in Utah.

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Fresh green peppers harvest

On the vegetable front, the warm July weather allows for the harvesting of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and corn, which are now added to the vegetable picking chart in Utah. The vegetable picking dates in Utah are in full swing, with the long, sunny days contributing to robust growth. Gardeners and farmers are busy with the vegetable picking season in Utah, ensuring that the freshest produce reaches your table.

August Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

As summer progresses, August remains a prime month for fruit and vegetable harvesting in Utah. It’s the best time for stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, and plums because you can easily find them for picking. Melons also join the fruit picking chart in Utah, with their refreshing taste becoming a staple during the warm summer days. The variety of fruits available in season in Utah ensures that local produce is both plentiful and diverse.

For vegetables, zucchinis, squash, and beans are ready to be picked, and the vegetable harvesting calendar in Utah suggests that this is the best time for such crops. Late summer harvests also include the first of the fall crops, like early varieties of pumpkins and squash, which start to make an appearance. This period marks the high point of the New York harvest season for vegetables, where the overlap of late-summer and early-fall crops offers an exceptional range of choices for consumers and chefs alike.

September Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

Apples become the highlight of the fruit-picking season, with multiple varieties reaching maturity and becoming available for public picking. The cool night temperatures help to sweeten the apples, making this a much-anticipated time for those who enjoy the fruit-picking dates in Utah. Grapes and late-season raspberries might also be found, adding to the mix of fruits available in season in Utah. 

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freshly picked apples in the garden

In vegetables, the harvest remains strong, with tomatoes, peppers, and corn continuing from the summer months, along with the introduction of cool-season crops like broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, which thrive in the cooler nights. September is an excellent time for vegetable picking in New York as well, as it mirrors the abundant diversity found in Utah’s fields.

October Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

October is a bountiful month in Utah, with the harvest season in full swing as the temperatures begin to drop. This is the time for apple lovers to rejoice, as varieties like Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp are typically ready for picking, marking the peak of the fruit-picking dates in Utah for these popular types. Pumpkins and winter squash, symbolic of the season, are abundant, with fields open to the public for picking these festive vegetables.

Corn mazes and pumpkin patches become family destinations. In October in Utah, it’s a good time to pick root veggies like carrots, beets, and potatoes because they’re at their prime. Also, you can pick leafy greens like kale and Swiss chard this month because they can handle the cooler weather.

November Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

As the chill of November sets in, the crop harvest calendar for Utah begins to wind down. However, this month still offers late-season harvests, particularly for those hearty vegetables that withstand the first frosts. Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, turnips, and some varieties of kale and leeks reach their peak flavor after a light frost, making them ideal for picking now.

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Brussels sprouts

These are some of the last fresh vegetables available in season in Utah before the winter sets in. While the fruit picking season in Utah has largely concluded, farmers markets and local producers often have storage crops available, ensuring that the bounty of the earlier months continues into the winter. The harvest at this time of year is about stocking up and savoring the rich, earthy flavors of the fall harvest.

December Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

December in Utah is marked by cold temperatures and often snow-covered fields, signaling a pause in the traditional harvest season. The focus shifts from picking to enjoying the fruits of the earlier months’ labors. Storage crops such as onions, garlic, potatoes, and winter squash are the mainstay, having been harvested earlier and kept in conditions suitable for extending their availability. 

These vegetables available in season in Utah are perfect for hearty winter meals, offering sustenance and comfort. While the outdoor growing season is over, some farmers may still supply limited quantities of greenhouse-grown produce like herbs and leafy greens. The holiday season also brings an increased demand for locally produced food items, showcasing the year’s harvest in festive meals and celebrations, wrapping up the end of Utah’s agricultural calendar year with a celebration of its yield.

Mothwise Fruits and Vegetable Availability

MonthFruits AvailableVegetables Available
JanuaryStored Apples, PearsStored root vegetables (Beets, Carrots, Potatoes, etc.)
FebruaryStored Apples, PearsStored root vegetables, Winter Squash
MarchStored Apples, Pears, and Early Strawberries (greenhouse)Leafy Greens (greenhouse), Root Vegetables
April Leafy Greens, Radishes, Spring Onions
MayStrawberries, RhubarbAsparagus, Leafy Greens, Radishes, Turnips
JuneCherries, StrawberriesPeas, Beets, Carrots, Leafy Greens, Summer Squash
JulyApricots, Cherries, Raspberries, Early Apples, PeachesTomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Corn, Zucchini, Squash
AugustPeaches, Nectarines, Plums, MelonsZucchini, Squash, Beans, Tomatoes, Peppers, Corn
SeptemberApples, Grapes, Late RaspberriesTomatoes, Peppers, Corn, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots
OctoberApples, PumpkinsCarrots, Beets, Potatoes, Winter Squash, Pumpkins
November(Late-season Apples from storage)Brussels Sprouts, Turnips, Leeks, Kale
December(Apples from storage)Onions, Garlic, Potatoes, Winter Squash, Stored root vegetables

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Crop Harvest Calendar for Utah

What Fruits Are in Season in Utah?

Utah offers a diverse range of fruits seasonally, with cherries and strawberries in early summer, peaches and melons in late summer, and apples and pears in the fall.

How Long is Harvest Season in Kansas?

The harvest season in Kansas typically spans from May for early crops like strawberries to October for late-season crops like pumpkins and winter squash.

Are Peaches in Season in Utah?

Yes, peaches are in season in Utah, typically ripening from late July through September, depending on the variety and weather conditions.


Utah’s varied climate zones offer a rich tapestry of seasonal produce, with a harvest calendar that starts with leafy greens in the spring and transitions to a full array of fruits and vegetables, from summer berries and stone fruits to fall apples and root vegetables. The state’s agricultural bounty provides a fresh, vibrant selection that shifts with the seasons, fostering a connection between the land and its people throughout the year.


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