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Garlic Cultivation Cost Per Acre in India: Exploring State-wise Average Production Costs

Garlic cultivation cost per acre in India varies significantly across states. It is essential to explore the state-wise average production cost to gain insights. This analysis provides accurate data on the expenses incurred in garlic farming, allowing for informed decision-making.

Garlic Cultivation Cost Per Acre

Garlic Cultivation Cost Per Acre

Overview of Garlic Cultivation in India

In India, growing garlic is a major agricultural activity. With an extensive cultivating region, India is one of the world’s leading producers of garlic. The states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh are the main locations where garlic is grown. Garlic should be sown in October or November for best results, and it should be harvested in March or April. Garlic needs a pH range of 6 to 7.5 and well-drained soil with a high organic content.

Plants should be spaced appropriately, usually 10 to 15 cm apart. For higher yields, farmers often use nitrogen-based fertilizers and organic manure. Aphids and other pests, such as white rot, may harm the crop and need careful control. Because of its great demand in both the culinary and medical sectors, garlic is a successful crop. In India, the production of garlic requires careful attention to detail both throughout the growing season and after harvest.

Land Preparation Costs for Garlic Cultivation

The land preparation for garlic cultivation involves plowing and harrowing the field to make it fine and level. The field should be free of weeds, stones, and other debris. The land should be prepared at least 15 days before planting. The cost of land preparation for garlic cultivation per acre in India varies depending on the region, soil type, and method of tillage. According to some sources, the average cost of land preparation for garlic cultivation per acre in India is as follows.

Plowing costRs 1,500
Harrowing costRs 1,000
Leveling costRs 500
Total land preparation costRs 3,000

However, these costs may vary depending on the availability of labor, machinery, and fuel. Some farmers may also use organic manure or compost to enrich the soil before planting, which may add to the cost of land preparation.

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Harvesting Garlic in the Farm

Cost of Seed and Planting Material

Excellent seed material costs 5000 Rs for each quintal. However, the price of seed material may vary based on factors such as company, quality, availability, and demand. However, the average was taken into account in the following article. The whole expense of seed might reach up to Rs. 12,000 per acre. Cloves from the previous season’s crop may be used as seed.

Fertilizer and Nutrient Management Costs

The fertilizer dose ratio for garlic cultivation is N:P: K, i.e., 24:14:24 kg per acre. This means that 24 kg of N, 14 kg of P, and 24 kg of K are required for one acre of garlic crop. The sources of these nutrients can be chemical fertilizers, organic manures, or biofertilizers. The cost of chemical fertilizers for one acre of garlic crop can be calculated as follows.

  • Urea: 24 kg x Rs 12 per kg = Rs 288
  • DAP: 14 kg x Rs 48 per kg = Rs 672
  • MOP: 24 kg x Rs 18 per kg = Rs 432
  • Total cost = Rs 1392

Irrigation Costs for Garlic Cultivation

Garlic is a water-loving plant that requires frequent and adequate watering to produce large and healthy bulbs. However, irrigation costs can vary depending on numerous factors, such as the location, the availability of water sources, the type of irrigation system, and the weather conditions. Garlic requires about 25 to 30 irrigations during its growth cycle, which lasts for about 120 to 150 days.

The interval and amount of irrigation depend on the soil type, the rainfall pattern, and the stage of crop growth. Generally, garlic needs more water during the initial stages of growth and less water during the bulb formation and maturity stages. The average cost of irrigation for garlic farming is about Rs 6,000 per acre. However, this cost can vary depending on the type of irrigation system used.

Costs Associated with Pest and Disease Management

Pest and disease management is an important task in garlic cultivation, as it can affect the quality and yield of the crop. Some of the common pests and diseases that attack garlic are thrips, nematodes, white rot, purple blotch, stemphylium blight, and rust. 

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fresh dug garlic plant

To control these pests and diseases, farmers need to adopt various measures such as seed treatment, crop rotation, intercropping, weeding, mulching, irrigation, and chemical spraying. The average cost of pest and disease management for garlic cultivation per acre in India was Rs. 7,524. This included the cost of seed treatment (Rs. 1,000), fungicides (Rs. 4,524), and insecticides (Rs. 2,000).

Labor Costs in Garlic Cultivation

Garlic is a profitable and popular spice that requires some care and attention to produce high-quality bulbs. The average labor cost for garlic cultivation is Rs. 15,000 per acre. The labor cost included the expenses for plowing, sowing, weeding, irrigation, harvesting, and threshing.

Machinery and Equipment Costs

AspectCost (Rs.)
Machinery and Equipment Costs
Tractor (35-40 HP)5-6 lakhs
Rotavator (5 ft width)80,000-90,000
Planter (4 rows)40,000-50,000
Sprayer (Manual – 16 liters)1,500-2,000
Sprayer (Power – 20 liters)10,000-12,000
Digger (Manual)500-1,000
Digger (Power)30,000-40,000

Post-Harvest Handling and Transportation Costs

Harvesting garlic requires 130 to 180 days after planting. Harvesting may occur as the tips begin to dry and become a yellowish or brownish tint. Four workers may help harvest one acre of garlic for around 1200 rupees, while labor expenses for packaging and transporting the product, including packing materials, come to about 1500 rupees. The cost of transportation if the product is not sold on the farm, it might cost around 1000 rupees to sell it in nearby towns of Market.

State-wise Garlic Cultivation Cost Per Acre 

StateCost per acre (Rs)
Tamil Nadu1,20,000
Andhra Pradesh1,10,000
Uttar Pradesh1,30,000
Telangana 1,19,000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Garlic Cultivation

Are There High-Profit Varieties of Garlic?

Yes, some special varieties, like Riya van garlic, can fetch higher prices, ranging from Rs. 10,000 to 25,000 per quintal in the Market.

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Picking Garlic in the Field

What Is the Average Yield of Garlic Per Acre?

Garlic yield can vary, but it generally ranges from 50 to 70 quintals per acre (5000 to 7000 kg) under good management practices.


The average cost of cultivating garlic per acre in India varies by state. Factors influencing this cost include land preparation, seed quality, labor, irrigation, and pest control. These elements contribute to diverse production expenses across different regions.


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