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Top 10 Largest and Heaviest Chicken Breeds: All About Giant Chicken Breeds

Chickens come in various sizes and breeds, ranging from small bantams to large, majestic birds known for their impressive size and weight. If you’re interested in raising chickens that stand out for their colossal stature, then you’ll want to explore the world of giant chicken breeds. These breeds are not only fascinating due to their sheer size but also offer unique characteristics and traits that make them a distinct choice for poultry enthusiasts. In this guide, we’ll delve into the top 10 largest and heaviest chicken breeds, providing an overview of each breed’s characteristics and average weights.

Top 10 Largest and Heaviest Chicken Breeds

Jersey Giant

As the largest chicken breed, Jersey Giants are prized for their impressive size and gentle temperament. Hens typically weigh around 4.5-5.4 kg, while roosters can reach 5.9-6.8 kg. Originating in the United States in the late 1800s, they were bred to be a robust meat and egg-producing breed. Their glossy black, white, or blue plumage adds to their majestic appearance. Known for being calm and friendly, Jersey Giants make excellent backyard pets. Due to their size, they need adequate space and a well-balanced diet to thrive, making them a favorite among poultry enthusiasts.


Brahma chickens are renowned for their impressive size and majestic appearance, earning them a spot among the top 10 largest and heaviest chicken breeds. Originating in the United States in the mid-19th century, Brahmas can weigh between 5.5 to 8 kilograms or more. Recognizable by their striking feather patterns and distinctive leg feathering, these gentle giants are prized for their dual-purpose qualities, providing both ample meat and sizable eggs. 

Top 10 Largest and Heaviest Chicken Breeds

With a calm temperament and cold-hardy nature, Brahma chickens have become popular choices for backyard flocks and poultry enthusiasts seeking impressive and substantial poultry. Their substantial size and attractive plumage make them a standout breed in the world of chickens.


The Cochin is renowned for its massive size, making it one of the largest and heaviest chicken breeds. Originating from China, these birds boast feathered legs and a distinctive appearance. Weighing between 4.5 to 5.4 kilograms for hens and 5.4 to 6.3 kilograms for roosters, Cochins are known for their calm demeanor and fluffy plumage. 

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Cochin Chicken

Their exceptional size and fluffy feathers contribute to their appeal, making them popular as ornamental birds. Despite their hefty build, Cochins are valued for their friendly nature, making them an ideal choice for backyard flocks and exhibitions. Their unique characteristics make them stand out among the giant chicken breeds.


The Malay chicken, renowned for its colossal size, ranks among the largest and heaviest chicken breeds globally. Originating from Malaysia, these birds exhibit a majestic stature, with cocks weighing up to 5-7 kg and hens ranging from 3.5-5 kg. Recognized for their impressive height and long legs, Malays boast a distinctive appearance. While their temperament is often gentle, these giants require spacious accommodations to thrive. 

Despite their intimidating size, Malays contribute to poultry communities with their unique characteristics, making them a fascinating breed for enthusiasts. Their remarkable size and historical significance solidify the Malay chicken’s standing as one of the top 10 largest and heaviest chicken breeds globally.


Orpingtons are among the largest and heaviest chicken breeds, known for their friendly disposition and excellent meat production. Originating in England, Orpingtons come in various colors, including black, blue, buff, and white. These majestic birds boast a weight ranging from 3.6 to 4.5 kg or more, making them a popular choice for both backyard enthusiasts and small-scale farmers. 

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Orpington Chicken

Their impressive size, coupled with a thick layer of soft feathers, contributes to their overall appeal. Orpingtons are dual-purpose birds, excelling in both egg-laying and meat production, and their calm nature makes them easy to handle. These gentle giants are a delightful addition to any poultry flock.


The Australorp holds the world record for the heaviest chicken, with hens reaching up to 4.5 kg. Originating in Australia, this breed is renowned for its exceptional egg-laying capabilities, yielding around 250 to 300 brown eggs annually. Australorps boast glossy black plumage, red wattles, and a calm disposition, making them suitable for backyard enthusiasts. 

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Australorp Chicken

Their robust build contributes to their weight, making them one of the heaviest chicken breeds. These gentle giants thrive in various climates and are valued for both meat and eggs, solidifying their popularity among poultry keepers seeking a dual-purpose breed with substantial size and productivity.


Faverolles, known for their friendly demeanor, stand out as one of the largest and heaviest chicken breeds. Originating in France, these birds boast a substantial weight, with roosters reaching around 4-5 kg and hens averaging 3-4 kg. Recognizable by their fluffy feathers, five toes, and distinctive facial beard, Faverolles are prized for their docility and adaptability. 

With a unique appearance and solid build, these birds make a charming addition to backyard flocks. Whether for their large size, striking appearance, or gentle nature, Faverolles are a popular choice among poultry enthusiasts seeking substantial and amiable chickens for both eggs and companionship.


Sussex chickens are renowned for their friendly nature and prolific egg-laying capabilities. Among the top 10 largest and heaviest chicken breeds, Sussex hens typically weigh between 3.2 to 4.1 kg, while roosters can reach weights of 4.1 to 5 kg. These birds are characterized by their attractive white, red, or speckled plumage and are known for their calm behavior, making them ideal for backyard flocks. 

With excellent foraging abilities and adaptability, Sussex chickens thrive in various climates. Their sizable frame and efficient egg production contribute to their popularity among poultry enthusiasts seeking robust and sizable breeds for both meat and egg purposes.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red, though not among the largest, is a popular breed known for its egg-laying prowess and vibrant red plumage. Weighing around 3.6 to 4.5 kilograms, these chickens are hardy and adaptable, making them suitable for various climates. They excel in producing brown eggs and are favored for backyard flocks. Despite not reaching the heft of some giant breeds, Rhode Island Reds are valued for their friendly temperament and ease of care. Their sturdy build and excellent foraging abilities contribute to their overall appeal, making them a beloved choice for poultry keepers.

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock, known for its dual-purpose capabilities, is a large and heavy chicken breed. Weighing around 3.4 to 4.1 kg for hens and 4.3 to 5.4 kg for roosters, Plymouth Rocks are prized for their friendly disposition and striking black-and-white striped plumage. Originating in the United States, they gained popularity for their meat and egg production. Their robust build and calm temperament make them suitable for both backyard flocks and small farms. With excellent cold resistance, Plymouth Rocks continue to be a favorite among poultry enthusiasts seeking a reliable, substantial breed for both eggs and meat.


These giant chicken breeds offer a fascinating glimpse into the diversity of poultry, combining size with distinct characteristics that cater to various preferences, whether you’re interested in meat production, egg-laying capabilities, or simply having an eye-catching flock in your backyard.


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