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Top 12 Wholesale Flower Markets in India: Best and Largest from Mullick Ghat to Ghazipur

The importance of wholesale flower markets lies in their role as key distribution centers connecting farmers with buyers from across the country. Each flower market has its unique charm and offerings. These markets serve as trading centers for bulk flower purchases, catering to florists, event planners, decorators, and retailers looking to stock up on floral beauties at wholesale prices. Wholesale flower markets play a crucial role in meeting the demands of various occasions like weddings, festivals, corporate events, and more.

Wholesale Flower Markets in India

Top 12 Wholesale Flower Markets in India

Mullick Ghat Flower Market, Kolkata

Mullick Ghat Flower Market stands as a vibrant hub of colors and fragrances. From marigolds to roses, this market boasts a diverse array of blooms that attract visitors from far and wide. Today, it remains one of the oldest and largest flower markets in India. The market is a sight to behold, with its rows upon rows of flowers neatly arranged in baskets and draped over stalls. Buyers from all walks of life flock here to purchase fresh flowers for various occasions like weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

Ghazipur Flower Market, Delhi

Ghazipur Flower Market is a major flower market in Delhi. The market comes alive before dawn as vendors set up their stalls, creating a picturesque scene with petals glistening under the early morning light. The energy is infectious as buyers haggle for the best prices while sellers showcase their freshest blooms. Known for its wide variety of flowers sourced from different parts of the country, Ghazipur Market is a paradise for floral enthusiasts and event planners alike.

Dadar Flower Market, Mumbai

Dadar Flower Market is a famous flower market in Mumbai. As one of the oldest flower markets in the city, it has a rich history dating back decades. The market attracts florists, decorators, and locals alike who come to choose from a wide variety of flowers for all occasions.

From traditional marigolds used in religious ceremonies to exotic orchids for luxurious events, Dadar Flower Market offers a diverse selection for every need. The market comes alive early in the morning as vendors set up their stalls overflowing with fresh blooms sourced from different parts of Maharashtra and beyond.

Gudimalkapur Flower Market, Hyderabad

Located in the city of Hyderabad, Gudimalkapur Flower Market is a vibrant hub for wholesale flower trading. As one of the largest flower markets in South India, it offers a colorful array of blooms that captivate visitors and traders alike. From traditional marigolds to exotic orchids, this market showcases the rich diversity of flora found in the region. Walking through its bustling lanes, you can witness the hustle and bustle as vendors negotiate deals and customers browse for the perfect blooms.

Jawaharlal Nehru Flower Market, Kolkata

Jawaharlal Nehru Flower Market is one of the best flower markets in Kolkata. The market is named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, adding a touch of historical significance to its charm. Every morning, this market comes alive with the hustle and bustle of vendors selling an array of fresh blossoms – from marigolds to roses to orchids. The sight of numerous flower stalls lined up along the narrow lanes creates a picturesque scene that captures the essence of Kolkata’s cultural vibrancy.

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florist in floral bazar

Local florists and decorators flock to Jawaharlal Nehru Flower Market to source top-quality blooms for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. The market serves as a crucial link in the floral supply chain, connecting farmers from nearby regions with retailers across the city.

Mandi Wholesale Flower Market, Himachal Pradesh

The market bustles with colors and fragrances as vendors display a mesmerizing array of blooms, from roses to lilies, catering to both locals and tourists alike. Mandi Wholesale Flower Market has been an integral part of the local economy and culture. It serves as a meeting point for flower growers and buyers, fostering a sense of community among those passionate about floriculture. Whether you’re seeking flowers for weddings, festivals or to brighten up your home, Mandi Wholesale Flower Market has something for every occasion.

Jamalpur Flower Market, Ahmedabad

This market is a hub of activity, with traders and customers alike flocking to get their hands on the freshest flowers available. There are several flower varieties available in this market, from traditional marigolds to exotic orchids. Jamalpur Flower Market offers a wide variety of flowers to suit every occasion. Whether it’s for weddings, festivals, or simply brightening up your home, this market has something for everyone. Today, it has grown into a thriving wholesale market that attracts visitors.

Phool Mandi, Jaipur

Phool Mandi is a wholesale flower market in India that captivates visitors with its vivid colors and fragrant blooms. Here, an array of flowers, from marigolds to roses, are meticulously arranged in beautiful patterns, creating a visual feast for the senses.   Phool Mandi in Jaipur is a feast for the senses with its stunning array of traditional Rajasthani blooms.

Phool Mandi serves as a crucial hub for florists, event planners, and decorators seeking high-quality blooms at competitive prices. Its rich history and cultural significance make it a must-visit destination for those looking to immerse themselves in Jaipur’s vibrant floral traditions.

Pune Flower Market, Pune

The Pune Flower Market is a combination of colors and fragrances. As one wanders through the market, rows of fresh blooms greet them at every turn, from marigolds to roses and lilies. The market comes alive at the break of dawn as vendors set up their stalls with an array of flowers sourced from local farms. Wholesalers and retailers flock to this market to stock up on fresh flowers for various occasions like weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

The aroma of jasmine fills the air, creating a sensory experience unlike any other. Customers select from a wide selection of blossoms at competitive prices while engaging in friendly haggling with sellers. The Pune Flower Market is not just a place to buy flowers; it’s a cultural experience that showcases the importance of floral decorations in Indian traditions.

Yeshwanthpur Flower Market, Bangalore

Yeshwanthpur Flower Market beckons visitors with its lively ambiance and diverse selection of blossoms from across India. As one of the largest flower markets in India, it offers a wide variety of blooms that cater to both local vendors and customers alike. The market is bustling with activity from the early hours of the morning as trucks loaded with fresh flowers arrive from different parts of Karnataka and neighboring states.

From traditional marigolds and roses to exotic orchids and lilies, Yeshwanthpur Flower Market boasts an impressive selection of flowers that are sourced directly from growers. It is the premier flower market in Bangalore. The market not only serves as a trading place but also as a cultural hotspot where floral traditions are celebrated.

Coimbatore Flower Market, Coimbatore

The Coimbatore Flower Market is a vibrant hub of colors and fragrances. As you step into this market, you are greeted by rows upon rows of fresh blooms in every shade imaginable. Coimbatore flower market offers an abundance of locally grown flowers that highlight Tamil Nadu’s botanical diversity.

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orange chrysanthemum flowers in a market

Local florists and vendors can be seen haggling over prices and carefully selecting the best blossoms for their arrangements. From traditional garlands to elaborate bouquets, there is something here for every occasion – be it weddings, festivals, or religious ceremonies.

Patna Flower Market, Patna

Patna Flower Market is known for its wide variety of blooms, from traditional marigolds to exotic orchids. The market attracts buyers from far and wide, seeking fresh flowers for religious ceremonies, weddings, festivals, or to brighten up their homes. The vendors at Patna Flower Market are skilled artisans who take pride in arranging stunning flower bouquets and garlands with precision and care. As you walk through the narrow lanes filled with floral abundance, you can’t help but feel a sense of joy and tranquility amidst nature’s beauty.

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Top 12 Wholesale Flower Markets in India3


Wholesale flower markets provide a direct link between flower growers and buyers, ensuring a seamless supply chain of fresh flowers from farms to customers. Wholesale flower markets play a vital role in the floral industry by serving as hubs where bulk flowers are traded and distributed to retailers, event planners, and decorators. 


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