15 Best Pet Goat Breeds: The Friendliest Goat Breeds Perfect for Pets and Farms

Pet goats, as the name suggests, are domesticated goats kept primarily for companionship and enjoyment. These charming animals have become increasingly popular pets due to their playful nature and affectionate personalities. While many people may associate goats with farms and milk production, pet goats serve a different purpose. One of the main benefits of having a pet goat is their ability to form strong bonds with their owners. They are highly social creatures that thrive on human interaction and attention.

15 Best Pet Goat Breeds

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are pint-sized bundles of joy that make fantastic pets and additions to any farm. These adorable goats have become increasingly popular for their friendly personalities and manageable size. They are perfect for smaller properties or urban homesteads with a maximum height of 17-19 inches at the shoulder. One of the most endearing qualities of Nigerian Dwarf Goats is their playful nature. They love interacting with humans and other animals, making them excellent companions.

In addition to being great pets, Nigerian Dwarf Goats also offer practical benefits on farms. Despite their small stature, they are prolific milk producers, providing high-quality milk with a sweet taste. Their petite size also means less feed consumption compared to larger breeds. From vibrant spots to stunning patterns, each goat has its unique look that adds charm to any setting.

Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats are one of the most popular and beloved goat breeds for keeping them as pets or on small farms. They are compact, typically standing under two feet tall at the shoulder. This makes them easy to handle and perfect for those with limited space. Despite their diminutive stature, pygmy goats have big personalities.

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Best Pet Goat Breeds: Pygmy Goat

They are known for being social and affectionate animals, making them ideal companions for adults and children. Another great thing about pygmy goats is that they require minimal maintenance. In terms of appearance, pygmy goats come in a wide range of colors, adding an element of visual interest to any farm or backyard setting.

Nubian Goats

Nubian goats are a popular breed known for their charming personality and distinctive appearance. With their long, pendulous ears, they have an undeniable charm that makes them a favorite among pet owners and farmers alike. They are highly social animals that love interacting with humans, making them perfect companions for adults and children.

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Nubian Goat

Their playful demeanor also adds to their appeal as pets. In addition to being great pets, Nubians are also excellent milk producers. Another advantage of raising Nubian goats is their adaptability to various climates. Whether you live in a hot or cold region, these hardy creatures can thrive in different environments easily.

LaMancha Goats

LaMancha goats are known for their unique appearance and friendly demeanor, making them popular for pets and farms. LaManchas have an endearing charm that sets them apart from other goat breeds. These small to medium-sized goats are incredibly adaptable and thrive in various climates. One of the most appealing aspects of owning LaMancha goats is their calm and docile nature. They are often described as very friendly and easy to handle, making them ideal companions for children or individuals new to raising goats.

Their gentle temperament also makes them less likely to become aggressive or unpredictable. Besides their friendly disposition, LaMancha goats also offer practical benefits on farms. They are excellent milk producers, with high butterfat content in their milk. This makes it perfect for those interested in dairy production or wanting fresh milk for personal consumption. Another advantage of LaMancha goats is their adaptability to different management systems.

Alpine Goats

Alpine goats are a popular choice for both pet owners and farmers alike. These friendly and versatile animals have much to offer, making them an excellent addition to any household or farm. One of the standout features of Alpine goats is their impressive milk production. They are known for producing high-quality milk with excellent butterfat content. This makes them ideal for those interested in cheese-making or enjoying fresh goat’s milk.

In addition to their milk production, Alpine goats are also highly adaptable to different climates and terrains. Their strong build and sturdy hooves allow them to easily navigate rough terrain, making them suitable for farms in hilly or mountainous regions. Another advantage of raising Alpine goats is their docile nature. These animals are generally calm and gentle, making them great companions for children or other pets on the farm. Additionally, they are intelligent creatures that can be easily trained.

Toggenburg Goats

Toggenburg Goats are known for their striking appearance and friendly demeanor, making them popular among pet owners and farmers. One of the key characteristics of Toggenburg Goats is their adaptability to various climates. Whether you live in a hot or cold region, these goats can thrive in different environments. They are hardy animals that can withstand harsh weather conditions without much trouble.

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Toggenburg Goat

Toggenburg Goats are generally calm and docile. They enjoy human companionship and can be easily trained. This makes them ideal pets for families with children or individuals looking for an affectionate companion on the farm. Another advantage of raising Toggenburg Goats is their excellent milk production. They are recognized as one of the best dairy breeds, providing high-quality milk rich in butterfat. 

Furthermore, Toggenburg Goats have good longevity compared to some other goat breeds. They can live up to 12-15 years or even longer with proper care and nutrition. If you’re considering adding Toggenburg Goats to your family or farm, it is important to provide them with adequate space for grazing, exercise, and regular veterinary care.

Saanen Goats

Saanen goats, hailing from Switzerland, are known for their exceptional milk production. These friendly and docile animals have become a popular choice for both pet owners and farmers alike. Saanens make quite the impression with their distinctive all-white coat and upright ears. They are medium to large-sized goats with strong bone structure and excellent conformation. Don’t let their size fool you; they are gentle giants who love human interaction.

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Saanen Goat

One of the main reasons Saanens are highly sought after is their incredible milk production. These goats can produce up to 3-4 liters of milk daily. Their rich, creamy milk is delicious and has high butterfat content, making it perfect for cheese-making or drinking straight from the udder. Saanens also have a calm demeanor, which makes them suitable as family pets. In addition to their friendly nature, Saanens have good adaptability to different climates and environments. Whether you live in hot or cold regions, these goats can thrive as long as they receive proper care.

Boer goats

Boer goats are known for their impressive size and muscular build, making them popular among pet owners and farmers. Originating from South Africa, these goats have adapted well to various climates and conditions, which makes them versatile in different farming environments. They have a high carcass yield and produce lean meat with minimal fat content. This makes them ideal for raising goats specifically for meat production. Boer goats also possess friendly and docile personalities.

Adults and children can easily train and handle them, making them great companions on farms or even as pets in suburban settings. Another advantage of raising Boer goats is their excellent mothering abilities. Furthermore, Boer goats exhibit remarkable adaptability to harsh climates; they can tolerate extreme heat and cold temperatures without any issues. This trait makes them suitable for diverse geographical locations, allowing farmers across different regions to benefit from raising this breed.

Angora Goats

Angora Goats are known for their luxurious and soft fleece, making them a popular choice for fiber enthusiasts. These goats are friendly and docile, making them suitable as farm pets or companions. Their calm temperament allows for easy handling and interaction with humans. In addition to their charming personalities, Angora Goats are relatively low-maintenance animals.

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Angora Goat Breed

They require regular grooming to prevent the matting of their woolly coats but do not need intense physical exercise like some other goat breeds. If you’re considering raising an Angora Goat as a pet or for its fiber production potential, it’s important to note that they thrive best in moderate climates with mild winters. Ensuring proper nutrition and shelter is essential for keeping these delicate creatures healthy and happy.

Cashmere Goats

Cashmere goats are known for their luxurious and highly sought-after fiber, the softest of all goat fibers. These adorable creatures have a regal appearance with long, flowing locks that make them stand out among other breeds. One of the main reasons why Cashmere goats are popular as pets is because they have a friendly and docile temperament. They enjoy human companionship and are easy to handle, making them ideal for families looking for a loving pet.

In addition to being great companions, Cashmere goats also have practical benefits on farms. Their thick coats provide excellent insulation during harsh winter, keeping them warm even in freezing temperatures. This makes them an excellent choice for farmers living in colder climates. Moreover, raising Cashmere goats can be profitable due to the high demand for cashmere wool in the fashion industry. With proper care, these goats can produce quality fiber that can be sold at premium prices.

Oberhasli Goats

Oberhasli Goats, also known as Swiss Alpine goats, is a breed that originated in the Oberhasli region of Switzerland. These goats have a distinct appearance with their medium-sized bodies and beautiful reddish-brown coloration. The black markings on their face and legs add to their unique charm. They are known for being gentle and easy to handle, making them great companions for children and adults. 

In addition to being wonderful pets, Oberhaslis also have practical uses on farms. They are hardy animals that adapt well to various climates, which makes them ideal for different regions. Their milk production is impressive too – these goats produce rich and creamy milk with high butterfat content. Another advantage of raising Oberhaslis is their versatility in terms of diet. This makes them excellent choices for grazing or browsing livestock management systems.

Kinder Goats

Kinder goats are popular for those looking to raise friendly and affectionate pets on their farms. They typically stand around 2-3 feet tall and weigh between 80-120 pounds, making them easy to handle and care for. In addition to their compact size, Kinder goats have a sweet and gentle temperament. They are known for being very friendly towards humans, often seeking attention and affection from their owners. This makes them perfect companions for children or anyone looking for an interactive pet.

Another benefit of raising Kinder goats is that they are relatively low-maintenance compared to other breeds. They require minimal grooming and adapt well to various climates, making them suitable for rural farms and suburban homes with smaller yards. Furthermore, Kinder goats are excellent milk producers despite their petite stature. 

Spanish Goats

Spanish Goats are a popular breed known for their hardiness and adaptability. One of the notable characteristics of Spanish Goats is their ability to raise in harsh environments. In addition to their physical resilience, Spanish Goats possess a friendly and docile temperament, making them suitable as pets or companions on the farm.

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Spanish Goat

They are generally easy to handle and respond well to human interaction, making them a joy to be around. Another advantage of raising Spanish Goats is their versatility in diet. These goats have evolved to efficiently utilize sparse vegetation, enabling them to graze on a wide range of plants, including weeds and brush that other breeds may not find palatable.

Kiko Goats

Kiko goats are a popular breed that originated in New Zealand. These goats have gained recognition for their hardiness and ability to adapt to various environments. They were specifically bred for meat production, making them an excellent choice for farmers raising goats for meat. One of the standout features of Kiko goats is their exceptional mothering abilities. Another advantage of Kiko goats is their impressive resistance to parasites, which can be a common issue among goat breeds.

Their resistance means less reliance on medications or chemical treatments, making them a more sustainable option. Kiko goats also have strong bones and muscular bodies, allowing them to convert feed into muscle mass efficiently. This means they can produce more meat with leaner cuts than other breeds. In addition to these practical benefits, Kikos also make great pets due to their friendly nature and gentle disposition. They are often described as docile animals that enjoy human interaction, making it easier for owners to handle and train them.

Miniature Silky Fainting Goats

Miniature Silky Fainting Goats are incredibly friendly and make excellent pets. They are known for their calm and gentle nature, making them great companions for children and adults. Whether you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family or seeking a charming addition to your farmyard, there’s no doubt that pet goats can bring joy and laughter into your life.

From the playful Nigerian Dwarf Goats to the elegant Alpine Goats, each breed offers its unique qualities. Remember, raising any animal requires a time commitment and proper care. So before bringing home a pet goat, ensure you have enough space, resources, and knowledge about their needs.


Pet goats are excellent companions. They form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy being part of the family. Their playful personalities and curious nature make them great entertainment for children and adults alike. Owning pet goats can be financially rewarding if you breed them or sell their milk or fiber products.

Many goat breeds produce high-quality milk that is rich in nutrients and is ideal for making delicious cheeses and soaps. If you are considering raising goats as pets or on your farm, choosing breeds known for their friendliness and adaptability is important.


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