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Chain Link Fencing Cost: Estimated Price Per Kg, Sq.feet, Meter, and Installation Cost in India

Due to its durability and cost-effectiveness, chain link fencing is a popular and versatile option in India for securing properties. India’s chain link fencing cost varies widely based on factors like material, dimensions, and installation complexities. Offering both security and visibility, chain link fences are preferred for residential, commercial, and agricultural uses.

Chain Link Fencing

Here, we learn the chain link fencing cost in India, covering the price per kg, square foot, and meter, and insights into the material and installation costs. By understanding factors like material type, height, thickness, and labor costs, one can accurately calculate the price of the chain link fencing and explore affordable options, ensuring a budget-friendly yet effective fencing solution.

This fencing type is characterized by its woven steel wire construction, making it a popular choice for residential, commercial, and agricultural boundaries.

Opting for chain link fencing provides advantages like low maintenance, high durability, and the ability to secure an area without obstructing views.

Material Types: GI, PVC Coated, and Stainless Steel

The cost of chain link fencing in India significantly depends on the material used. Galvanized iron (GI) is the most common and cost-effective option, while PVC-coated and stainless steel variants offer enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal at a higher price. The choice of material affects not only the initial chain link fencing material cost in India but also the longevity and maintenance requirements of the fence, making it crucial to select the best price chain link fencing that meets both budget and quality needs.

Height and Thickness Variations

The height and thickness of the chain link mesh also play a crucial role in determining the cost. Standard heights range from 3 to 12 feet, and the wire thickness can vary from 2 to 4 mm. The price increases with height and thickness as more material is required for taller and thicker fences. When planning a fencing project, it’s essential to consider the specific height and thickness requirements to ensure optimal security and cost-efficiency.

Cost by Material Weight (Price per Kg)

The price per kg of chain link fence is a key determinant of the overall cost, with fluctuating rates based on market conditions and material quality. The galvanized chain link fence cost in India is generally lower than that of PVC-coated or stainless steel options. Knowing the weight of the required material helps estimate the total cost of chain link fencing, making it easier to compare wholesale prices in India and secure the best deal.

Impact of Coating Type on Price

The type of coating on the chain link fence significantly impacts the price. PVC coatings offer additional protection against weather elements, making the fence more durable and expensive. Galvanized coatings, while more affordable, provide sufficient protection for most applications. When calculating the chain link fencing price, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of the coating type against the initial cost.

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metal fence
Formula for Cost Calculation

To calculate the chain link fencing cost per square foot in India, one must consider the mesh’s material price, height, and thickness. A simple formula involves multiplying the price per kg by the mesh weight per square foot, adjusted for height and thickness. This calculation provides a baseline for estimating the material cost, helping in budget planning and cost comparison.

Example Calculations for Common Heights

For example, if the price per kg is INR 80 and a 4-foot high fence with a thickness of 3 mm weighs approximately 0.5 kg per square foot, the material cost would be INR 40. These example calculations are crucial for understanding India’s chain link fencing cost estimation for various project sizes and specifications.

Converting Square Feet Pricing to Per Meter

To determine the chain link fencing cost per meter, one can convert the square foot pricing by considering the standard width of a chain link roll, usually around 3.66 meters (12 feet). This conversion is essential for accurate budgeting and cost estimation, especially when comparing prices and negotiating with suppliers.

Adjustments for Height and Material Type

The cost-per-meter calculation needs to be adjusted based on the fence’s height and the material type used. Taller fences and higher quality materials like stainless steel or PVC-coated wire increase the cost per meter, making it important to factor in these variations when planning a fencing project.

Labor Cost Variables

Labor costs can range from INR 50 to INR 100 per square meter, depending on the region and the expertise required for the installation. Understanding these variables is crucial for budgeting the total cost of a fencing project.

Equipment and Additional Material Costs

Besides labor, the installation cost includes expenses for equipment and additional materials like posts, cement, and fasteners. These costs can significantly affect the overall budget, especially for larger projects. It’s essential to account for these expenses when calculating the total cost of chain link fencing in India.

Cost Comparison: DIY vs. Professional Installation

Savings and Considerations for DIY Installation

DIY installation of chain link fencing can save labor costs, making it an attractive option for those with the necessary skills and tools. However, it’s important to consider the time investment and potential challenges faced during installation, as these can impact the overall cost-effectiveness of the DIY approach.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

While more expensive upfront, professional installation ensures that the fencing is correctly and securely installed, potentially saving money in the long run on repairs and adjustments. The expertise of professionals can also provide valuable insights into choosing the right materials and design for specific needs, ensuring that the investment in chain link fencing is both effective and efficient.

Additional Costs to Consider

Transportation and Delivery Charges

When calculating India’s total chain link fencing cost, it’s important not to overlook transportation and delivery charges. These charges can add a considerable amount to the overall budget for large or remote projects, making it crucial to factor them in during the planning stage.

Taxes and Potential Hidden Fees

Taxes and potential hidden fees are other aspects that can affect the final cost of chain link fencing. Taxes can vary by state and are subject to change, while hidden fees might include additional charges for services like unloading or specialized delivery. Awareness of these potential costs and inquiring about them upfront can help avoid surprises and ensure a more accurate budget estimation.

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metal fencing
Bulk Purchase Discounts

One effective way to reduce the chain link fencing cost is to take advantage of bulk purchase discounts. Suppliers often offer lower prices for large orders, making buying in bulk beneficial for those undertaking sizable projects.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Needs

Selecting the right material for your chain link fencing can save costs. Although galvanized chain link fences are typically cheaper upfront, PVC-coated or stainless steel alternatives, despite being more expensive initially, could provide superior long-term value owing to their enhanced durability and reduced upkeep needs. Assessing the specific needs and conditions of the installation site can help you choose the most cost-effective material without compromising on quality or longevity.

There are numerous reputable suppliers and retailers of chain link fencing in India, ranging from large-scale manufacturers to local hardware stores. Recommended suppliers often have a proven track record of providing quality materials and reliable service. Researching and seeking recommendations can lead to finding suppliers known for their competitive pricing and product variety, ensuring a good balance between cost and quality.

Online vs. Local Market Shopping

The choice between shopping online and in the local market for chain link fencing materials can impact the purchase’s cost and convenience. Online retail provides the convenience of comparing prices effortlessly and accessing various products, frequently at competitive rates. However, local market shopping allows for physical inspection of the materials and potentially lower transportation costs, especially for smaller quantities.

Chain Link Fencing Cost per sqft in rupees

Mesh Size (in inches)Type of Chain LinkPrice per sq.ft (in INR)
2” x 2”Galvanized69
2.5” x 2.5”Galvanized55
1.5” x 1.5”Galvanized140
2.5” x 2.5”PVC Coated54
1.5” x 1.5”PVC Coated54
2” x 2”PVC Coated67
1.5” x 1.5”Stainless Steel78
2” x 2”Stainless Steel94
2.5” x 2.5”Stainless Steel139

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Chain Link Farm Fencing


Understanding the various factors influencing chain link fencing costs in India, from material and installation costs to additional expenses like transportation and taxes, is crucial for accurate budget planning.


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