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How John Deere Tractors Helping Indian Agriculture: Price, Models, and Dealers

The John Deere Tractor is best in perfect for various purposes. Such as farming, harvesting, crop cultivation, and much more farming work. John Deere tractors in India specialize in their operations. That is why John Deere Tractor is the first choice of Indian farmers. John Deere India is the most famous tractor company. In India, John Deere Tractors is one of the best tractors in the agricultural sector. Let’s check out how John Deere Tractors helping Indian agriculture below.

How John Deere Tractors Helping Indian Agriculture
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How John Deere Tractors helping Indian agriculture

Information about John Deere tractors

John Deere tractors offer the best range of 28 HP – 120 HP category tractors to small and backward Indian farmers. In addition, the company offers a wide range of 2WD tractors and 4WD tractors in the Indian market. John Deere Tractors is a world-leading tractor manufacturing company that strives to provide the best solutions to farmers. John Deere Tractors has contributed to agriculture in India by introducing a wide range of agricultural value chain products, including sowing implements, harvesting implements, and post-harvest equipment.

John Deere Tractors has introduced each of its modern tractors in a series of different types that are exceptionally designed to serve different farming categories and are designed keeping in mind the refreshing needs and requirements of the farmers. Indian farmers have a special trust and confidence in these tractors, and as such, the company works hard to meet the market’s needs. John Deere always strives to design his tractor according to the needs of the farmers to improve their agricultural production. 

John Deere was founded in 1837 with the invention of a steel plow, the first of its kind and the first-ever plow to successfully move the prairie soil of the American Midwest without clogging. The famous tractor company has headed eight CEOs in the past. Most of the people who headed the company were of Deere lineage. It is one of the most successful family-led businesses that maintain its founding values, quality services, integrity, and commitment. 

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Modern Tractor
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Why John Deere tractor is a famous tractor brand? 

John Deere always works for the betterment of the customer. It always strives to make customers happy and satisfied. The John Deere tractor has an advanced hydraulic system, excellent transmission system, high engine power, and many more features that make it a famous tractor brand among all tractor brands. The price of the John Deere tractor is another reason to like it because it is cheap and suitable for the farmer’s budget.

Top John Deere Tractor models

  • John Deere 5050 D
  • John Deere 5045 D
  • John Deere 5105
  • John Deere 5036 D
  • John Deere 3028 EN
  • John Deere 5042 D 
  • John Deere 5310
  • John Deere 6120 B
  • John Deere 6150R
  • John Deere 7530 Premium
  • John Deere 6155R
  • John Deere 6930 Premium
  • John Deere 6820

John Deere tractor qualities 

John Deere did farm with ease and efficiency. Take tractors, for example; Deere uses polyresin instead of metal on the hood and many other places that come in contact with the elements because it stands up to time and wears out much better. It results in fewer flaws, less color fading, and a much longer overall new look, which adds value to the life span of your device. As a result, John Deere is easily one of the most popular brands of tractors.

It is popular in the bright green and yellow tractor market. This brand manufactures high-quality and long-lasting machines. So, below are the top qualities of John Deere Tractors gardens in India that help you understand John Deere Tractors. 

Innovative technology – The current generation believes in advanced technology, and technology is now evolving. It comes with advanced technology such as an excellent transmission system, brakes, large fuel tanks, and modern PTOs at affordable prices for Indian farmers. 

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Tractors in the Field
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Heavy lifting capability – It has a massive lifting capacity means it can carry heavy attachments. These attachments will make farming smoother and more productive. The tools are Tractor Partners, and John Deere is the best toolmaker. It can quickly and easily pull and move attachments or tools that increase farmers’ productivity. 

Unique design – The design shows the presence of the tractor and attracts the farmers. John Deere comes with a unique design and style that appeals to Indian farmers. The unique style and design make it a favorite of Indian farmers. 

Power and durability – The John Deere tractor comes with powerful engines for running on rough terrain and pulling extremely heavy loads, making it useful in hard farming or landscaping work. It also comes with a cast-iron front axle for extra strength and durability. 

Safer for farmers – Working with a tractor is always a risk for farmers, but John Deere’s tractor minimizes that risk because it builds the tractor with the latest safe parts and systems. It has a less complex system so farmers can drive tractors quickly and safely. In addition, it can work efficiently, resulting in fewer accidents and less safety training.

Ease of customization – John Deere can easily be equipped with various accessories like tools, bumpers, hatches, top links, and many more, which are very useful for farmers and an essential requirement of Indian farmers. In addition, it is custom made with various options such as driving area, lighting, tires, engine, and many more things that can be modified.

Comfortability – John Deere provides comfort to farmers while driving. So, farmers increase their yields by working longer hours. Every user wants a comfortable ride, and John Deere works for it; it makes comfortable seats.

John Deere tractor cost in India

John Deere tractors are available in a wide range of prices ranging from just Rs 5 lakh to Rs 30 lakh. John Deere’s cheapest tractor is John Deere 3028EN, priced at Rs 5 lakhs. The most expensive tractor in India is the John Deere 6120 B, priced at Rs. 30 lakhs. 

  • John Deere 3036 EN Tractor cost is ₹ 6.5 Lakh / Unit 
  • John Deere 5210 2WD Gearpro Tractor, 50 HP cost is ₹ 7.75 Lakh/piece 
  • John Deere 5036 D Power Pro Tractor cost is ₹ 6.4 Lakh / Piece 

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Advanced Agriculture
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D Series Tractors 

John Deere, 5D Series Tractors, ranging from 36HP to 55HP. The 5D series tractors are versatile and effective in agricultural applications and heavy-duty haulage. These tractors offer more comfort in wide operator stations, neutral safety switches, and low maintenance costs. In addition, the John Deere 5D series includes Power Pro models, offering our customers a wide range of tractors.

These D series tractors are reliable in size and quality and have excellent performance and power. Durable and robust engines are used for these tractors, which help carry out farm work efficiently. The price of these John Deere tractors is between Rs. 5 lakhs – 8.40 lakhs. 

E Series Tractors 

John Deere 5E Series tractors are generally available from 50HP to 75HP. The 5E series tractors are designed to handle heavy-duty applications and large equipment with great ease and efficiency. As a result, the tractor has tremendous performance, exceptional profits, and excellent efficiency.

In addition, these tractors are light in weight and easy to operate. The engine capacity of the tractor models under this range is 36 HP and 75 HP. The price of John Deere tractors in India is from Rs. 7 lakhs – to 18.10 lakh.

John Deere Power Pro series 

It is the best tractor series with the best utility of tractors. The next best thing about tractors is fuel efficiency and ease of operation. These tractors are the best in power, with excellent performance based on reliable and conventional power to serve the best in the market. The Power Pro series tractors have a comfortable driving space and comfortable interior with an efficient braking system and efficient controlling and handling system.

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John Deere Tractor
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This type of tractor ensures extreme comfort and safety during long working hours in the field. The engine capacity of these tractors is between 41 HP – 46 HP. The price of John Deere tractors in India is Rs. 5 lakhs – 6.70 lakhs. John Deere tractors are used for heavy and haulage applications, even for easy harvesting on large earth masses and rigged surfaces. 

Specialty tractors 

John Deere Specialty tractors range from 28HP to 35HP. These narrow-width tractors are expertly designed to bring comfort and provide immense convenience in gardening, intercultural and puddling activities. 

John Deere New launched technology in the tractor industry

Gear-Pro technology 

Tractors are designed with this Gear-Pro technology equipped with modern technology. Multiple gears range is the key to this technology. With this range of multiple gears, farmers can choose the speed options according to their needs. This new technology also reduces fuel consumption. Therefore, the farmer’s operation cost will automatically decrease, and the farmer’s income will increase. 

Each tractor in Gear-Pro technology in gear is available with a 4-speed range; farmers can choose 12 + 4-speed options as per their requirements. Farmers can work comfortably with this tractor as there is no need to change gears frequently. Perfect speeds also reduce tire slippage problems, so fuel consumption is automatically reduced.

All tractors in the Gear pro series are equipped with an EQRL system that helps the farmer connect and disconnect the implementation on his own without anyone else’s help. As a result, 38% of these tractors are backed up in any agricultural operation. In addition, John Deere has launched three tractors in Gear Pro technology. 

  • John Deere 5210 Gear – Pro 
  • John Deere 5310 Gear – Pro 
  • John Deere 5405 Gear – Pro 
Auto Trac technology

John Deere always tries to make farmers’ lives easier on-farm work. Auto Trac technology helps make it easier for farmers to work in the fields. This technology helps track a straight line while working in the field with high productivity. This straight-line track helps create ridges and furrow making and adds soil according to the crop; basically, farmers can work with great skill in the agricultural field with this system.

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John Deere Tractors
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This high-tech overseas technique is only available to our small and marginal farmers in India because of John Deere tractors. This system assists framers in the row cropping pattern field. With the help of this technology, GPS farmers can drive a tractor in a perfectly straight line in the field in any condition, just like the car. In addition, this technology helps in hands-free straight-line driving. The system is equipped with a satellite receiver, touch screen display, and ATU 300 unit located in the steering unit. 

How many John Deere dealers are there in India? 

John Deere operates effectively in agricultural equipment and a network of 19 local offices, six regional offices, and approximately 900 dealer touchpoints in India.

Authorized John Deere dealers in India

  1. Vaibhav Auto Agency – Barela Talav State Highway, Jamnagar
  2. A.S.Motors Pvt. Ltd – 6-Laxmi Bai Colony, Harda
  3. Aalam and Comp – Sidawalpur, Sitakund Road Near Block Office, Muzaffarpur
  4. Aarthee Tractors: 2nd Raja Street, Ariyalur Main Road, Perambalur, Tamil Nadu –
  5. Abhay Tractors: 56, Silver Hills Indore Ahmedabad Road, Dindori
  6. Abj Tractors: Hatiya Chawk,Guljarbag, Hazaribagh
  7. Adanath Agencies: Pradyuman Shopping Centre Opp. Sugar Factory, Veraval Highway, Kodinar, Surendranagar
  8. Adarsh Tractor Co: Rewari Road, Narwana
  9. Adarsh Tractors: Ashwamegh Complex, Shamlalji Road, Ganeshpur, Morbi
  10. Abhinav Motors and Tractors: NH-75, Panna Naka, Datia


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