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How Sonalika Tractors is Helping Indian Agriculture: Price, Models, and Dealers

In traditional times, tractors were used in the fields to perform agricultural tasks. However, in modern times, tractors have been used for plowing fields, farming, planting and routine lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, moving or spreading fertilizer, and clearing bushes. Tractors have helped farmers complete their work.

How Sonalika Tractors is Helping Indian Agriculture
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Tractors are classified according to their actual purpose. The use of tractors depends on their type. For example, tractors used in agriculture are called utility tractors, while tractors used in construction sites are known as industrial tractors to carry heavy loads. Let’s check out how Sonalika tractors is helping Indian agriculture below.

How Sonalika tractors is helping Indian agriculture

Information about Sonalika tractors

Sonalika is a leading tractor and farm implementation brand that manufactures various tools and products. Sonalika is India’s fastest-growing tractor, and farm applied brand, focusing on developing a wide range of products for Indian farmers and commercial consumers. Farmers use tractors for plowing, grinding, and other agricultural work. In addition, tractors are used to push or pull machinery, facilitating farming activities. The 

Sonalika tractor is the third largest tractor in the world. It is the best-selling tractor company globally because it cares about the needs of its customers. Sonalika tractors are founded by Lakshman Das Mittal, an Indian businessman. Sonalika tractor company was a huge tractor manufacturing plant with a capacity of 300,000 tractors annually. Sonalika tractors are technically the best tractors with a dynamic combination of stylish design, superior features, and heavy-duty power.

Advanced technology is used for tractor maintenance, durability testing, and reasonable rates. Sonalika tractors have launched ‘Sonalika Agro Solutions’ tractors and implemented a rental app to bridge the gap between farmers and high-tech farm machinery – from land preparation to harvesting. The platform connects farmers to many machinery tenants who offer high-tech agricultural equipment for rent in their vicinity. The two extreme tractors are so different in price that they can easily cover many economic and agricultural markets.

The most basic but modern tractor, starting at 3,20,000 lakh, is the Sonalika GT20. And the most expensive is Sonalika World Track 90 4WD, priced at Rs 15,60,000 lakh. Sonalika also has a significant range in horsepower, starting at 39 HP and going up to 90 HP, providing its customers with the best and most comprehensive variety of their largest and most loyal customer base. 

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Sonalika Tractors
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Sonalika tractor developed and customized tractor models, especially for the farmers of Rajasthan. Sonalika tractors are equipped with high performance, style, and comfortable features. Sonalika International Tractors Limited has set up the world’s No. 1 integrated tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur, Punjab, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 tractors. The plant is spread over several acres and has ten different manufacturing units that manufacture Sonalika’s heavy-duty tractor range.

The quality of production is due to the highly professional and skilled manpower, the main part of which is the most efficient. Thus, the manufacturing plant provides a complete “Total Customer Satisfaction solution.” Sonalika Tractor has received various awards and accolades for providing the best technology to farmers, including the Global Agriculture Leadership Award and the Innovative Leadership Award. 

Features and price of Sonalika Electric Tractor in India 

The price of this tractor model is very reasonable in India as it is equipped with industry-leading technology. Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor comes in the price range of about Rs. 5.99 lakh in India.

Features of Sonalika Electric Tractor 

  • E-trac motor – Sonalika Tiger Electric has a maximum / peak capacity of 21.3 km. This motor is very powerful and has a high-power density. High peak torque and fast pickup make this motor very useful for tractors.
  • Improved hydraulics – The tractor packs more advanced two levers with PCDC-type hydraulic control that can increase heavyweight. Combined, it has a modest capacity of 500 kg.
  • Advanced transmission – Although it is an electric tractor, it has a maximum forwarding speed of 24.93 kmph. Sonalika Tiger Electric is equipped with oil-immersed brakes for high grip. 540/750 PTO RPM is enough to power most farm equipment. 
  • High-quality tires – Sonalika electric tractor combines the best quality tires for low slippage and a strong grip on the field. The front tires are 5-12 inches wide, and the rear tires are 8-18 inches wide. 
  • Eco-friendly – The diesel-powered tractors or conventional tractors burn fuel to harm the environment. The Sonalika electric tractor, on the other hand, is powered by electricity, which means it is fragile and environmentally friendly.
  • Overall dimensions – It falls into the category of mini tractors. The total weight of the tractor is 820 kg, and it has a wheelbase of 1420 mm. 
  • 1/4 running cost – Since the Sonalika Tiger is powered by electricity, the running cost is much lower than conventional tractors. It saves a lot of money which covers the financial burden of Indian farmers. 
  • Better power performance – The motor consumes less power, making it very efficient. The tractor has a 25.5 kWh compact battery that can last up to 8 hours on a single charge, making the tractor productive on the farm. 
  • Fast charging support – This tractor model is equipped with built-in fast charging technology. 
  • Top speed of 24.9 km/hour – Although this is an electric tractor, it can reach a maximum of 24.9 km/hour speed. This speed is more than enough, as it falls into the category of mini tractors. It has all the features of a conventional tractor.

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Sonalika Tractor
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How are Sonalika tractor models beneficial for farmers? 

Sonalika tractors have registered their victory worldwide by committing to the farmers and making their work easier. They take care of their customers and deliver products according to their needs and budget. Sonalika tractors are passionate about meeting emerging demands in agriculture and trying out new ideas to improve the lives of farmers. Sonalika tractors provide machining and high-quality products. It offers advanced products at a reasonable price. 

Price of Sonalika Tractors and HP Range 

Sonalika tractors are always dedicated to their values. Sonalika tractors range from 20 HP to 120 HP, including all types of mini or heavy-duty tractors. They handle all the work, whether it’s a garden, a small farm, or a large farm. These tractors complete all the work on time and without any extra effort. So, Sonalika tractor models are the best choice for all farmers, both old and new.

The company has the best mini tractors that are efficient. The price of a mini-Sonalika tractor is also beneficial for small farmers. Another reason for the popularity of these tractors is the price range. Price always matters, and Sonalika understands that perfectly. That’s why Sonalika offers tractors at reasonable prices. The company introduced the Sonalika electric tractor to take agriculture to new heights. 

Sonalika tractors manufacture tractors as per the requirement of the farmers. Their tractors come with full features and reasonable prices. Sonalika offers horsepower from 20 hp to 90 hp starting at Rs. 3.00 lakhs to Rs. 12.60 lakhs. All tractors of Sonalika are productive and provide a long time in the fields. 

Sonalika Tractor Series 

Sonalika tractors come in different styles with different features for different types of users. They are;

  • Tiger Series
  • MM Series (Mileage Master)
  • Sikander Series
  • DI/RX Series

Sonalika tractor models

Below 30 HP

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Indian Tractor in the Field
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30 HP- 50HP
50HP- 75HP

Some other models are; 

Sonalika DI60 

The Sonalika DI60 model is an excellent utility tractor that performs every task efficiently. 

Features – The Sonalika DI 60 tractor comes in the 60 HP range and is equipped with four cylinders for best production and expected results. It has a capacity of 62 liters of fuel and provides excellent mileage with a 12 V 88 AH battery. It comes with a powerful 3707 CC engine powered by 2200 ERPM. The Sonalika DI60 model tractor has water-cooled technology with a pre-cleaner air filter and oil bath.

It also applies to side mesh transmission and constant mesh with single / dual-clutch. It has an oil-soaked brake that prevents the tractor from slipping. Sonalika DI60 Tractor price is very cheap and starts from Rs. 5.90 lakhs – Rs. 6.40 lakhs, which a small farmer can easily avail. 

Sonalika 35DI Sikander

Sonalika 35DI Sikander Tractor is a very powerful tractor that meets your expectations. This tractor is very popular among farmers and is perfect for farming and commercial activities. 

Features – Sonalika 35DI Sikander has 39 HP category range. It is equipped with three cylinders which provide the best operation on farms and give better results. The 35 DI Sikander has a capacity of 55 liters of the fuel tank, which offers long working hours with a 12 V 75 AH battery.

It comes with a powerful engine that comes with 1800 ERPM. It has the best cooling technology with the wet type air filter. It comes with a single / dual-clutch with permanent mesh/sliding mesh transmission. Sonalika 35DI Sikander Price is very cheap and starts from Rs. 5.05 to Rs 5.40 Lakh. This price change is due to external factors like RTO, insurance, etc. 

Sonalika 42 DI Sikander

It is the best tractor in the range of 40-42 HP. This product has three cylinders producing Sonalika 42DI Sikander 1800. It is a 42 HP tractor with low maintenance and an economic engine with high power output. It comes with eight forward + 2 reverse gearboxes and a 55-liter fuel tank.

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Tractor in the farm
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The 42 DI Sikander has a lifting capacity of 1800 kg, which pushes and pulls heavy tools to make farming smooth. It has many useful accessories tools, top link, canopy, bumper, and the on-road price is Rs. 5.40 – Rs 5.70 Lakh. It has dry disc/oil-immersed brakes with an optional clutch (single or power). 

Sonalika Tiger 50 tractor

It is one of the most efficient tractors belonging to the Sonalika brand. This powerful tractor handles all farming applications perfectly. The durable engine produces 2000 RPM. The Sonalika Tiger 50 tractor costs Rs. 6.70-7.15 Lakh. 

Sonalika DI 750 Sikander 

It is perfect for farming and commercial purposes. It does everything well and gives results. It has a 55 HP category range. It is equipped with four cylinders which are perfect for a tractor. It has a capacity of a 65-liter fuel tank for long-term operation. In addition, it comes with a powerful battery that helps the tractor to operate properly. It has a powerful engine with 1900 ERPM. It has excellent cooling technology with a wet-type air filter.

It comes with a single/dual-clutch with permanent mesh transmission. This clutch offers the best option for buying this tractor. It is fitted with oil-immersed brakes. They help to make the tractor strong. It comes with a mechanical / power steering mode for a perfect turning radius. The price is reasonable according to the farmer’s budget. Its price starts from Rs. 6.05 – Rs 6.40 Lakh.

Sonalika DI 47 RX 

It has a dry-type air cleaner with a pre-cleaner system, which is simple and easy to maintain, and it has permanent mesh with eight forward + 2 reverse gearboxes. The DI 47 RX has a capacity of 55 liters of the fuel tank which means it stays in the field longer. It comes with immersive disc brakes and heavy hydraulic lifting capability and has the added features of high torque backup and high fuel efficiency.

It also offers accessories like bumpers, tools, ballet weights, top links, canopies, drawers, and hatches as per the demand and requirements of the farmers. It is priced at Rs. 5.60 – 5.90 lakh.

Sonalika GT20 tractor

It is a 20 HP tractor, equipped with a 3-cylinder, 959 CC engine. The engine produces 2700 RPM. The Sonalika GT20 comes with mechanical steering and a 31.5-liter fuel tank. The Sonalika mini tractor costs Rs. 2.85-3.05 lakh, which is suitable for small farmers. 

Sonalika DI60

One of the most powerful and versatile Sonalika tractor models has 60 HP power with four cylinders and a 3707 CC engine. The latest power steering and oil-immersed brakes are perfect for hassle-free control. The price of a tractor is Rs. 5.90 – 6.40 lakhs.

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Sonalika Tractors
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Sonalika DI 50 RX

Sonalika DI 50 RX has a single/dual option for the clutch. It has three cylinders, ten gearboxes, and impressive kilometers per hour speed. So, this tractor fits your budget and works great with all types of land and all kinds of equipment. 

Sonalika tractor dealers in India

  1. Maa Banjari Tractors: College Chowkkharor Road, Adilabad, Chhattisgarh
  2. Sri Balaji Tractors: Opp-Smarat Hotel, Lokapur Road, Mudhol, Adilabad, Karnataka
  3. Shripal Tractors: Address – Ujjain Road Agar, Agar Malwa, Madhya Pradesh
  4. Baldev Engineering: PLOT NO. 28, ON PANNVEL-PEN HIGHWAY, Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra
  5. Guru Krupa Tractors: Ghulewadi Police Station, Opp. Central Bank, Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra
  6. Shyam Agro Industries: Market Yard, C 212223, On Rokadiya Hanuman Road
  7. Agristar Farm Services: Chokadi Road, Tarapur, Surendranagar
  8. Anand Tractor Agency: Ranka Mor(Main Road), Hazaribagh
  9. Anant Agro Solutions: Tal -Motihari, Dist- East Champaran, Madhubani



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