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Sunflower Cultivation Cost Per Acre in India: Exploring State-Wise Average Production Cost

Sunflower cultivation cost in India varies by state, affecting the overall profitability. In this overview, we delve into the state-wise average production costs, providing concise and precise insights into the expenses incurred per acre.

Sunflower Cultivation Cost

Sunflower Cultivation Cost

Overview of Sunflower Cultivation in India

In recent times, India has become a major hub for sunflower cultivation. Its oil-rich seeds are the main reason it is planted; they are an excellent source of edible oil. Sunflowers grow best in areas with plenty of sunshine and well-drained soil. The states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Telangana are significant producers of sunflowers. 

Sunflower seeds are cultivated by sowing them in the winter, and they need 90 to 120 days to develop. A good crop depends on effective pest control and irrigation. Sunflower cultivation is an essential agricultural technique in India as it not only benefits the edible oil sector but also gives many Indian farmers a means of subsistence.

Land Preparation Costs for Sunflower Cultivation

Land preparation is an important step for sunflower cultivation as it ensures good seed germination, weed control, soil aeration, and moisture conservation. The land should be ploughed well and leveled to make it suitable for sowing. The land preparation costs include the expenses for plowing, harrowing, leveling, irrigation channels, etc.

The cost of land preparation for sunflower cultivation on one acre of land is around Rs. 1200. This includes Rs. 900 for plowing the field with a tractor and Rs. 300 for hiring one man to prepare irrigation channels and other activities. The cost of land preparation may vary depending on the soil type, region, season, and availability of labor and machinery.

Cost of Seed and Planting Material

Seed and planting materials are vital for successful sunflower cultivation. Sunflower requires approximately 2.5 to 3 kg of high-quality seeds per acre. Choosing certified hybrid sunflower seeds is crucial, as they exhibit improved yield potential and disease resistance. Proper seed treatment is essential to protect against diseases and pests. 

Farmers should ensure that the seeds are free from contaminants and have high germination rates, guaranteeing a healthy sunflower crop. The cost of one kilogram of good quality sunflower seeds is Rs. 250, so you need to spend around Rs. 750 for the seed material. The seeds should be treated with chemicals to avoid virus infestation.

Fertilizer and Nutrient Management Costs

For rainfed sunflowers, the recommended fertilizer dose is 30-40-30 kg of N-P2O5-K2O per hectare, along with 2.5 tonnes of FYM per hectare. The FYM should be applied before sowing, while the chemical fertilizers should be applied as a basal dose at sowing. The cost of fertilizer and nutrient management per acre for sunflower cultivation varies depending on the source and quality of the inputs.

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Sunflower Field

Based on some estimates, the cost of FYM ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per acre, while the cost of chemical fertilizers ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 per acre. The cost of spraying micronutrients such as zinc, boron, iron, etc., may add another Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per acre. Therefore, the total cost of fertilizer and nutrient management per acre for sunflower cultivation may range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3500, depending on the type of cultivation (irrigated or rainfed), the fertilizer dose, and the quality of inputs.

Irrigation Costs for Sunflower Cultivation

Irrigation plays a crucial role in sunflower cultivation. Sunflowers require consistent moisture for optimal growth. Drip irrigation is recommended for efficient water distribution. Watering should be frequent during the initial stages and reduced as the plants mature. Proper soil moisture monitoring is essential. Avoid water stress during flowering to ensure good seed formation.

Over-irrigation can lead to root diseases, so a balanced approach is vital for successful sunflower farming. Irrigation is important to ensure good yield and quality of the sunflower seeds. The irrigation cost for sunflower cultivation in one acre ranges from Rs. 830 to Rs. 1300. This includes the depreciation cost of the drip system, irrigation charges, electricity charges, etc., involved in one-acre sunflower farming.

Costs Associated with Pest and Disease Management

  • Rs. 180 for seed treatment with thiomethoxam or imidacloprid
  • Rs. 300 for spraying neem oil or azadirachtin against tobacco caterpillars and Bihar hairy caterpillars
  • Rs. 300 for spraying dimethoate or acephate against jassids
  • Rs. 300 for spraying propiconazole or tebuconazole against rust
  • Rs. 150 for spraying carbendazim or thiophanate methyl against charcoal rot, stem rot, and head rot
  • Rs. 140 for labor charges for spraying operations

The average cost is around Rs.1370 for the management of pests and diseases in a one-acre sunflower field. The cost of pest and disease management may vary depending on the pest and disease incidence, severity, location, season, variety, etc.

Labor Costs in Sunflower Cultivation

ActivityLabor Cost (Rs.)
Fertilizers and manures2,000
Miscellaneous activities500
Cleaning and packing500

Machinery and Equipment Costs

Machinery/EquipmentCost Range (Rs./acre)
Tractor2,024 – 4,942
Plough250 – 500
Harrow250 – 500
Leveler250 – 500
Ridger250 – 500
Seed Drill250 – 500
Sprayer250 – 500
Weeder250 – 500
Reaper500 – 823
Thresher823 – 1,646
Cleaner250 – 500
Dryer823 – 1,646

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Cultivating Sunflower

Post-Harvest Handling and Transportation Costs

Post-Harvest ActivityCost for 1 tonne (Rs.)
Threshing using a power thresher1,000
Drying using a mechanical dryer500
Cleaning and grading using a seed cleaner-cum-grader250
Packaging using new jute bags750
Storing using a rural godown (per month)500
Transporting by truck (per km per tonne)200

State-Wise Sunflower Cultivation Cost Per Acre 

StateCost per acre (Rs.)
Andhra Pradesh10,879
Madhya Pradesh9,800
Tamil Nadu11,500
Uttar Pradesh10,300
West Bengal9,700

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Sunflower Cultivation.

Sunflower plants should be spaced at a distance of 30 to 45 cm between rows and 20 to 30 cm between plants to plant within a row.

Average Yield of Sunflowers per Acre in India?

The average yield of sunflower seeds in India is approximately 8 to 9 quintals per acre.

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Sunflower Field


Sunflower cultivation costs per acre in India vary by state due to factors like region, variety, and market conditions. Farmers need to consider these variables when planning sunflower cultivation to optimize their production expenses.


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