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Top 10 Best Organic Fertilizers in India: Top Companies for Vegetables, Flowers and Fruit Plants along with Price

In the green embrace of India’s diverse flora, using the best organic fertilizers has become the cornerstone of sustainable cultivation and gardening. The search for the best organic fertilizers for vegetables in India and the best organic fertilizers for flowers in India has heightened as gardeners and farmers seek nourishing blends that enrich the soil and enhance plant vitality.

Top 10 Best Organic Fertilizers in India

The cultivation industry extends beyond, reaching the vast expanses where crops and grains flourish, necessitating the use of the best organic fertilizers for crops and grains in India. Similarly, the lush carpets of green in lawns and gardens echo the significance of choosing the best organic fertilizers for lawns and gardens in India.

Indoors, the potted wonders and thriving green corners highlight the growing importance of selecting the best organic fertilizers for indoor plants in India. Recognizing these diverse needs, numerous branded organic fertilizers in India have emerged, each vying for the position of India’s top organic fertilizer company. These companies also emphasize providing the best organic manures for vegetables in India, ensuring a bountiful and healthy harvest.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Organic Fertilizers in India

Navigating through the vast array of the best organic fertilizers in India requires thoughtful consideration of various crucial factors to ensure your plants thrive. It’s essential to pinpoint the specific needs of your diverse plants, be it vegetables, flowers, crops, grains, lawns, gardens, or indoor plants. The market is flooded with options, thanks to the top organic fertilizer companies in India offering a multitude of branded organic fertilizers, each uniquely catering to different plant needs.

While considering the best organic fertilizers for vegetables in India, flowers, or any other plant type, brand reliability and pricing also play a significant role in making the right choice. It’s about striking the perfect balance, ensuring that your chosen fertilizer aligns with both your plants’ needs and your budget, allowing for flourishing growth and optimum plant health naturally and organically.

Top 10 Best Organic Fertilizers in India

Natural Organic Farm’s Desi Cow Gobhi

Priced at around Rs. 40 per kg, Natural Organic Farm’s Desi Cow Gobhi is among the best organic fertilizers in India. Infused with the goodness of desi cow dung, it significantly enhances soil fertility, providing an enriched environment for plants to flourish. Suitable for various plants, including vegetables, flowers, and fruits, this fertilizer is an economically viable and efficient choice for garden enthusiasts aiming to embrace organic cultivation methods.

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JIVA Organics’ Neem Cake

JIVA Organics’ Neem Cake, available at approximately Rs. 50 per kg embodies an exceptional blend of nourishment and protection for plants. As one of the best organic fertilizers in India, it enriches the soil with essential nutrients and acts as a natural pesticide, safeguarding plants against various pests and diseases. It benefits flowers and vegetables, promoting healthy growth and boosting overall productivity.

Eco Planet’s Vermicompost

Retailing at around Rs. 60 per kg, Eco Planet’s Vermicompost has secured its place as one of the best organic fertilizers in India. It revitalizes the soil by introducing essential nutrients, fostering an environment where plants can thrive organically. It’s a superb choice for individuals passionate about sustainable and organic gardening practices and is suitable for a wide array of plants, including indoor plants and vegetables.

Biobritama’s Bio Manure

Biobritama’s Bio Manure, priced at around Rs. 80 per kg, exemplifies quality and efficacy as one of the best organic fertilizers in India. It is formulated to nourish the soil, enhancing its structure and fertility and facilitating the robust growth of plants, be it vegetables, flowers, or fruits. This biomanure represents a blend of natural ingredients, making it an excellent option for those aiming to optimize the health and yield of their plants through organic means.

Kisan Sahay’s Jeevamrutha

Available at about Rs. 90 per liter, Kisan Sahay’s Jeevamrutha is a premium organic fertilizer that bolsters plant growth and soil fertility. Crafted meticulously, it is particularly effective for vegetables, flowers, and other plants, underscoring its versatility and value as one of the best organic fertilizers in India. Its formulation aims to promote sustainable and organic farming practices, enhancing plants’ overall well-being and productivity.

Nature’s Care’s Organic Compost

Retailing at approximately Rs. 100 per kg, Nature’s Care’s Organic Compost stands out among the best organic fertilizers in India. It nurtures the soil, enriching it with essential organic matter and nutrients for growing plants like vegetables, flowers, and fruits. This compost is a testament to quality, promising to be a beneficial addition to gardening routines that promote organic and sustainable practices.

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Agriya’s Organic Manure

Agriya’s Organic Manure, positioned at a competitive price of around Rs. 80 per kg, has marked its place among the best organic fertilizers in India. This manure is adept at revitalizing soil, imparting essential nutrients that bolster the growth of many plants, including vegetables and flowers. Its rich composition enhances soil fertility organically, promoting the robust growth of plants and making it a favored choice for garden enthusiasts and farmers who prioritize organic farming practices.

Green Gold’s Organic Fertilizer

Green Gold’s Organic Fertilizer, available at about Rs. 110 per kg, signifies a blend of quality and organic richness. As one of the best organic fertilizers in India, it offers a powerful combination of essential nutrients that substantially contribute to the enhanced growth and vitality of various plants, including vegetables, flowers, and fruits. Its presence boosts soil health, ensuring plants receive adequate nourishment for naturally and organically flourishing growth.

Eco Fresh’s Organic Manure

Priced at around Rs. 120 per kg, Eco Fresh’s Organic Manure exemplifies a top-tier option among the best organic fertilizers in India. Its composition is geared towards improving soil health and fertility, ensuring an enriched environment where plants can thrive with vigor. Suitable for many plants, this manure is a testament to quality and effectiveness, supporting organic growth and sustainability in gardening and farming practices.

Pratibha’s Organic Fertilizer

Pratibha’s Organic Fertilizer, with a pricing point of approximately Rs. 130 per kg, resonates with quality and organic integrity. Crafted to meet the diverse nutritional needs of plants, it has cemented its place among the best organic fertilizers in India. The fertilizer promotes the flourishing of various plants, including flowers and vegetables, by enriching the soil with vital nutrients, facilitating organic growth, and the overall well-being of plants in various settings.

Top 10 Organic Fertilizer Companies in India


Located in Pune, Maharashtra, Ecozen is a remarkable name in organic fertilizers and has established its footprint since its inception in 2009. Ecozen has meticulously cultivated diverse organic fertilizers that testify to quality and sustainable agriculture practices. The company’s continuous endeavor towards promoting products that are inherently rich in natural nutrients and environmentally benign has made it one of India’s top 10 organic fertilizer companies.

Nature’s Nourishment

Nature’s Nourishment, having its roots in Bangalore, Karnataka, was founded in 2015. Nature’s Nourishment has blossomed into a renowned name in the organic fertilizer industry, embracing the essence of natural purity and sustainability. It carries a splendid legacy of nurturing and promoting healthy plant growth through its remarkable range of organic fertilizers, positioning itself firmly among India’s top 10 organic fertilizer companies.

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Organic Farming India

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Organic Farming India has emerged as a bastion of organic agriculture innovation and excellence. With a rich tapestry of organic fertilizers that resonate with quality and effectiveness, the company has staunchly positioned itself among India’s elite top 10 organic fertilizer companies, fostering a sustainable future through its remarkable contributions to organic farming.


Biofert, located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and inaugurated in 2007, holds a position of reverence in the organic fertilizer landscape of India. Biofert’s commitment to enhancing soil fertility and plant growth through a commendable array of organic fertilizers has cemented its place in the echelons of the top 10 organic fertilizer companies in India, championing the cause of sustainable and nourishing agricultural practices.

Kerala Organic Farming

Kerala Organic Farming, founded in 2010 and operating from its base in Thrissur, Kerala, has been a luminary in organic fertilizers. With a dedicated focus on promoting eco-friendly and nutrient-rich fertilizers, Kerala Organic Farming has earned its prestigious position among India’s top 10 organic fertilizer companies, embodying the spirit of natural and sustainable agricultural practices.


Jaivik, a cornerstone of India’s organic fertilizer industry, was established in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, in 2011. Since its inception, it has fervently embraced the ethos of organic cultivation, channeling vast expertise and innovative methodologies into creating fertilizers that stand as paragons of organic purity and effectiveness.

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Every product within Jaivik’s portfolio is meticulously crafted, embodying the quintessence of nature’s bountiful nourishment. The company’s profound commitment resonates within each grain of its organic fertilizers, fostering an environment where plants can thrive in the richness of natural care and sustenance. Jaivik’s enduring dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and innovation shines brightly, making it a luminary in the vibrant tapestry of India’s organic fertilizer industry.


Emerging from the fertile lands of Nasik, Maharashtra, in 2010, Eco-Farm has grown exponentially as a beacon of excellence within India’s organic fertilizer sector. Each fertilizer produced under the Eco-Farm banner is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and organic integrity.

Eco-Farm’s impressive range of products reverberates with the wisdom of nature and scientific innovation, blending traditional knowledge with modern advancements to nourish the soil and plants with unparalleled richness. Through continuous improvement and a passion for organic brilliance, Eco-Farm stands as a formidable guardian of ecological balance and a pioneer in propelling the organic fertilizer industry toward new horizons of success and recognition.

Green Gold

Green Gold, rooted in Hyderabad, Telangana, and sprouting its organic brilliance since 2005, has promoted organic agricultural practices through its premium range of fertilizers. Green Gold’s journey is a rich narrative of innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of organic purity and sustainability.

Its offerings are carefully curated symphonies of nature’s finest elements, designed to enrich the soil and cultivate a thriving environment where plants can flourish with vitality. The legacy of Green Gold is a shining reflection of its excellence, manifesting a tradition of quality that significantly contributes to the organic fertilizer industry in India.

Nutri Organic

Nutri Organic, inaugurated in Kolkata, West Bengal, in 2009, holds a special place in the organic fertilizer industry with its unique approach to nourishing the earth and its inhabitants. Specializing in various fertilizers embodying the essence of organic richness, Nutri Organic’s offerings are perfect symphonies of natural nutrients and organic vitality.

The company has flourished by embracing the principles of sustainability, quality, and innovation, cultivating a diverse array of products that resonate with the rhythmic harmony of nature. Nutri Organic’s continuous pursuit of excellence and commitment to fostering healthy, thriving ecosystems has established it as a distinguished name in organic fertilization.


Founded in 2012 and flourishing from its base in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Agri-Tech has established itself as a powerhouse in the organic fertilizer sector in India. Agri-Tech’s offerings embody a spectrum of rich, organic fertilizers that exemplify the highest quality and ecological mindfulness standards.

Each product within Agri-Tech’s diverse portfolio is a nurturing embrace of organic goodness that supports the thriving vitality of plants and the fertile richness of soils. The company’s vision is a radiant beacon of innovation, guiding a journey that cherishes and nurtures the diverse expressions of nature’s magnificence. Agri-Tech’s enduring legacy is a vivid tapestry woven with threads of commitment, excellence, and a passionate dedication to advancing the horizons of the organic fertilizer industry.

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Price Comparison Table for Top 10 Best Organic Fertilizers in India

Fertilizer NamePrice
Natural Organic Farm’s Desi Cow GobhiRs. 40 per kg
JIVA Organics’ Neem CakeRs. 50 per kg
Eco Planet’s VermicompostRs. 60 per kg
Biobritama’s Bio ManureRs. 80 per kg
Agriya’s Organic ManureRs. 80 per kg
Kisan Sahay’s JeevamruthaRs. 90 per liter
Nature’s Care’s Organic CompostRs. 100 per kg
Green Gold’s Organic FertilizerRs. 110 per kg
Eco Fresh’s Organic ManureRs. 120 per kg
Pratibha’s Organic FertilizerRs. 130 per kg


Navigating through organic cultivation, the choice of fertilizers plays a pivotal role in ensuring the thriving growth of various plants. From the flourishing gardens bearing vegetables to the vibrant blossoms, the best organic fertilizers for vegetables in India and the best organic fertilizers for flowers in India stand as quintessential allies of every gardener and farmer. 

Fields rolling with crops and grains, or the manicured beauty of lawns and gardens, all reverberate with the essential need for the best organic fertilizers for crops and grains in India and the best organic fertilizers for lawns and gardens in India. The indoor sanctuaries of green also echo the importance of opting for the best organic fertilizers for indoor plants in India.

Amidst this, branded organic fertilizers in India have carved a niche, with each contender aiming to establish itself as the top organic fertilizer company in India, offering, among others, the best organic manures for vegetables in India, encapsulating the essence of nourishment and growth.


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